Qubool Hai 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Doll factory and on the road
While sanam walks and rather runs berserkedly on the road, tanveer meanwhile, ties seher in the doll factory, and then takes a rope around her hands, and then attaches it to the chandelier above, full of prickly swords. Tanveer asks her to stop wriggling as that wont help at all. seher goes bersekr, and still keeps continuing to free herself from her bondages. tanveer taunts and is amused at her plight. She says that she doesnt think that sanam would be able to come and save her, and presents her a bunch of keys, that she throws on the floor, and asks her to free herself from the handcuffs, as the key lies in the bunch only. She leaves, while seher tries to reach to the key bunch.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence

falls prey to faiz’s instigation, while haya keeps pestering him not to, and not fall to his trickls, as she cant afford to lose him once again. He calls on rahat’s manhood, but he asks haya to have faith on her, and then takes him out in the wheelchair. Haya keeps asking him not to do this, and let him be. But rahat in his adrenaline rush, unties him and asks him to play, as thats what he wants. Faiz gets up with great difficulty, and rahat kicks the wheelchair away. haya is tensed and apalled. Faiz says that he is physically weak. rahat ties one of his legs too, to get to equals and then challenges him to a duel. they both get into a fist fight, while haya is tensed for rahat. He starts saying that he would avange for every betrayal of faiz as a friend, as a brother and as his wife’s brother in law. rahat starts getting on faiz, while he deftly takes a knife and tries to give a blow, but rahat catches him midway and throws the knife away. rahat keeps reminding of what all he did to him and haya, and keeps giving him one blow after the other. Haya asks him to let be, and just get it out of him, where’s the gun. rahat too tries to take it out, and faiz finally says that its in the drawer. Haya rushes to find it, and is overwhelmed when she does find. she rushes to rahat and asks him to let be. rahat complies, and says that he is going far away with haya, and if so much as troubles them with even his shadow, he would lose his life forever. They turn around and start walking. faiz gets up and somehow drags his feet, and takes the knife, and then proceeds towards them, but his foot slips, and he falls on an edged sword, and dies instantly. rahat says that bad would have begotten those who want bad for others.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil comes, while talking business on the mobile, and is surprised to find rahat and haya. he asks about sanam, and he says that she has gone out for some work. she gets tensed. ahil says that she can confide in him. She takes out the gun from her purse and shows it to ahi, who is shocked. She says that its the gun that killed rehaan. Ahil is shocked. rahat says that it definitely contains the fingerprints of the murderer. haya explains everything. rahat says that they believe in faiz’s statements. Ahil says that he had lost all hopes of finding the murderer. She says that she just hopes that he knows the truth soon, and he gets the strength to bear it. Ahil is determined to teach the criminal a lesson. the new bride, hearing this, is tensed from a distance. he thanks them profusely and begins to go. the new bride says that sanam isnt here and explains sanam’s promise that he should stop seeking rehaan’s murderer. She tries to convince him, that the murderer is very scary and asks him not to go. He dials the inspector and tells about the evidence and asks him to start the investigation. She thinks that she would have time till the police arrives, to take care of the gun.

Scene 4:
Location: The doll factory
Sanam comes inside the doll factory and tries to search for seher, who is unable to respond, as her mouth is gagged. Finally she finds seher, completely stuck in a death trap, in the doll factory, and then rushes to save her. She is distraught and apalled. sanam rushes to douse the fire and manages to a great extent, after having taken her off sister’s gags. sanam desperately tries on the keys one by one, while scaringly watching the chandelier and the burning rope. she assures seher that she wont let anything happen to her. The chandelier stuck with knives, finally falls, while sanam desperately tries to save both of them. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Someone comes to ahil, saying that suleiman knew that if anything happened to him, he had asked to give this packet to ahil. he leaves, while ahil is tensed. he finds that its an ayat from the quran laminated and along with it an envelope. Ahil gets a message from it that if he wants to know the Nawab’s mystery, then he should go to the doll factory. Meanwhile seher and sanam are tied to poles through ropes, as each tries to get the other to free. Meanwhile tanveer comes with a burning flame, to set the cannon gun to fire, which is directly aimed at them.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. i m d first to comment!!!

  2. hope atleastttttttttttt ahil gona know abt tanver tomrw hopefuly widot any stupid dream sequence/ any more drama done by new bride wid her so called bledy **** black magic………

    let some times gud win over bad,,

  3. Why didn’t haya tell Ahil that Tanvir is the murderer? It’s too much now, sooooo much dragging….

  4. Plz end the story…ASAP

  5. it is good that faiz is out of the picture now although I find he went down toooooooooo easy both haya and rahatt should have beat him up first then let him fall on the sword and before he closes his eyes let him see haya and rahatt embracing each other with so much love good riddance faiz now it is long toenail bride and tanveer watch out tanveer the end is near for you all lol

  6. Hey guys tanveer dies, QH will take a 2nd leap, where tanveer’s daughter come back 2 take revenge 4 her mother’s death, nd nd nd Sanam kills tanveer

  7. I just want to see Rehan come back and save Seher. If Rahat can come back then Rehan should tooooo….

  8. Lets hope ahil reach the doll factory quick so he could get to know the truth about his evil stepmother n the new sanam and save both the sisters

  9. Wow…waiting fr the nxt episod 🙂 🙂

  10. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu


  11. I am so glad that Faiz ,the rapist and psychopath got killed.Time for him to go.The other two which –
    Tanveer and the new bride is next.I do hope Ahil open his eyes fast to see his evil step-mother’s
    character.He will be shocked.He will not be with his new wife because he does not love her.Where are the two other greedy imps ,have they gone also?Happy that Haya is back with her real love.It does not surprise me if Faiz comes back alive.This is how the writers do it.

  12. Doll factory from the beginning of qubool hai !

  13. Please bring rehaan backkkk

  14. finally rahat and haya is reunited.but the worst part is still the end haya never came to knew that rehaan is her own step brother.hopefully sanam 2 shouldnt no the sulimen chacha msg. finally it is time for ahil no the truth of tanveer .but scared enough that death of tanveer may fall on seher which may lead to separation of the love birds sanam and ahil.now who is the pair for seher?plz ,bring back rehaan in someother form,like he is the twin brother of rehaan.that would be the best pair for seher.now sanam 2 will escape?lets see wat happens.hopefully this serial will end up in 6 months as it is too prolonging .finally let love win .

  15. hy evry 1
    it’s funny 2 knw da new bride sanam who knows black magic doesn’t use it anymore.
    also if she knew black magic so well y Ws she tortured b4 in da place she lived.
    rahaat body Ws nt found n Haya thot hm dead.v r happy rahaat is bek. but 2 wish Rehaan 2 cum bek is stupidity as v saw h’s dead body n h’s burial.
    sry guys it’s just comments. no hurting intensions

  16. I think will find Tanveer this time and he won’t spare that billo rani

  17. Good see rahath back and faize died.at the same pls bring rehan also back pls………..and waiting for today episode how tanveer true revile.pls bring back rehan in sehar life she lost everyone in her life from childwood .she got her sisters and family but rehan go away from her life this not good.so pls bring rehan,……………

  18. pl bring rehaan back nd let ahil knw tanveer’s truth in today’s episode

  19. New characters are entering

  20. Rehan May b won’t cum now so I think der is a small chance for seher to die

  21. Nd evn der parents ASAD & ZOYA died luk dat,I mean 2gethr .So may b luk dat .IDK
    Just a guess

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