Qubool Hai 18th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Khan begum is shocked to see mahira and azad chatting up. she waives azad off, and leaves. azad comes inside.

In kainat’s room, Amad talks about azad and mahira’s budding romance, and kaninat gets excited but refuses to believe it. He emphasises that even khan begum too witnessed the love in the air, and how azaad is totally in love. she says that she would be most happy. he asks why is she happy. she says that she is happy for azad, as she likes mahira a lot, as she is different, but perfect for azad. he asks if she is serious. she starts talking about how the world seems bful, when they look through mahira’s eyes, as she sees it through the heart. she says that her innocence is reflected in her eyes, and azad

would be lucky to have her. She says that if azad’s heart beats for mahira, then he should go ahead and marry her, if he likes her. azad hears this from outside the room, and is tensed. Amad thinks that he wont let this happen, as the way he took afreen from him, he too shall snatch away mahira from him, so that they have equal share of pain in their lives. Azad thinks that fate has started a new chapter of him with mahira, and wonders what lies in the fate of this chapter now.

In his room, azad lovingly reminisces his moments with mahira, and smiles. But then he says that this cant be true, as its just a story of one night, and with his fate he cant expect to fall in love, since he cant ever bring his truth before her, as his truth is that of darkness, which never comes in broad daylight.

Scene 2:
Location: razia’s hideout
While razia is praying, khan begum comes and she is asked if mahira cem. she says that she has, and now she wants to kill her at any cost. Razia says that it isnt that easy, as when one attempt goes in vain, a price needs to be paid in the dark world of magic. khan begum says that she has put her life at risk, and hence her life too in in danger. she says that she is willing to do anything. razia asks her to leave it to her, that she shall tell her, when and how to kill her. She tells khan begum that the rate at which mahira keeps dying, at the same rate she starts regaining her powers back. khan begum says that she has full trust on her. razia tells her that her work is done. Khan begum leaves. jhanjhariya makes the sound of the anklets, and razia mysteriously comments that she is there even when she isnt, and tells her to go and kill mahira nowshe gives khan begum a packet. She asks her to go and catch mahira’s soul and get to back to her, by killing her. Then razia comments that mahira’s death approaches and laughs evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
In her room, mahira is tensed, thinking that she has always found solace in her father’s book and hopes that this time too it shall help her. she says that she has lots of questions regarding Azad, and hopes they are answered. She opens his book, and finds a taveez, remembering how her father gave it to her to keep her safe, and hence asked her to keep it with her at all times. she wonders how did this taveez protect and how it shall protect furthermore. She wonders what would the taveez do, and resignedly takes it. meanwhile, jhanjhariya’s silhouette is seen approaching the room. in the washroom, mahira wonders if azad svaed her, as he was right in the morning, and then wards it off, saying that he seems a big show off, and would have gloated definitely, had she been saved by him. She is still confused though. as the taveez lies on the slab, she starts to wash her face with splashes of water. just then jhanjhariya’s hand through dark magic, with a swift movement makes the taveez fall away from her on the ground. then her hand is shown to approach by the basin tap, as she takes some water and splashes it on mahira’s face, catching her off guard and startled. mahira immediately opens her eyes but doesnt find anyone. she is scared and tensed, as she looks around. meanwhile, the tap starts running with blood, or red coloured fluid. Mahira with her closed eyes doesnt notice, and keeps splashing her face with it. when she opens her eyes, she eyes her face, with blood on it, in the mirror and is shocked. She starts screaming in horror, calling her sisters. they come, and find that mahira is completely normal. She starts telling what happened. when saira and bano show her in the mirror, she is shocked to find everything completely normal. In their dupatta, saira and bano obliviously also drag the taveez too out with them. mahira walks out, but doesnt notice the blood from under the basin. jhanjhariya stands beside it.

In her room, khan begum calls razia who shushes her, and doesnt listen to anything, and tells her that she needs to be patient as she has already sent jhanjhariya to take care of mahira. Khan begum is surprised but doesnt say anything.

In her room, mahira is working when she hears the sounds of anklets, and then starts shouting who is there. She tries to go through, but saira and bano get scared. mahira asks why were they clanking their anklets. They ask her where was she last night. she is about to say, when she again hears the sound of anklets, and tries to draw it to their attention. but they say that she doesnt want to work. She leaves. But while they are plotting against mahira, they too hear anklets ringing and are boggled. She comes inside the house, mahira comes and confronts azad, and says that she had a nice time yesterday. He thinks about the dual stories that he has, one that mahira knows and one that she doesnt, and hopes she never gets to know. Meanwhile, the blood also starts following after her in a trail, forming a puddle as she stands facing azad, who eyes her tensedly. he leaves without saying anything. She wonders why his eyes speak a thousand times more than his words, and how his look at her is weird to. she is oblivious of the blood pool. While walking she collides into amad, who irritably asks if anything happened between her and azad. she says that nothing happened in the night. He says that he never mentioned the night, and asks if anything happened. she again denies. He asks why is her life so boring, and uneventful. she cracks a joke, but he is irritated, and taunts her that if nothing happened, then there’s the possibility of something happeneing. they both dont realise that the blood pool is getting closer. he asks her to get some juice for him in his room. she leaves hurriedly. he says that he doesnt know whats happeneing, but knows that if azad wants her, he would never allow that to happen. Mahira walks oblivious of the blood trail after her, which khan begum watches from the balcony, thinking that soon mahira’s grave shall be dug here. the screen freezes on her and mahira’s face.

Precap: Khan begum places her hand on mahira, who has her back turned to her, thinking that she has waited for this special girl for 25 years. mahira turns around. she says that now her death shall be the reason for khan begum to live on. On khan begum’s touch, mahira starts turning into stone. mahira tells khan begum that she is turning into stone, but she just stands there smiling evilly. mahira screams for azad. Azad rushes but till then mahira is turned into stone, while khan begum watches on. azad stands confused with the two.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Nice episode ………. Can’t wait to see AZad save MAhira again…….

  2. Nice skirt Azad ! and you’re in love!!!!!! keep believe in it because it make you more confident , I like it. . But what’s that sign in Mahira’s back if it’s not to protect her ? So Azad you must save her once again…as many times as necessary

  3. I have a big doubt, where is Humaira , Razia daughter
    Razia is bua of Asad, for sangam she might be dadhi, for mahira how can she be aLive at least they would have shown her like old age women
    I liked Zoya and Asad

    1. Humaira went to dubai with haider (her husband) when zoya was pregnant. Razia is step mother of zoya!

  4. Yup .nw razia wud be around 90years and how cm still she look a lyk 45yrs??

    1. not 90 she is 110 year old

  5. very confusing show.

  6. Rajbeer so handsome in pink skirt and blue jean in “who’s there” Waow pastel colors suit him wonderfully

  7. when razia saw mahiras fathers pic …she was stunned ..I think razia killed her father

  8. Come on azad don’t be harsh u r in love so accept it maybe mahira will start love u too without realise it and can’t understand what happen between afreen azad amad why is he amad out to ruin his brother life maybe azad had a reason why he keep afreen away from amad maybe because he a partyhard guy or a womaniser…….i much say not only razia n mrskhan only the evil one amad is a next one too hate it when he call mahira a four eyed girl

  9. Omg, guys i missed this episode. Anyone pls say 2 me when this episode retelecast??? Plzzz anyone tell me

  10. Nic episode…..now azad should confess his love…….will surely see next episode….amad is like kabab mail haddi…!!! 🙂

  11. Nic episode…..now azad should confess his love…….will surely see next episode….amad is like kabab mail haddi…!!! :)……mystery in between

  12. I just started watching this serial… can anyone tell me why the begum wants to kill mahira? I already read the summary of zoya and samar though but it didnt tell me why she wants mahira dead and that sign at her back…

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