Qubool Hai 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s and ehsaan’s residence
Mahira walks out tensedly and collides into kainat, who is super elated and amused. she is happy to hear about her engagement ring, and mahira teases her immensely. she is happy to see kainat engaged to sameer, while she blushes. She says that she should congratulate mahira, as armaan risked everything to save his life. mahira gets tensed and says that its very difficult for her to believe that the man who hates her saved her life. kainat points out that love-hate is weird, as love wins over hatred, but mahira rubbishes it off, saying that he can only hate, not love. Kainat reminds that he has azad’s heart that beats for her, and maybe his love won over his hatred, and that she knows very well the power of true love, and

how things which are impossible happen. kainat tries to make her understand, and get back to her writing column so that she can start feeling like herself again, while she is tensed.

Later, Kainat continues to try sameer’s call, but he pretends as if the voice isnt going through, meanwhile he takes out the sim and throws it in the wastebasket. He says that now the fun starts, to see how she is tortured.

Later, latif tells begum about kainat’s engagement to sameer, who is super happy, and then asks about mahira. gazalla says that she is super fine, and armaan is crazy for her. She is boggled. Latif and gazalla says that he is mad for her desperately, but mahira isnt paying any attention. begum is tensed to hear this, and says that mahira shall fall prey to the matters of the heart. she then comes across a business magazine, conatining armaan’s pic with ehsaan. She tells them that she shall see soon, as she too shall need an explosion. they wish her well. she walks in on ehsaan in the room, and pretends to be embarassed and flustered, giving an explantion that the water was not there in her bathroom, and she had no clue he is at home. He composes her and says that its okay, as she can use his bathroom. she asks him to clothe himself first. She thinks that since he is armaan’s business partner, she has to be nice to him. He wears his shirt, and then turns around to confront her. She says that she wishes to say something, but is hesitating how to say iut. he asks her to tell it. she says that she gave him so much, but people always find some fault with it, and she doesnt know who she is, and soon people would start questioning as to how is she staying here. She says that those relations which dont have a name are sins. he tells her that crime is that which brings two people apart, and that which brings two strangers together in an unnamed relation, is destiny. he says that she might not know herself, but behind this heart, is a soul that cares for everyone and all. he says that as far as he is concerned, there’s nothing much to tell, as he has a business partner, and a mother to die for. she says that their worlds are poles apart and they cant settle in this house, and what would people say and how can she stay without any identity. he is tensed, and then turns her around, saying he says that he has a way out. he asks her to marry him. she pretends to be shocked, while amused within, that this is exactly what she wanted, as he says that this shall solve their problem, and name their relationship too. she hugs him tight, while he smiles.

Scene 2:
Location: Awaaz’s office
mahira tries to chit-chat with the newspaper employees, but they are highly indifferent to her. She is boggled, while she then goes to the manager, who is also colde and rude to her. He asks who is she. she is confused. he holds out certain letters, and she is puzzled as she goes through them. she reads one and finds that its from dissatisfied and disgruntled readers, who are unhappy that she left them suddenly and stopped writing to them. mahira says that its her personal life, and she had issues, but now she is back. he says that they have all seen how much they mean to her. he says that he loves his readers and he cant afford to lose them at any cost and asks her toleave. she gets up tensed and then turns to leave, when she finds all the employees having gathered behind the glasses to see whats going on. she is dejected as she walks out.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s and ehsaan’s residence
Gazalla and latif intentionally drag mahira out of her room, while she is puzzled, as they rant about how she has done a miarcle on him, and he is busy cooking in the kitchen to impress her. As she finds him in the kitchen working away, she is shocked while gazalla and latif are amused. mahira notices the cookbook in his hand, and says that they gave azad’s recipe book to him. She gets furious. mahira walks in and asks him to return her stuff, and says that he doesnt have the right to touch her stuff. he says that he didnt come close to her. she points out towards the book, while he says that it contains knowledge that everyone should know. he says that till the time he doesnt become a good cook, and impress her so that she forgives him. she says that he doesnt need it. he says that he doesnt need to understand about her needs. But she is adamant, and he teases her saying that he shall never give it. she struggles and snatches it, and he snatches it back. mahira raises her hand to hit him, while he stops and wrenches her hand and turns her around, while working in the kitchen. he tells her amused that she has a tendency to slap, but he likes this intense hatred that she has for him, which he is sure one day would convert into love and when love crosses all barriers, it becomes devotion. he lets her go, and she begins to go out. She senses her dupatta stuck, and assumes that he did that. Without turning around to check, Mahira says that she doesnt like such behaviour and asks him to let go. he hears this and looks down puzzled. he finds it stuck under the slab, and amusingly comes and stands in front of her. she is boggled and then fumingly looks back and takes off the dupatta and the book and storms off. he smiles at her, and says that he too shall see how long she doesnt come close to him.

While begum is getting dressed, ehsaan places a necklacxe around her neck, as they eye each other longingly. Later, armaan finds azad and mahira’s in in the closet, and longingly eyes it, while mahira comes and tensedly snatches the pic away from him and walks out, puzzled and boggled. As he passes by mahira’s room, he finds her crying. He goes into a imaginary sequence of how he comforts her, and she falls in his arms. he is drawn back to reality when she eyes him curtly, while he continues to gaze at her. Begum and ehsaan’s love story blossoms too. Mahira and armaan keep colliding into each other, when their mobiles fall from their hands, and they pick up the wrong ones and walk off. mahira notices the wrong set, and goes back stealthily to exchange it, and when she turns around, she confronts him, and almost collapses in his arms, as he comforts her. begum tears the pics of ehsaan earlier with his first wife, and he doesnt mind, when he sees this and caresses her face, while she smiles evilly. He later places a ring in begum’s hand, marking their engagement and starting their new life together. While armaan plays the mouth organ in solitude, she watches him from afar as she alights a lantern. the screen freezes on both the couples.

Precap: Armaan holds a press conference and says that he has shelved all his ideas to convert this into a resort hotel, ethnically themeed, as mahira doesnt like that, and also informs that she is 50% shareholder in the property stakes, and from eheron, that shall happen which she wants. she is tensed and boggled as she hears this. Later, he shows mahira the western dress that she had worn once with azad. he asks her to wear this dress tonight at the function. He leaves. She cuts it off with scissors, and then says that she ruined all off armaan’s plans, and angrily says that he shall not decide what she wants and what she shall wear.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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