Qubool Hai 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 1st October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
Nazma and zoya ask about each other. Haseena calls nazma to come and stand beside them. She intention ally taunts her to get aquainted with nikhat, her sister in law now. Rashid asks nazma also to be setead. Badi bi asks zoya to serve them cold drinks. Zoya complies. There’s an awkward tension in the house. Haseena sarcastically comments on shirin’s bahu, i.e. zoya’s culinary senses. She asks shirn to get nikhat. Nikhat is seated beside farhan, while photography is being done. zoya gives the ring to shirin. she takes it and asks nikhat to do the ritual. Nikhat takes the ring from her, and as she holds it in her hand, she is tensed and emotional. Haseena and shirn coax her to do the ritual, while farhan waits with extended hands.

Nikhat looks at imran, who looks away awkwardly, and nazma to is tensed. farhan asks nikhat if there’s any problem. Nikhat nods her head and puts the ring in farhan’s ring.

shirin calls ayan and nuzrat to get the gifts, pleasuring haseena. They greedily eye the gifts wondering when would their turn come. Haseena takes her relatives’ gifts too, saying that she would keep it safe. nazma is tensed. Ayan progresses to give haseena her gift. Haseena intentionally taunts ayan that he may have grown old and got married, but hasnt understood mannerisms easily. She reminds him that he has to give gifts along with his wife, only then would they accept it. Zoya is startled. All are tensedly looking at zoya, while she is surprised, and razia is angered. Haseena asks him to go and get zoya, while humaira is sad. Finally, zoya surprises everyone by standing beside ayan. Haseena taunts them yet again, in the garb of praise. ayan gives her the gift, and haseena accepts it complimenting that they make a really good couple, as noone has been able to understand the game of destiny. Humaira is in tears. She is about to leave, but nikhat holds her back. haseena sees this and is happy to see them at discomfort.

Evereyone is busy entertaining guests, while haseena and chandbi is snooping through the gifts, and haseena asks her to take special care that no gift gets lost. Nazma asks imran if they wont give any gifts. Imran goes and asks haseena about the gifts that they are to give. she is tensed, but says that without gifts she wouldnt come, and points to the pile of gifts that she just received along with her fmily. When imran asks what does she mean, and she takes out a packet from her purse, saying that she was talking about this. She takes out the packet, and gives it to nikhat to see it later. But badi bi intentionally asks her to open and show everyone what did she get for her daughter in law. haseena embarassedly gives it to nikhat, revealing a thin necklace. Ayan and his family are shocked. All relatives are lamenting about haseena’s miser nature. Badi bi taunts haseena, about her miser nature. Haseena lashes out at chandbi, for having taken the wrong packet. Haseena sees nazma’s necklace and says that she had got it for nikhat and that she wore it. She says that she maybe confused the jewellery. Nazma is shocked and doesnt want to give it to her. haseena says that if she likes it, then she would get another one made for her. Nazma is tensed. All are shocked to see haseena’s lowlife character. Nazma remembers dilshad giving it to her, as a token of her love and blessings and the effort that she had put in getting it made for her daughter. She takes it off, sadly and gives it to haseena. Zoya is shocked, while imran stands speechless. Haseena asks her only to make nikhat wear it, as her sister would now become her sister in law. She is sad but still goes towards nikhat, with tears in her eyes, while all stand tensed and surprised. Nikhat denies it, but nazma asks her to accept it. She helps nikhat wear it, while haseena smirks. Nikhat kisses her hands.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s office
Asad is angry at his employees, and disappointed that they didnt do the work and complete their paperwork, just becuase he was on leave. They all leave. Meanwhile, Asad is shocked to find tanveer, as she places a reassuring hand on his shoulders, in his office, when he is lost in zoya’s thoughts and is tensed. As tanveer smirks, asad asks whats she doing here. She says that he is as innocent as she left him. She asks him if he thinks that everything would be the same after 7 days, when zoya would return and everything would be alright. She compares his innocence to that of children believeing in fairy tales. She says that he may or may not believe it, but in his destiny, she is written and not zoya. she says that she knows that they arent as good friends now, but they can rejuvenate their friendship, and that the lost fire may ignite up again between them. Asad is very tensed. Asad takes tanveer by the hand, and jerks her out of the room. He asks her to get lost. she says that he may throw her out of his life, his heart, his house and his office, and then asks how would he be able to take her out of his destiny. Asad is boggled. She says that had zoya been in his destiny, then they wouldnt have been apart like now. She smirks and asks him not to fight with his destiny, and that she was, is and would be in his destiny. He slams the door shut on her face. She smilingly leaves. Asad is in a rage and breaks the things in his office.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As zoya tries to serve razia, she asks her to let be, and instead asks humaira to gte the same to her. Zoya is hurt but turns away saying nothing, while humaira gets to bringing it for razia. They confront each other yet again, with their plates, and not saying anything, cross ways. Badi bi is tensed. Nazma asks zoya to sit down. Nazma asks zoya if she had a talk with asad. Nazma says that she knows that she’s angry at him, but he’s angrier at himself more than she is. when she denies and tries to change the topic, she asks zoya to talk to asad as he is broken and distraught at this, in the house. Zoya lashes out why, startling nazma, grabbing everyone’s attention. Zoya is conscious of this. Nazma asks her to give some more food, to put everyone at ease. Zoya says that meeting wont change anything. Nazma says that asad would know that she’s alright or not. Zoya asks her to tell that she’s absolutely fine. Their conversation is interrupted when haseena asks for more food. As zoya begins to leave, nazma pleads her to meet asad once. As she begins to go, the screen freezes on her sad face.(SAD MITWA)

Precap: Haseena asks all the couples to get their photos done. Zoya asks whats this nuisance now. ayan is awkward. Haseena gets them together and asks them to pose. While ayan and zoya both are awkward, haseena teases them saying that they shouldnt be at discomfort as they are after all, husband and wife. Humaira is distraught, while ayan and zoya both are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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