Qubool Hai 18th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
In her room, sanam is apalled and distraught as to what she did to ahil. she apologises profusely, that for her love, she cant sacrifice her sister, and that she cant let one person dearest to her be happy at the risk of the other person’s happiness. tanveer and the new bride eye her amused.

Later, the new bride comes while tanveer is grieving, and tells her that sanam is on the way, and hope that she doesnt give sanam the address to seher so easily. tanveer asks if sh shall tell her what to do or not. she says that she knows, and that ahil’s diary burning was the first step, and by doing so, she has herself distanced her from ahil, and now is the second chance. she thinks that seher is in her trap, and now its sanam’s

turn. the girl asks whats she upto. tanveer says that soon the sisters shall die, by taking rehaan’s revenge. She says the day that happens, she would be relieved.

Later, tanveer tells sanam that she was waiting for her only, when she comes in hurriedly. sanam says that she complied to her wish, and asks for seher’s address. tanveer starts taunting her that this is very enticing. she then asks for sanam, and when she resists, she blackmails her in the name of seher. tanveer takes her phone, and then gives it to her, asking her to go to a particular location, and then call her, and asks her to hurry or else soon she shall lose her sister forever. sanam is tensed and shocked.

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Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Haya agrees to faiz’s disgusting wish, and is distraught, as she submits herself to him. he eyes her lustily amusingly taunting her that their relation has come a full circle, and that he is very happy that she conceded finally to the fact that he loves her. She closes her eyes, as he tries to slide down the saree from her shoulders. He is however stopped, and as he turns around, he finds rahat having stopped his hand. He is shocked and scared, while rahat eyes him sternly. Getting a blow on the head, faiz falls on the bed, unconscious. Meanwhile, Haya has her eyes closed. rahat calls out to her, and she opens her eyes in shock, and admiration and mixed emotions. She starts to feel him if he is real. Then she eyes faiz, lying on the bed, and clutches tight at him, and he too responds back. They both hug each other emotionally. rahat says that their love kept them alive, and that he fell and tlls his survival story. She breaks into tears and hugs him, saying that she cant tell how much she was distraught thinking that she lost him forever. He says that he has come back and all shall be okay. faiz wakes up to find himself tied, and they both eyeing him sternly. rahat slaps him tight, but faiz doesnt realise his mistakes. Faiz tries to emotionally blackmail him, calling on his manhood, He starts pointing out leeringly at the time haya spent with him. Before rahat can react, haya asks him to shut up, saying that they need to prove their manhood who have doubts on him, and rahat knows how to treat and talk to a woman, and that an alone woman isnt a thing for use, but a responsibility. She says that he wont even mind using his mother. faiz gets angry but haya asks him to shut up, as she has heard enough. She remembers what he had put her through, and that he did what he did lustily, but miraculously rahat is alive, which proves even god wants them to be together and that they shall never be apart. She asks him about the gun, and he teases her that she thought he was this weak. He says that they shall play a game, and whoever wins, haya shall be his. rahat and haya are shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road and ahil’s residence
Sanam finds that tanveer calls on the phone that she gave her. She keeps trying to amusinly ask sanam maths questions, and then gives her directions, to find out seher, if she can. She tells the address of the doll factory, and asks her to hurry, as she doesnt have time to lose. Tanveer calls and tells sanam that in five minutes she shall have to save seher, and starts the countdown. Sanam cancels the phone and starts running. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: sanam finds seher, completely stuck in a death trap, in the doll factory, and then rushes to save her. The chandelier stuck with knives, finally falls, while sanam desperately tries to save both of them.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This show is just a merry go round!! Its just going round and round yaar!! I think the writer is thinking viewers are fools!! Cum on yaar itna bhi sensless twists nahi hona chahiye!! Its clearly seen that the story is simply dragged><

  2. O my god, where is the show going?? Writers please return our favourite chirpy qubool hai. No one wants this boring show.

  3. hopefully sisters shld get saved
    tanver,new bride must pay 4 their deeds asap

  4. Is dis Qubool hai?? I mean the qubool hai which I was watching 1 year before was outstanding and marvellous!! Asad and zoya was educated. Both knew ettiqutes and manners. Zoya was a character to fight against gender inequality!! But dis sanam and seher are useless!! I think Aahil is blind,deaf and mute guy!! No wordz to express haya nd faiz track………….

  5. Abey kyu thak rahe ho??
    hum sabko pata h aapke paas koi cheez nahi h jisse aap humko manoranjan kar sakte?? Isilye humra baat mano aur yeh show ko khatam [email protected]@@@

  6. Writers plz read d script once before you picturize it?? Does it really make any sense in such twists?? Wts happenin in Creative team of QH.
    Crap crap everywhr!!! Guyz ur losing viewers of show!!! plz make some sense in story.

  7. I usually tape these shows but after reading the written update, I go home and delete it. I hope my taping don’t make show as I am watching it. I don’t want it looking like they are still getting viewers for their stupid story line.

  8. this show is just going around in circles like a merry go round when you think that you solved the problem it all starts back up again ok now rahat is back he knocks faiz unconscious and ties him up well one would think he rahat would call the police no not at all another stupid twist comes up for faiz and rahat to play a stupid game and whoever wins gets haya and of course you know that mad ass faiz would win so you see this soap is not worth watching because the writers are really writing a whole pack of shit for us to look at and we are at the peak of frustration another thing I could not understand what kind of a woman is haya you claim to love rahatt so much yet look how easily faiz was blackmailing you and if rahatt did not come in when he did you would have slept with faiz for nothing because once a crook always a crook and you haya know he would have wanted more so he would keep on blackmailing you so why on earth you haya were giving in to him faiz you stupid dirty woman there are other means that you could have found out who killed sehers man rehan and why is that so important for you to know that you were willing to abide with faiz and sleep with him I just cannot comprehend these writers with all these shitty scripts they are writing writers these scripts are real shit what is going on with you all get other professional scripts writers who know what they are doing and bring this soap to a happy ending the soap is going on tooooooooooo long with tanveer and the long toenail bride sanam working together to do evil we are tired and bored of these nonsensical scripts one thing over and over again now seher got kidnapped for the umpteenth time and then sanam her sister will join her tooooooooooooo and the usual tanveer and her accomplice long toenail will try to kill them what next writers come on wake up and take your scripts with you and leave the studio give way to the professional writers to take over I cannot wait for that to happen and happy riddance to poor writing scripts

  9. f**ked up show.!!! Guys .u hv lost your minds.!!! Showing sucha blo*dy crap doesnt make you gud enough to run a daily soap.!!! Qubool hai ws one of the top trp show ….now luk how f**king comments you are getting….
    Please guys …get back to your work….n for sod’s sake make it gud enough so that we can get a new thing to watch…..u hv got sucha gud actors wth u n still u r making it a blunder….surbhi n karan can go a long way as they are one of othe most loved actors!!! N get back our hero..karan singh grover..sch me yr…..uske bina ……maza nahi hai koi show mein…..love u ksg..!!!!

  10. Look likes they writer is repeating scences because in a doll factory zoya mother die i think and now it will be sanam n seher come on stupid writer bring something new we getting sick n tired of tanveer and her plans when it will end and it look like you run out of actresses too so you have to bring back that witch to create more problem in this show

  11. I don’t have any comments today. You guys said everything what is in my mind.

  12. Dumb show..dragging the show so stupidly.. Pls end the show

  13. quboolhai4ever

    I am a loyal fan
    qh fovever

  14. I am puzzled! The only character that Haya is assigned to play is either raped or fighting for someone to love.Faiz this rapist and murderer is all he is up to.Tanveer ,The wicked witch.I am not seeing anything that has any meaning.These women do not take a bath.they do not change into their night gowns.They sleep in their sarees. What the hell these writers are doing to us.Nothing positive,only negative.Writers your first series withASAD and all the other relatives was a bomb .This is to be taken off.You all are not making sense at all.This what is going on is cow’s dung.Take the show of the air now.WAste of time and nonsense.I used to crave to view this show but I am holdingon to see Tanveer’s destruction just as how she destroyed Asad.

  15. I don’t understand why Haya fall into Faiz trap. Haya knows Tanveer killed Rehaan. Then why does she agreed to Faiz condition?? doesn’t make any sense . The story line. seems like a writer complicating the story. This show will be ending soon it’s time for show that truth win an evil got punished. We want to see happy ending please.

  16. How they are showcasing women character??????????? Faiz is saying to rahat that they will play a game. Whover wins haya should accpet? What shit is this??
    What the writer is thinking of himself?????? Is women some property so tat men can play wit it???? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont telecast such shows na!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It will create bad impression on society!!!!!!!!!!
    I think already ZEE TV has asked apoligize for showcasing bad about women!!

    1. I agree wit u zana. Dey r showing women as puppets in dis show!

  17. Creative team wt ru up to? Wt message ur trying 2 say about dis crap? pls stop dis serial at least 2 save d reputation of OLD QH! If u continue it, it wil spoil d beauty of OH season 1!!

  18. I truly agree with Zana…they dump the girls n picturaize girls are materials to use…story line is bad .. 2 heroines are very bad n dumb,hero is waste i ever seen ds much of dumb hero…in ds serial wat he do…be servant to tanveer n cry…ds was hero?Asad is hero,Rudra s hero..wat is he? instead of rehaan u kill aahil…

  19. I wish just like Rah at came back rehaan too should be back….some miracle must happen plz….get rehan back

  20. No worries meghana. cast in dis show r cockraoches. dey wil die nd cum back. nonsense story. writers i knw films nd stories are not real lyf bt say lies in sch a way tat we convinc ourselves to belive.
    First faiz was dead. he came back. den rahat was dead nw he also came back!!
    I think cast of dis show are cockroaches who wil nvr die at 1 shot LOLLLLLLLL.

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