Qubool Hai 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Witch’s hideout
Amad performs some black magic chants, when the leader of the witches comes, and then tells him, that destiny does give a second chance, and his is giving it too. she says that tonight is Amavasya night, and tonight, a night that comes after 26000 night shall come, a night, when the good weakens, and the evil becomes the most powerful, and that tonight, itself he shall have to get the child, as her sacrfice shall get them their powers. she also warns that if he doesnt fulfill his motive, then he shall be killed. he says that his life is his motive, and hence he cant be defeated. she warns him still. he stands up and confronts her. She then makes him wear a black ring, around his neck, and then picks up the knife, and with her blood, marks his forehead.

she tells him that if he gets defeated, then he shall be burnt alive, and lose his life. he defiantly says that wont be needed.

Scene 2:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Mahira and armaan talk romantically, as to how they can get married again, while gazalla and latif hover around the baby. then he suddenly gets an idea and leaves. mahira continues to adore her child lovingly. While they are chatting, armaan comes back with a pram, that overjoys all of them. They makes her sit in the pram. Gazalla and latif go to the kitchen, for preparation of dinner. Meanwhile, armaan and mahira chat, wherein she apologises for being rude top him, in her concern for the child, and says that she very well knows, she can bank on him. Armaan and mahira attend to the child, wherein she goes to get milk, and he takes her out for a walk in the prembulator. Mahira comes back to find the baby gone with armaan. she screams for them, and then armaan comes back with an empty perambulator, while mahira is shocked where the child is. She says that he went with her, while he says that he just came in. She is shocked and wonders who that person was then. As they realise that noone was at fault, they are shocked that someone took their baby. mahira agin gets berserk and reprimands him for being careless, when he said that he wont let anything happen. She says that she wants her child right now, and wouldnt be able to forgive or live herself, if something happens to the child. Armaan is tensed. Meanwhile, amad who had disguised himself as armaan, walks out of the corridor, along with the child, and out of the house, as he smirks.

Later, Mahira prays to the lord, that he cant give this test, as its too much, and that being a mother, its unbearable for her to go through this separation from her child, and begs the lord for the strength to bear through it, and also asks him to help her, find the baby soon, and begs the lord to keep her safe and sound and away from the influence of any dark spirits.

Armaan too in his tensed state, in his room, wonders how could this have happened, that someone resembling him took the child away, and then decides to surf the net regarding it. he then finds a black ring by the crib, and wonders where has he seen it earlier, oblivious that he had seen this page on the google search.

Scene 3:
Location: The witch’s hideout
the leader of the witch, along with others, are tensed when amad doesnt return even after a long time, wondering that it wouldnt just be amad’s end, but to their end too, as this child brings their doom and destruction. amad comes in just then, with the child, and they are ecstatic. Two witches take the child away, while the leader says that she shall have to be anointed, as a devil and then sacrificed, so that they can retain their glory, as its well known, that good conquesr over evil, but this time around, they have to stop that from happening. he complies and smiles.

Scene 4:
Location: Undisclosed Location and Kainat’s residence
sameer comes to meet a hooligan, and pays him for some money, and then asks if the work is done. he says that it shall be, and sameer promises that he shall pay the remaining amount after the work is done. he then leaves. Then the fellow call;s up kainat after sometime, having sent her a video, of sameer paying him for her life. she asks what does he want. he says that he wants her to be out safe, and he shall have his revenge as he is sameer’s driver, whohe publicly insulted, when he had needed money from him. she complies after much deliberation. He asks her to come at a particular destination.

Kainat arrives at the destination, wherein the driver gives her a call, and asks her to search for a red box. she puts him on hold, and after searching, she finds it. She then opens it, to get a mobile inside. She is boggled. It shows a video of him flirting with another girl. She is shocked at his shamelessness, and thinks that he did wrong, as he would be trapped in his own trap. just then, the same person comes and traps her, from behind with a knife, asking her to stay still. she asks him to take it away. she then eyes him, having overpowered him with a quick swift, maneuveur, and aiming a pistol at him. he is shocked. she asks him to spill out everything. She asks if she was called, so that he could kill her, and asks who had sent him. He says that its all done by sameer, who wanted to kill her. she is shocked.

Scene 5:
Location: The witch’s hideout
Amad holds the baby, while the witches chant. The leader ask him to place the child, inside a drawn circle. he complies and takes his seat too. The leader of the witch asks amad to scribble the logo of the devil on the baby, with a dagger. He takes it, and then eyeing the child kept in the circle, he raises the dagger, and then gets it down, trying to do, but despite all efforts, he isnt able to. the dagger falls away, while he falls on the ground, beside him, unconscious. the screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: Armaan starts surfing through the net, for more research on black rituals, and comes across this special Amavasya night. he eyes the locket and thinks that he has seen it, but god knows where. He decides to check the CCTV footage and finds amad and wonders whether he is the one behind all this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    God tnx for written uodates..wen dies it end for Gods sake man

    1. It ends on 25 th January. Which is next week Monday. I will miss it alot. I will forever love it. Season 1 was good. Season 2 was the best . With Sanam and Aahil , Seher and Rehaan. It will always be in my heart ❤ season 3 and 4 is a fail.

      1. 25 th january. Hmm. My grandmother died on 25 th January , 2010

  2. Atlast its going to end…very gud news…waiting for ds longtime…Even though asad n zoya is good,but aahil and sanam is best n picture perfect…both are outstanding in all the way…when aahil died…the serial is end…other episode are time waste…but y they separate aahil n sanam…and kill both…dats bad………

  3. Finally this show is ending .i used to love this show when it started but it changed drastically. From story of a morden independent girl in consevative socity to family drama and then vampires and all that jadu tona crap. it was a good show in starting

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