Qubool Hai 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 18th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Dilshad and badi bi come in angrily teasing asad and zoya that they want a kid. Asad and zoya are shy. Asad says that nazma is there to give that news. Badi bi asks him when would he give. Dilshad says that isnt possible since their walima hasnt happened yet. They both try to cover up the topic. Dilshad tells asads and Zoya that she shall be happy with her grandkids, and now that rashid is better, he should attend their walima if not their marriage. Dilshad tells zoya that their walima is planned for the next week. Badi bi tells them that they should spend maximum time together, so that they have beautiful memories later. Dilshad assures her that she would take care of it. badi bi makes an excuse of staying with her sister, as its near to her physiotherapist.

Nazma gives badi bi a thumbs up, for her plan to go to nikhat’s place actually. they both leave along with diloshad. after they leave, tanveer overhearing all this, is tensed.

In her room, tanveer is sarcastically thinking about zoya’s dilemma of finding her father and spending her wedding night with asad, as she eyes the fifth picture. She says that she wont let zoya succeed. She goes over to the picture, and says that the last pawn to her bet is in this picture, a trap that would boggle zoya. She says that she wont let zoya have her walima this time too, as she would have planned her trap by then. Meanwhile, zoya is determined to find her father before her walima, not just for tanveer but for herself too, and that she would get tanveer to blurt out who is her father, and that tanveer would have to tell it to her.

Mamu is glancing through the old albums, remembering zoya’s childhood, and then is drawn back to reality when he remembers haider’s warning, if he interrupts in humaira’s life. He is tensed and emotional, as he is at crossroads to choose one of his daughter’s life and happiness at the cost of other. He gets emotional for his daughter, as he eyers zoya’s childhood pic together with him. Hearing razia come in, he hides the pic, and composes himself. razia comes in and asks him to take a look at the library. as he leaves, her eeys fall on the pic that mamu was looking at, and is shocked. She thinks that the more he tries to distance him from past memories, the more they come closer, and it feels like she would have to fight this till she dies. She takes the pic and leaves. Walking in the hallway, she comes face to face with tanveer, who says that she heard everything. Razia is frustrated. Tanveer teases her that she knows why’s she tensed, and that zoya is after her tension. And till the time zoya stays here, none of them would be happy, but if they are together against zoya, then noone can save zoya from them. razia says that she tried, but mamu saved her. But tanveer says thats the way to turn around a bet. razia is confused. Razia and tanveer are discussing in the balcony, how they cant let zoya rule their lives, and that even destiny is favouring them right now. Razia asks how would that happen, as mamu isnt hearing at all. tanveer says that he doesnt say anything also, and thats too in their favour, and they wont accept defeat against her.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
As sameera wakes up in the middle of the night, she is aware of someone’s presence as she enters the kitchen, but doesnt find anyone and blames it on her misconception. But she is aware again of someone and turns around to find a shadown of a person, similar to nikhat sitting in the rocking chair. she screams in fear. She asks who is it. she stealthily progresses forward, in fear. She tries to ask if its khushboo, but nikhat turns back, in a deathly state, with bloodstains on her face. She screams and collecvts farhan and haseena, who are boggled to see her like this. They switch on the lights. They tell her that there’s noone. as they turn towards the door, they are scared as a shadow is seen from the other side of the door. they are all shocked while sameera is sure that its nikhat. But it turns out to be badi bi and they are all relieved. She gives the same excuse to them too, and says that she wishes to stay here, for her medical treatment. They are tensed. Badi bi tells haseena thatv she thought of staying here, till nikhat’s treatment is done. Haseena has no option but to agree. Farhan reprimands sameera to stay calm or else her foolishness would land everybody in trouble. she is still scared. Badi bi asks what happened to her. Farhan tries to make up for her, but he asks her not to so concerned for her, and treating her like a servant, she orders her to get hot milk. She is furious but leaves. badi bi tries to advise farhan against giving the servant’s too much leverage. As farhan begins to go, she asks him to send sameera, to get her luggage to her room, as its quite heavy. farhan and haseena resignedly agree, and are shocked as they know that she is going to be here for long. Badi bi says that she would stay here, till nikhat’s treatment isnt complete and she comes back completely cured. They are both tensed to hear this. Badi bi asks them to show her to her room, and they comply.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Tanveer, in her overenthusiasm, drops zoya’s childhood pic with mamu, from over the balcony and on the ground. Tanveer apologises profusely while razia is distressed. Zoya is passing by from there, and they are shocked to see it as if she sees the pic, then the mysteries of the past shall be revealed and zoya would know her father. as zoya passes by, she sees the picture and sees it, before razia can stop her. She is horrified as zoya is tensed to see the picture. The screen freezes on Zoya’s face.

Precap: As asad comes out of the bathroom, with the dim lights in the room, he finds zoya’s silhouette, and cozies upto her, teasing her that she cant stay away from him, and wait till after the walima to be intimate with him. Just then, zoya walks in saying that she got what he had asked her to, and as she switches on the lights, both she and asad are boggled and furious, as they come face to face with the person impersonating zoya, taking advantage of the darkness in the room.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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