Qubool Hai 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Witch’s hideout
Amad finds that the baby cant be killed normally, when they find that even their efforts at trying to kill her without any magic, normally, by throwing her in the fire, fails, as the fire douses. He decides along with the witch’s leader, that now they would have to convert her into a devil, butthey would need a more powerful force than themselves to be able to do that. They get down to their rituals, and chanting, and evoke begum from her grave, while she smiles evilly. they show her the new born, and she eyes it overwhelmingly. They express their concerns, and she decides to help them. Then they say that the moment that they have all been waiting for shall be fulfilled very soon, when they can become the strongest evil forces in the world.

they smirk evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Mahira continues praying, with great grief and in her distraught state, and denies when gazalla begs her to eat something and continues praying. gazalla is tensed too.

In his room, Armaan sits boggled and in despair too. Armaan starts surfing through the net, for more research on black rituals, and comes across this special Amavasya night. he eyes the locket and thinks that he has seen it, but god knows where. He decides to check the CCTV footage and finds amad and wonders whether he is the one behind all this. He gets enraged. he goes to mahira and sits beside her as she continues praying. When she finally opens her eyes, she finds him sitting next to her. He tries to talk, but she asks if he has any info on their daughter. he stands still. She gets distraught, and comments that they lost their daughter, and that now they wont find her ever. she says that her life has no meaning, without her daughter and goes out helplessly. He goes after her. she eyes a knife, and is about to slit her wrists with it, when he asks her not to, and holds her, while she fights saying that she doesnt want to live without a daughter, and is apalled wondering what they shall do to her child. He hugs her to caress her, while she breaks andd collapses in his arms. he is surprised to find begum, and mahira ays that she was gone forever. begum says that she was called by, and that too to kill their child. She then asks them not to worry, as amad has the child, and tells them of his motive. they are apalled. She says that she came here to warn them and take them there, and asks them not to be scared of what happens, as she shall be right there for their help. they comply and leave with her.

Scene 3:
Location: Kainat’s residence
Kainat stages her death scene, and gets the paid assasin to send the pic to sameer, who is busy flirting with his girlfeidn, glaoting about how he managed to befool his idiot wife twice. He is overjoyed to see the pics. Later, he flirts with someone else, planning to go to switzerland with her, while she is all gaga at him impressive tactics at having gotten rid of his wife. he starts thinking that he finally won just as he had said that he would. Meanwhile, kainat pays the person, and then assigns him a task, and asks him to darenot cross her. he doesnt seeing the big wad of money, and happily complies. she swears revenge from sameer.

Later, in the middle of the night, he wakes up having had a horrible nightmare about kainat coming into kill him, having found his betrayal. He is frustrated that he cant get rid of her even in her dreams. He is terrified.

Scene 4:
Location: The witch’s hideout
begum gets armaan and mahira, who are apalled to see the baby with amad. he asks them to stay still, while she asks him to lether child go, as she doesnt mean any harm. he says that she poses the biggest threat to them. They find begum smirking, and understand that she putthem upto this, and conned them into coming here, while she callously and without regret comments that devils can only think of themselves. They are then tied up, while the child is placed between them. They are distraught. he says that they both love the child too much, but the child shall decide who she loves more, father or mother. He teases and asks the child, as the one she signals, shall be sacrificed. The screen freezes on the child’s, mahira and armaan’s tensed and apalled faces.

Precap: Amad tells them that now the child shall make her hourney from the good towards the evil, and with the dimming of the flaming baton, pointing towards one, he says that the goodness in her shall die, and evil shall increase, and the dousing shall mean, that she has totally converted on the devil side now. mahira and armaan hear this and are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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