Qubool Hai 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Shaad’s residence
The new bride is dressed as a hag and asks strangers about shaad’s address. while some rebuke, others tell her about the grand feast, that shaad’s family has thrown, for beggars like her. One of them shows her the address. She thinks that sanam’s death is obliviously beckoning her, as she has come specially to meet her.

In the house, while sanam tries to think about her past, shaad comes in with a packet and reveals it to show two watches, which are extremely special. He wears one and makes her wear the other. he says that the two watches are bonded in unison. He shows her the button on one, and the signalled alarm it shall give on the other, so that next time, she is in trouble, she can signal him. She is overjoyed and overwhelmed

to receive such a secure gift, with concern. she praises him saying that he is an ideal husband. He tells her tht soon the feast shall start, and he should make a move now to come back in time. he is about to go, when she stops him. He gets alarmed and asks if she doesnt want him to go. She complies, and says that her heart doesnt want. he is concerned. outside, he thinks that he cant get emotionally attached to her, as she belongs to someone else, and he cant fall in love, and that he would have to control homself in time. he comes out and finds that the new bride is dressed there, as a hag, and considering her to be a beggar, he shows her the way and asks her to talk to jannat, his wife, that he sent her. He leaves. she stands evilly. sanam hears the doorbell ring, and goes to see who is it, oblivious that its the new bride disguised as an old hag, waiting tensedly for her to open the door, with the poison in her hand. She is about to open it, when wazira asks jannat to leave, as she would see who’s at the door. She herself opens the door, while jannat turns around, oblivious that her death is imminent. Wazira asks who is she, and she says that she has been sent by shaad. Wazira invites her in, while she keeps the bottle back. wazira asks about the rest of the people. She says that they would come too. Sanam, from her room, hears the voice of the new bride and thinks that she recognises this voice, and goes to see who is it, and finds the hag but doesnt identify her. wazira finds her searching around, and asks who is she searching for, and she says that she is looking for shaad’s wife. wzira goes to call her from the kitchen. ther new bride decides to inspect the place till then. she takes out stuff of black magic, and starts spraying the powder around, looking around the house. A woman asks whats she doing, and she says that she is driving away evil spirits, and decides to ask her about Sanam. but she says that she is new and doesnt know. She then asks about the guest house, and is shown the address. She decides to stay as a guest, for starters to take her revenge.

Meanwhile, misbah teases shaad, as he finds himself concerned with jannat’s safety. they both get in the car and drive off, and a person eyes them suspiciously, as they leave. In the car, shaad asks misbah where she has to go. misbah is out with shaad, in the car, where she gets a message that the timer on the bomb placed in the car is 20 minutes, and she should get down, before that. both of them try to initiate a conversation, where she points out that he has changed much after marriage. She starts teasing him about his special gift, and he shys away. She is happy for his new found love for jannat. She notices that only 14 minutes are left, and soon he shall be blows to bits and pieces.

Inside the house, sanam comes down with sherbat, and notices the smoke, and asks the same maid, who tells that the lady has gone towards the guest house. the new bride goes around every room, to find out about sanam and the house, oblivious that sanam too is on the trails. As sanam goes around the lobby, trying to look for the woman, the new bride notices her from a distance, and is shocked. she immediately takes out the poison, and holds out the dart, ready for action. She goes behind sanam, who intuitively thinks that someone’s following her, and she turns around, just in time, for the new bride to hide. once she is assured there’s noone, sanam starts to go to the stairs, again and again feeling someone’s presence, but not finding her/ him. she instively pulls the alarm, and shaad gets extremely tensed, as he hears the alarm. He decides to go for jannat, and begins to get down the car. Misbah asks him to take the car, but he says that she should go in the car as he shall take the taxi, and he cant desert her too, and insists on taking the car. he gets down and rushes out. Misbah tries to get out of the car frustrated but she isnt able to. she calls the person. the person tells her that she should have gotten out ten minutes back, as is shocked that she is still inside, as by her instructions, she ditn want shaad to get out, and hence he made a mechanism that locked the car five minutes before the blast. she is horrified. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Misbah frustratedly gets down and then rushes ahead. Hearing a bang, misbah turns around and is surprised. While the new bride falls flat on the bathroom floor, sanam asks for her hand, not recognising her, with the dart hidden easily concealed between the fingers of her opposite side of the palm. Sanam doesnt realise that she is this close to her death, as she extends her hand for help.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Please update faster

  2. Please update faster!!!r u guys planning to unite sanam and ahil or r u guys going to keep them apart until the serial ends?

  3. I want sanam and ahil to unite.why r u guys keeping both lovers apart?u guys made qubool hai fans sad because u guys made karanvir quit by the leap

  4. U guys have to stop this drama.and reunite ahil and sanam

  5. Can’t relate to this show anymore. Apart from Sanam where the heck did they find all these new characters…the;y have taken a leap to a different timezone and not in a good way. Even Ahil will be a different person, please please end this show so that something worth watching can be shown on this air space

  6. Shaad is behaving like husband again.

  7. Rimjim do u know the further story of qubool hai? Please reveal it!!if u do then everybody will find out if this show is worth watching.everybody thinks this show is really bad.please tell us the further story because I feel like something bad will happen to sanam once Rahul dharma enters qubool hai.in the spoilers they never add qubool hai.so far script writers have been dragging this story.and all of your audience want sanam and ahil together.and rimjim in the promo it never showed about misbah.

  8. R guys got to make this storyline happy!!!

  9. U guys got to make this storyline happy!!!

  10. Sorry first one is a mistake

  11. Angel r u part of the qubool hai cast/crew ?

  12. Laina you know more Please can you tell me
    I wanna to know more

  13. I am sick to stomach with all these twist and turns the train has to make from India to Pakistan and back to India.I will continually question the motives of these writers of writing all these disgusting drama.The witch craft ,the hypnotism .magic.bomb,snake poison and hell knows what again left to be introduced.One thing has left a suspicion in my mind is why do the writer of this show is indulging in these magical writings.Now if a person is not observant or does not know about these writings they wrote at Sanam ,the witch ‘s room let me say they are highly dangerous writings that were drawn and they belong to a satanic movement .Please for those who do not understand the meaning of them do not even think of using them.This is why I believe why they write all this evil.Nothing is making sense to me now after this show was such a viewable show,Now all you get is killing,evil and all sorts of craziness to watch.Where is the beautiful relationship Ahil and Sanam had.?

    1. Yeah spot on! Too much evil, jealousy and satanic stuff. My son was sitting with me while I was watching the other day and he got so horrified he couldn’t even sleep at night. Where are these Indian serials going to?

  14. writers the same poison that the new bride has for sanam let her fall on the needle and get stick with it killing her it is about time she long toenail sanam get her ass out of the serial and leave sanam and ahil alone to tell the truth this serial is sooooooooooooooooooooo much shit by the way writers where is seher haya rahaat and the grandmother we are not hearing about them these days did you kill them off toooooooooooooooo like the others LOL

  15. To hell wif dis drama now I’m sick n tired pls mtwww very annoying

  16. Hanan r u talking about the idea of my story?

  17. I have a feeling they r using my idea because in march 31 update I wrote as my idea that sanam is about to open the door but just then someone else opens it.that happen and I feel like someone will call sanam and she will go leaving new bride on the floor.and shad enters the bathroom and helps new bride leading to his death.she doesn’t see him die and leaves.hanan whatever I wrote from the death of shad I feel like that would happen because angel wrote to be,thank u….laina…….

  18. Pill shaad die in the car blast?

  19. karan’s last episode in this show on 4th Apr..:-(:-(
    Well writers pls say were is zeher ??? And u r replacing karan or mkn him to die again….Ya allah…PLZ end the showwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..!!!!!!!

  20. In qubool hai all main characters ( asad, ayan, aahil) got a replacement . so dear director when will sanam be replaced? 😉

  21. That’s the problem with these Indian serials and Indian people. Someone must come from the back and stab you and it is full of jealousy and hatred. Rather watch Hollywood series, it’s more fun and exciting and less more tense!!

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