Qubool Hai 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Khan’s residence
Mahora looks at a pic wrapped in a cloth, of her father and is very happy. she again amusingly jokes how handsome he looks in this, and does a perfect imitation of her father. she thanks him for having learnt the wonderful training from him, even though she cant be a foreteller nor a homoeopath, and that its no big dfeal, as she hails from a tradition of foretlling, and through his books and notes, she shall learn and earn name and fame in this field. She then rummages through her stuff, and finds her apparatus. Myra wanders in the garden, and finds that its a full moon night, and remembers that she had to take its shots and study at various angles, the movement of the moon.

Meanwhile azad and kainat relive their childhood memories, of counting

the stars, as they see the moonlit sky. they happily banter lightly, amused and revelling each other’s company. She then gets emotional thinking that the moon has a stain, just like her eeferring to her handicapped hand. Azad caresses her face. she gets up and leaves inside, upset. He is tensed as he eyes the moon. both mahira and azad eye the moon from their angles. then she gets up to take a closer view. She however doesnt realise that in the wake of doing so, she is fatallay close to a lievwire, hanging right above her head. As the clock strikes almost twelve, azad thinks that its time for him to go inside. He turns to go, but gets tensed at what he sees. Azaad notices mahira under the livewire from a distance, but also is tensed as he remembers that the clock is about to strike twelve. But he throws caution to the wind and rushes to her defense, drawing her away, clutching her hand tightly, as she is taken aback, as they both watch the live wire hanging right in front of her, as it drops down. She is shocked and scared. Its barely five minutes left to twelve, and he lets go of his firm grip on her hand, and then rushes inside. She turns around to find him gone. he hastily rushes inside towards his room, and barely makes it in time, just as the clock strikes a final twelve. the new bride finds him running towards his room, and comes out of her room tensedly. He slams the door from the inside. She is relieved and thinks that azad went back to his room at the right time, and thanks the lord profusely for this. meanwhile, mahira composes herself and walks off. Inside, khan begum caresses kainat’s handicapped hand with much emotions, as she sleeps on the bed. She also notices the bruises, and apologises to kainat that she is trying hard to regain her strength back, but the day she comes back to full glory, she would cure everything, and maybe she is getting weaker due to the dagger inside her heart melting, and she is dying, but she is sure that before it happens completely, azad would get the kajnaar flower, that would help her get her powers back, and then she shall cure her hand completely. Khan begum remembers sanam’s words and says that her past shall not overshadow her future, as her future shall be as she envisioned it, and not what sanam wanted. Outside, Myra stands in front of the main door, hesitates for a second and then rings the doorbell, and waits for someone to open the door. Inside, khan begum is boggled as she progresses towards the door to open it. When she opens it however, Khan begum is shocked, as mahira greets her obliviously with a smile, unknown to the deep rooted connection between them, seeing the past stand right in front of her eyes. mahira eyes her in amazement seeing her grand lifestyle, the way she is dressed royally. Khan begum meanwhile stands puzzled, and mahira introduces herself, and then comments profusely at how bful she is looking and asks if she can take a selfie with her, and without waiting for a response, she comes inside the house, while khan begum clenches her fists. She takes the selfie, while khan begum is baffled. But the maids come and introduce mahira as their sister. Khan begum knows that she has come from dehradun to stay with them only, and tells mahira that she has seen her somewhere. the maids say that this isnt possible, as she has lived in Dehradun always. As mahira continues to crack her stupid jokes, her stepsisters are irritated at her over bantering. She is thoroughly boggled, as this sudden twist of destiny. They try to ask the khan begum hesitantly, that for the party tomorrow, they could use an extra hand as a maid. Khan begum eyes her tensedly. Mahira is surprised, and waits for her reaction. khan begum turns around and leaves for her room, while mahira watches her go, as she too turns back and glances at her. gazalla and latif come out and see her too, shocked. mahira wishes them, and they are shocked at the striking resemblance. Gazalla talks innocently about her braces, while latif talks about her beauty. latif notices the red marks on mahira’s hand, and asks how she got. she is taken back to that man, wondering who he was, and where would she meet him again. they all leave, retiring for the night, as mahira looks around the haveli in awe, and thinks that its good that she would help the maids, and start her life afresh too in this haveli, which she happily accepts. the screen freezes on her happy face.

Precap: An unidentified, handsome male, takes a refreshing bath in the swimming pool inside the house. Meanwhile, Mahira enters azad’s dark room, and finds a diary, and tries to pick it up, and read it, but azad comes in just then, and snatches it from her hand, asking her to get lost. She is scared and shocked at this intense reaction.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Good episode.
    I think yesterday khan begam didn’t saw mahira. But finaly she saw mahira…

  2. Boring….I hate surbhi’s new look as mahira

  3. shifa(shakira)

    mahira kiska beti

  4. agar azad vampire toy amaan kya hai

    1. probably a werewolf lol 🙂

    2. When Khan begum was pregnant with saran, she had powers. But she didn’t have powers when she was pregnant with Amaan. I think amaan and kainath are OK.

  5. I actually like it so far. Mahira actually looks nice. I can understand why she is dressed that way because she came from a very poor family.. and then to give a different look as different character too.

  6. Let’s hope the show to progress to the better now it’s beginning

  7. Im sorry but I dont understand a part.. who has the number 8 written on the hand or whatever Azaad or Mahira?? And why does Azaad have to get into the room before 12?
    Also why does Azaad have weird powers? :/ is he not human? This show sometimes drives me nuts but I still like watching it if anyone knows the answers to my questions please tell me!:) thanks

    1. He’s a werewolf lol craziness

      1. How is he a were wolf? Urgh! Its stupid!! :/ thanks 🙂

    2. azad is a vampire that;s why he has to get in before 12

      1. What the hell? A vampire seriously? Urgh! :/ but thanks! 🙂

      2. And how did he become a vampire? :/

    3. Mahira has the number 8 on her .. it means she is God sent. She got sent back to complete her unfinished task which Sanam / Jannat left … and Azaad have powers.. because when Khan Begum was pregnant she had powers.. so yea.

      1. So is Azaad saifs child? :/ this show is very confusing :/ but I read somewhere else that Azaad had number 8 and he will save mahira from all evil! :/

      2. Yup Azaad is Saif son.. Khan Begum is just keeping it a secret because she is afraid.. and when Mahira was born they showed us the 8 on her neck..

      3. Ohhhhh. … okay! Yeah I saw the 8 mark! 🙂 thankyou! 🙂

  8. Omg beautiful episode… Loving mahira n azad

  9. Lol this show is like twilight. Azaad is Edward but only a werewolf. Lol oh dear….

    1. Lol yeah ??

  10. Darn!!i was actually wishing to c ahil return has azaad jus as sanam returned as mahira…ohhhh well… Loved this epi…

  11. Wat boring

  12. I sued to loe this show – now with the all the twists and turns cannot bear to watch it any longer. Just take it off the air and keep Satrangi Sasural instead.

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