Qubool Hai 19th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Hotel, Kashmir
The clock starts ticking away, as mahira proclaims that they shall die together only, if god so wishes. armaan curses them for instigating the youth and using them for their wrong motives. Mahira stealthily snatches an iron plate, sharp, from the nearby drum, and then cuts off the back of the suicide jacket, and manages to strap it free, barle withholding against his chest. the terrorists are scared to see that they areent budging against danger. Finally the coundtdown ends, and he takes the jacket off at them, and pushes them on the ground, fleeing away.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Begum listens to the news of the bomb exploding and switches off the tv. she hollers for tea, and then ehsaan comes in, and then begum asks

where is granny, and he tells that she is making food. She is amused and taunts him, as she asks him to press her feet, while she enjoys her tea sadistically. In his room, imi sits tensed and scared, as granny comes to him, and then packs his clothes, while he asks whats she doing. She asks him to be silent, as begum the daayan shall hear them. he says that he is scared of begum. she consoles him, saying that she isnt his mother, but she wont be able to trouble them, since they believe in the lord, but still he has to go right now. he makes her wear his backpack, and then they stealthily leave, while begum ignorantly sips her tea. as she turns, they immediately duck under the bed. she asks ehsaan to go and send granny in now. he complies. But then she stops him, saying that she shall see for herself. granny meanwhile asks him to rush away. Imi says that she wont go anywhere. she promises that when things get better, they would get him back. he asks what if things dont happen correct. she says that it would and requests him to agree. Begum gets up and hollers for her, and she scared, rushes imi out. begum comes and asks where did imi go. granny says that he went far away from her, as imi shall be safe then. Begum’s anger breaks the vase behind, swearing that granny would beg for her death and then goes in.

The next morning, while farida is mopping the floor, begum intentionally spills more dust and dirt, and then begum takes a pic, and taunts her as to what shall happen when this goes public and viral. Granny says that when the power goes off, then she shall have to face the lord’s ire. begum throws granny away, as she tries to overpower her. She winces in pain, and begum asks her to stay in her limits.

Scene 3:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Latif and gazalla comment on how boring lifestyle becomes, alone. they suddenly hear a doorbell, and open the door, to find mahira and armaan, hand in hand, smiling at them, and are stunned. they welcome the couple in, as mahira shyly smiles. They enter their room. armaan begins to go, but mahira holds him back. he sits tensedly and says that he knows what he has done wrong, and cant apologise enough, but she should know that situations make a man, and hence he wants her, from the bottom of his heart, to forgive him. she cries, while he tries to cheer her up. she smiles and then says that she knows people change with time, but had given up hope on him and her belief in the power of love, and thought that they shall always only hate each other. he says that their hatred was superb too. she asks if he ever fell in love with her. He says that he did, when he saw her on the Blue Moon night, he loved her instantly, with the innocence of her face, and knew that this would be his wife, but things changed so fast, that it immediately changed into hatred again, but today again, he can see that innocence and love in her eyes, and asks if she ever loved him. She is set to thinking, and then says that she doesnt know about love, but when he saved her from the bulldozer, she was amazed. he eyes her, when she says that she realised that day, that he had a heart even though it didnt seem evident. She finds him glancing romantically, and asks whats the matter. he kisses her hand. Armaan promises mahira, saying that he shall love her with the same passion that he has hated her, and that he has given her pain and trouble, but now he shall give her only happiness and joy. mahira gets emotional. they both hug each other.

Mahira is asleep, as armaan wakes up the next morning, to find her lying on his chest. he remembers how he had behaved rudely with her all this time and wronged her, and kisses her. she wakes up with a smile, and then looks up, and slides away. Armaan and mahira get romantically intimate in bed, as he draws her close to himself, and they then eye each other romantically, both nervous and awkwardly hesitant too, while lovingly eyeing each other at the same time. Just then the alarm starts ringing, and she ios amused, while he gets to the side table to switch it off. He gets back to her, while she gets up amused asking him to get ready for office. he says that he doesnt feel like it, and then hugs her saying that he spoiled her honeymoon and hence shall have to make up for it, and tries to get teasy with her, while she runs off. Outside, gazalla and latif eavesdrop on their romance. Mahira throws him the towel, and asks him to get ready. He teases that he needs to start planning his family, with her, and she is shoving him away. she leaves asking him to be patient. The screen freezes on her smiling face.

Precap: Armaan and mahira confess their love to each other, and hug when amaad comes out of the bathroom, with a towel drapes around his waist, as if back from the dead, with mahira boggled to see him, while armaan wonders as to who is it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Amaad is alive…..!!!! What the hell is going on. …..?

    1. I think it might be afreen……… remember she use to come in disguise with the help of black magic???

  2. omg amaad is back. What’s going on there. Nowadays qh villains are always alive in anytime. But heroes died soon but they didn’t alive. Stupid story.

  3. Ranaji(narendran)

    Superb epi but precap is stupid

  4. thanks fo d fast update ..

  5. so now amaad is also a vampire(dayan)

  6. What!!!!amaad!what’s happening?he died because afreen had killed him.

  7. Nice episode but the recap…… Ughhh

  8. Awesome

    1. This comment is deleted.

  9. it’s really great.in this serial anytime they can fall in immense love and it doesn’t take much time to change that in hatred.great mixture of love-black magic-dayans-vampires-hatred -and soo on.

  10. ArMa rocks? luv to see their Love for each other but Now problem iz Amaad?

  11. Lovely episode

  12. What ??? Amaad is alive…. However good that mahira and armaan reunited….


  14. What ? Amaad is alive ?? I think it could be Afreen.. Because she can the duplicate form of anyone

  15. if amaad is alive he may have been stabbed with the same dagger azaad had stabbed the warewolf with..the one that if stabbed and stays in the person do not die and if removed they come back alive…i think :/

  16. Now i wont b surprised if the dad also rise from the dead, qh makers u hav really lost the theme of the story its very complicated

  17. I’m new here. Someone plse tell me who’s amaad?
    How is he related to Mahira?

    1. Amaad is azaad ‘ s younger brother. …… He is brother in law of Mahira

  18. Amaad is alive ? R u serious!?!!!! Y is this show still on air

  19. thank you sunehri

  20. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Qh is is going pagal.full of dead people zombies n witches…boring…except for Mahira.begum eish.
    why zee likes promote evil jadoo n illicit relationships????? Tnx guys i only read update n comments…occasionaly…lol…

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