Qubool Hai 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 1st May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad tries to reason with dilshad but she slams the door on his face. He vents out his anger on zoya, who was following them, that she didnt help him at all. But zoya says that she’s just a guest, and hence cant talk in these matters, where even she isnt listening to her own son. She breaks into her bout of impromptu poetry too for that. Asad says that now she realised that she’s guest. She asks whay is he asking such things, and if he really wants to marry her. They both are in denial, and as zoya gets into telling and drawing a character sketch, asad asks her to stop, and instead focus on the bigger problem. Asad says that they would have to make a plan tonight, so that dilshad cancels the marriage. Tanveer is happy, while zoya is shocked to hear


At the breakfast table, asad finds zoya eating, and tries to talk but she doesnt pay any attention. He asks if she has any plans. She goes into ranting how much of a thinker she is. Zoya says that she has a definite plan, tried and tested, and that is to run from his marriage, which would be cardio exercises and getting rid of the situation too. Asad asks if she presumes that he would run from his own house. zoya says that she hadnt thought of that. she breaks into her impromptu poetry, giving a pizza slice to asad, to hold, irritating her all the more.

Cheez mein hota hai white milk, and har ghar mein hoti hai badi bi,
Vaise hi, Zoya ke paas bhi hamesha hota hai plan B!!!

He asks what is the plan b. she says that they should get married. Asad is ridiculed at this nonsense. She asks him to fake marry, just like she got fake engaged. He asks what after that, a fake honeymoon. Zoya is surprised, but says that she hadnt thought that far, but this solution would get them out of the problem for now. He tries to tell her that this isnt a viable option and it was in vain to have asked any ideas from her. He decides that they should go to dilshad and talk about this. They go to dilshad together. She asks them whats the matter. They enter her room, and asad says that they both feel that they should talk. They keep fumbling for words to put this properly in front of dilshad. Zoya says that asad wants to say something. As he is about to say, dilshad stops them, saying that she wants a pic of them together, to make her mobile’s wallpaper. Asad tries to tell that her descision is wrong, but zoya, seeing that dilshad is affected, asks asad to soften up. He says that they should think on this, and then take such an important descision. Dilshad doesnt respond, and falls on the bed, lying unconscious, which shocks zoya and asad.

The doctor checks her and asks if she’s under any stress, as that would have caused the fainting spell. He prescribes some tests, and asks dilshad not to take any stress, and let her son take care of her. Dilshad is happy to have her plan working, of pretending to be sick. As they take care of dilshad together, asad and zoya cross hands.(MITWA MOMENT) Dilshad gets into her acting mode, which she knew would upset asad, when she talks of dying and her last wish. She knows that would emotionally blackmail him. Asad is highly disturbed at such talks, whereas zoya stands speechless, not knwoing what to say.

As zoya and asad leave dilshad to rest and come out of the room, they again get into a scuffle as to how they both are responsible for dilshad’s condition. They keep throwing taunts at each other. They think that only they know about each other’s true faces. Zoya says that she knows what kind of an insensitive man he is. He says that come what may, he would tell dilshad that he wont get married, as he cant lie to her, by having a fake marriage. This upsets zoya(MITWA). He says that he would be firm in his stance, and tell dilshad everything.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As the clock strikes at ten, razia is surprised remembering badi bi’s words. She finally sees badi bi talking and giving something to humaira. As humaira happily comes out, razia asks what is she carrying. Humaira tells her that these are heirlooms, that badi bi has given to her as her blessing for the marriage.

Razia is asked by bi, that what is she searching for, as there’s no bomb in it. Razia is irritatede, and says that she knows she’s upto something. badi bi says that she’s already placed the bet, and keeps razia thinking, as to what it is. She tries to mock razia about the trap that she has laid. She leaves, leaving razia disgusted and boggled.

In her room, razia finds a box, containing hair. she is shocked and picks it up, remembering badi bi’s words. Badi bi, in the kitchen, is confronted by razia, along with the hair, and asks what she means by this, and who is it for. Badi bi gives an indirect answer, saying that its for her, saying that she might not need it now, but maybe in the near future. she says that on the name of black magic, she had cut shirin’s hair, and that she’s thinking, that she should get humaira. She says that she would understand at 5 in the evening. Razia is irritated. Badi bi asks her to patiently wait. Razia is about to go, but turns around, and doesnt say anything. Badi bi, however is determined of her plan.

Razia is sleeping, and when she turns around, her hair is revealed to have flour stuck on them. Razia is wondering what has happened to her hair. Humaira cuts off razia’s hair, and razia is distraught to see this. She is scared that she would go bald. Just then badi bi, comes in with an apt song about the hair, and show her the time, which is 5′o’clock, and razia remembers badi bi’s warning.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
As they are all happily and dreamily set for engagement, zoya asks him to think again, as this time its happening for real. (TUM HI HO, in the background) Finally asad puts the ring in zoya’s finger, while zoya is emotional, and asad too is overwhelmed. evereyone is happy except for tanveer. They get into a romantic lock. Tanveer thinks that the ring, that she had taken out yesterday, is again on her finger, and wonders what to do so that she can permanently get rid of zoya, who despite her several attempts, keeps coming into their life. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Both zoya and asad ask tanveer, lying on the bed, as to why they werent told about her condition. Zoya says that she hopes whoever is repsonsible for this, would know. Tanveer is scared thinking, that it feels like they know that she’s pregnant.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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