Maha Epi – Qubool Hai 19th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 19th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Khan begum waits anticipatedly to see what happens next as mahira walks oblivously to the kitchen with the trail of blood pool after her. With the juice, she walks towards amad’s room. she wonders why has nothing happened till now, as she would be killed by water but when and how. Suddenly, mahira stops by the pool, as she senses soemthing, while the blood trail comes dangerously close. mahira turns around suspiciously, and starts walking towards the blood pool, and her foot slips in the blood, and she falls right in the pool, taken aback, while the blood too falls in the pool. khan begum watchjes this surprised and shocked, as the blood creates a whirlpool inside the water, inside which mahira gets trapped. khan begum instantly notices

that her foot starts getting better and stops with the decay. Mahira starts getting suffocated. khan begum rushes to her room, and finds that its working, and hopes for mahira to be dead soon. She gleams with happiness, as she feels her powers restoring. mahira tries to get out, but she isnt able to. Saira and bano meanwhile, stand in the balcony, wondering where mahira went and whether she is with amad and azad. they rush from there while the taveez stuck to her dupatta falls from the balcony and right in the pool. The taveez falls in the water and mahira grabs it as she sees it. using the taveez she finds her way out. Meanwhile, khan begum finds that her leg is again deteriorating, and wonders why is this so. She is distraught and frustrated thinking why it stopped working, as she was all okay. In the pool, mahira keeps asking to be saved. kainat comes and sees this. She shouts for help. Azad comes and rushes by the side of the pool, and extends his hand, grabbing which frantically, mahira comes out of the waters. mahira lies unconscious, while amad too comes. they are all tensed and ask her to open her eyes. khan begum comes and sees her out, and gets tensed. She is shocked as mahira coughs and revives back. mahira explains how the whirlpool was drawing her inside the pool. Azad stands away while amad comes and says that its okay, as he saved her just in time, or else she would have been in grave danger. she eyes azad tensedly, hurt that he didnt do anything. azad leaves. kainat asks if she is okay. amad asks her not to worry as he is there. he takes her. khan begum is frustrated.

In her room, khan begum is furious thinking that if she has to live, mahira has to die. she breaks the mirror in anger. kainat comes and asks whats the matter, as she sets to cleaning the mirror. she asks why is she tensed, as mahira shall be okay, as she is resting in amad’s room, and asks her to rest too. Khan begum asks why she came. kainat says that she had to go to a small birthday party of her friend. She hastily agrees to kainat going. kainat leaves happily, surprised. Meanwhile, khan begum eyes a broken glass shard from the mirror. An evil idea springs in her mind.

Meanwhile, saira and bano enter amad’s room, and find mahira sleeping on his bed. they are irritated that mahira is spelling her maigic on both the guys, and stopping their chanbces. they decide to kill her, when noone is around her right now, and think that they wouldnt be doubted too, as everyone would assume that she died in her sleep. they stealthily close the door, and then pick up a pillow, to gag her to death.

Later, Khan begum enters amad’s room, and finds mahira sleeping blissfully in the bed. She comes with the glass piece and stands by her bedside. she is about to kill her, when she spots saira and bano hiding, who give a lame excuse that they came to see mahira. khan begum shoves them out of the room. they hurriedly leave. she thinks that they both saw her, and now if something happens to mahira, she would be doubted. She wonders whats to do. she resignedly thinks that mahira has some horus to live on, before she kills her.

Outside, while the driver is washing the car, kainat asks where the other car went. the driver says that khan begum took it, and when kainat asks him to drop her in this one, he refuses saying that this is specially instructed by khan begum not to be touched, and he is also anad kumar’s personal driver, and hnece cant leave anywhere. kainat insists and asks her to just leave as it shall only take five minutes, and she shall come back on her own. He agrees. kainat looks in the car and finds a huge gift. Actually, it was placed the day before this day, by khan begum. She thinks that if tomorrow mahira is killed, then she would give razia this gift. she is sure that razia would be very happy if she receives the gift. She sees the driver, who she instructs that she has to go tomorrow, but till then, noone is to even touch the car. he complies. The car kainat chose turns out to be the same car.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
The car comes to a halt wiht a screech, and a dagger falls out of the gift in the back. kainat gets down, as she had to go to this restaurant, and stops at Grand Coffee Shop. The driver looks behind and finds the big gift, amd thinks about placing it back properly, or else he shall be reprimanded by the begum. but he is scared and horrified as a hand comes out from the gift. he thanks the driver for this, while he gags and suffocates him, saying that he is thankful for him taking that dagger out unintentionally. its actually akram, who had been out into comatose state, due to the magical dagger that azad had plunged in his heart. he asks where is that girl. the driver thinks that he is talking about kainat and points to the restaurant. he gets down, while the driver is dead. Akram comes out and then goes inside, stealthily, and finds kainat mingling with friends. he thinks that due to her brother, he was in such a hibernative state. he thinks that he too shall send her into a long silence between life and death where her brother had sent her. He puts on the hood of his jacket and goggles, to avoid being recognised. he then takes the nearest chair to kainat, and sits. hr pretends to have a coughing fit, as the waiter is about to get kainat’s drink for her. The waiter hurriedly leaves to get water, keeping kainat’s order on his table. Akram gets a bottle out and pours some of the liquid in kainat’s fruit punch. the waiter coems back, gives him water and then takes kainat’s order and gives it to her. Akram watches with evil satisfaction, as kainat finishes her laced fruit punch. he thinks that soon kainat’s laughter shall turn into grieving. he is amused, as kainat begins to feel dizzy.she heads out for the washroom. Akram eyes her evilly. He too gets up and stealthily goes after her, to the ladies’ washroom. the girls try to reprimand him out, but he shoves them away. they run off scared. He locks the main door of the washroom from inside, and hides behind a slab. he notices kainat washing off her face in the basin, and comes behind her. She is shocked, as he stands behind her. He says that her family disgraced him completely. he says that he shall stain their reputable family with dispute. She is shocked and scared, petrfied. he tries to take advantage of her, while she screams in shock. As he notices the police having come outside, and trying to berak the door open, he gags kainat and takes her inside a bathroom and locks it. they search. The lights go off just then. They assume that whoever it was, went away. the team goes. he lights up a cigarette lighter, and leerngly proposes that he shall love her even for a small time despite her handicap. He laughs evilly, while she is distraught.

Scene 3:
Location: Razia’s hideout
Khan begum vents her frustration at razia, who asks her to stop scolding her destiny, as the failure that she had today, is a blessing in disguise. khan begum asks what. Razia says that mahira would have to die but through a magical way only now. khan begum is frustrated at the number of lives she has, that mahira isnt dying despite their attempts. Razia tells khan begum that she would poison the air in which she breathes, and once she takes a single breath, she would be dead from the fatal effect of the poison. Khan begum is relieved. razia asks her to keep in mind that she has to keep her family away from her mahira, when the poison works. AShe leaves. razia does some black magic and chants on a bottle kept, and then opens its sprayer, and blows into it, and chants somemore. then she sprays it on a small shrub kept nearby. it immediately rots. razia says that just like the wilting of this plant, the poison shall also kill mahira. she calls jhanjhariya and hands the bottle to her, and ets her to work.

Scene 4:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
As she sleeps peacefully, azad comes and pulls the covers over her, eyeing her caressingly and endearingly, love evident in his eyes. he sits beside her. he thinks that he has placed his step inside amad’s room, after a long time, just to see how she is, and he knows that he shouldnt be close to her, but somehow he is helpless by his heart and isnt able to distance himself from her, even though he knows there’s no future to them. he thinks that he is unable to draw himself away from her. Amad watches this from the doorway, amused and with hatred too at the same time. he taunts azad of being in his room, so unusually. Azad apologises and fumbles. Amad reminds him that its okay as he is used to this. Amad asks him to remember that his mahira is sleeping, but he remembers everything, including afreen, and their love, and the way he ruined their love, with his fatal blow. Azad remembers bringing out afreen n her arms, who opens her eyes surprised at being in his arms. he asks her not to worry, as she comes down. Azad is drawn back to the present from his flashback, as amad taunts him. Amad tells azad that he wont let him repeat the same story again, Mahira meanwhile starts muttering for azad’s name, and he leaves from there hastily. Amad comes to her. amad says that its him, as azad doesnt have time for her, but asks her not to worry, as he is right here. she thanks him. he says that he shall always be there for her.

Jhanjhariya enters with the bottle, while latif cribs about her work as usual. She senses someone’s presence but jhanjhariya ducks just then. She doesnt find anyone, and wonders whats happening. Jhanjhariya leaves from behind her.

In the drawing room, as azad walks, he senses someone’s presence, as jhanjhariya walks past. but he doesnt see anyone. he is boggled and expresses that he felt someone’s presence to latif and gazalla. but they ward it off and start bantering. He gets frustrated with their chattering. He asks them to take soup and juice for mahira, as she is very weak. they hurriedly leave. Azad leaves, not knowing that jhanjhariya is right behind him.

In amad’s room, mahira is awake, and to cheer her up, he says that they never really had the date. he says that he woudl freshen up and change, and have their date rightnow. She smiles, while he goes inside the bathroom. Jhanjhariya walks past the door. She senses someone’s oresence and goes to the door to see who is it, but doesnt find anyone. she senses a shadow by the windows, and turns around but doesnt find anyone there too. she is boggled. She comes back and starts to search for her taveez, as its shown that khan begum earlier found out about it, when mahira was asleep, that this was the reason mahira was being saved all this while and decides to destroy it. Mahira frantically searches for the taveez but is unable to. meanwhile, jhanjhariya comes and sprays numerous times from the bottle right behind her. mahira breaths and instantly clutches at her head, going dizzy and semi-unconscious, suffocating for breath.

In her room, khan begum finds that her hair is falling off, and is tensed that mahira is alive and thats the reason for her deterioration. She hopes that today mahira finally dies. she is suddenly alert sensing something. mahira meanwhile comes in the lobby, and tries to speak to gazalla and latif, as she eyes them from a distance. but she isnt able to call for them. meanwhile, Khan begum finds that her hair isnt falling anymore, and thinks that maybe razia followed her idea and killed mahira. She comes out to find gazalla, with a plate of holy stuff, from the dargah. Scared, she asks why the need for the prayers. gazalla says that she doesnt know where her husband is, and then wanted a second husband, hence went to pray. She asks gazalla to keep the holy sheet away, as she remembers how she is affected by holy and pious things. gazalla places the prayer plate on the slab by the balcony, and rushes to get water for her. Khan begum coems out and stands in the balcony.

In a dizzy state, mahira starts to fall and collapse on the ground, as she tumbles down the stairs, while khan begum looks gleefully from a safe distance, as the she finds the poison working. she calls out to azad, in her dizzy state, and azad is apalled, as he finds mahira like this. he rushes to her help. The screen freezes on mahira’s face.

Precap: Khan begum places her hand on mahira, who has her back turned to her, thinking that she has waited for this special girl for 25 years. mahira turns around. she says that now her death shall be the reason for khan begum to live on. On khan begum’s touch, mahira starts turning into stone. mahira tells khan begum that she is turning into stone, but she just stands there smiling evilly. mahira screams for azad. Azad rushes but till then mahira is turned into stone, while khan begum watches on. azad stands confused with the two.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I am started watching this serial can anyone tell me who is khan begum

    1. Narendran, khan begum is the evil sanam from season 2

  2. So cute when Azad come to visit Mahira..

  3. Very nice episode please update fast

  4. Oh god akram is alive!

  5. I hope kainat is fine

  6. khan begum is story ki villian h vo mahira ko marna chahti h taaki uski jaadui shakti wapis aa ske narendran

  7. i like the love scenes between azad and mahira……………………
    really cutee………..

  8. Always loving it when AZad have to save MAhira………. So cute…..

  9. who is akram?

    1. Akram is thebad guy who tried to trap Kainat in marriage.But Mahira exposed him and Being angry Azad killed him in the fullmoon night in a forest where he went to get a flower and inventually meets Mahira…

  10. I can’t believe qh has descended to a storyline like this present one. At least the writers could change the serial name to a more approriate name befitting the storyline…..jeez……. Imagine a character’s foot rotting for decades!!!!! And a knife lodged in a living character for eons. Come on…..only ray of sunshine is surbhi!

  11. At least they have some viewers. I’m a huge fan of horror,paranormal n the likes but this is not holding my attention. Gonna just read comments n amuse myself.

  12. Hy guys can any1 plzz tell me…..wo is playing the role of jhanjariya?????? Is she amrapali gupta aka tanveer/shashi kapoor……???? Any1 has any clue?????

  13. Is it me or the writers of qubool hai hates love?did azad&mahira love story end be4 it even started?damn!!

  14. I think afreen is jhanjhariya. .

  15. I think jhanjhariya is afreen.

  16. Yeah i also think afreen is janjhariya.. but wat a witchy episode :/

  17. So if mahira die…who exactly would be d star?

    1. na… surbhi jyoti cant die… she is the only one who is keeping this show alive basically..
      azad will save her.. he has powers too

  18. Love azad and mahira couple but why is amad being so fresh.khan begum is a witch..and who is jhanjharya?

  19. omg mahira is going trun stone

  20. i have a feeling the unknown girl could be Afreen !!! :O

  21. the police officers who were searching the ladies washroom where kainat is captive are so dumb.. omg. they didnt even opened the last door where kainat is. even power cut. they suppose to have flashlight to see .. are police in india really that stupid ??? oh my.. it must sucks to live there.. too many crap

  22. hi guys…dont excited for mahira n azad…bcoz the director s sucha a stupid…after 6 month i.e after love develop both mahira n azad…the director kills azad…and entry with new zero…he hate love so only he seprate all like azad n joya,sanam n aahil,seher n rehaan…now its the time for mahira n azad…funny n fool director,writer n serial…lol…..

  23. There are too much evil person in QH , Iam scared for Mahira. I love so much Azad and Mahira’s love story, may God protect their love till the end of the season and much more because they are my favourite lovers till now. I can’t stand anyone come between them.

  24. Azad and mahira fan

    I love the romance between azad and mahira. I hope they fall in love with eachother. I’m loving their chemistry

  25. Ya i also like dis new avtar of qubool ha but if sanam reincarnation is mahira where is ahil reincarnation is it azad or not plzzzz makers complete dis lv story of ahil nd sanam in season4

  26. When was this episode flashed on TV ?

    1. it was a 40 min maha episode . it showed on saturday

  27. I love khan begum. She’s the best

  28. Nice episode. although I want asad and mahira ‘ s love story to be started undisturbedly by these witchs but I know these makers can’t stand with good things to happen even in only one episode

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