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Scene 1:
Location: Hotel, Kashmir
The kidnapper tells armaan that he is of no use to them, as his wife doesnt love him. he is about to shoot him, when someone reminds him of the project Nikah. He stops. then he is told that the jehad women have come. he goes out to meet them. The kidnapper turns out to be a terrorist, and mahira goes there in a disguise of one of many muslim women, burqa clad to hide her real face. He tells them all that they need to avenge, to be able to be heard and they shall do it from the indians. She is alarmed. He eyes the girls and then sees them one by one, fixating finally on mahira, as she is under a burqa. She is tensed. he says that they can even sacrifice their life for the same, and that they all know how they have to kill themselves, if they get caught

by the medium of a locket. Mahira eyes hers. then he talks about how he shall choose one for the Mission Nikah, and asks if they understand. One of them says that its their way of martyrdom, and they shall be happy to do so. He chooses mahira for the mission, and asks the others to prepare her for the nikah. she is tensed. Then, the kidnapper gets mahira to armaan, who is hooded, taunting him, that when his wife has left, he can marry again. he pairs mahira with armaan, as she is burqa clad, with mahira, saying that they need to be together, as they have to perform the operation, Nikaah, and they have half an hour to get ready. Armaan eyes her tensedly. Mahira and armaan both are tensed. he asks mahira to make armaan understand what he is going to do, and if he acts oversmart, then he would be killed rightaway. mahira is shocked to see him in this state. After all are gone, mahira takes off her niqab to reveal herself, while armaan is stunned to see her there, as tears stream down her cheeks. He remembers what he had done to mahira on their wedding night, and is unable to believe that she came to save him, despite what he did. she says that he is her husband and then unties him, instantly, and sets him free, but isnt able to get off the bomb jacket. He asks her to go and save herself. She says that she didnt come for this, as she is egoist, while he is tensed. she says that they shall see whats to be done with the jacket, but for now, they need to escape. they stealthily start making their way out, evading terrorists. Armaan hits his head against a carton, and she gets concerned, seeing blood, and he is boggled as to how could she be so concerned and caring for him.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Begum thinks frustratedly that she should have killed granny and ehsaan too, but didnt and now she has to bear the brunt of it. Imi rushes to her her, while she is irritated, that he wants to go to granny and his father. But she jerks him away and asks him to go and sit in one corner. he is very scared and complies. then he throws cushions on the floor, agitatedly. Unable to bear it anymore, she gives him a treatment of her black magic, and he winces in pain and lies on the sofa. She says that he has turned her life hell. he gets emotional and says that he had thought that she loves him. Suddenly she bears a shapr pain in her heart as the dagger in the chest, starts moving, and she wonders whats happening as she has a heart, but it doesnt have motherly emotions, then why is she feeling pain like that.

Later, while dealing with her pain, begum notices ehsaan and granny back, who are traumatised to see imi tied in ropes. she blackmails them into signing the property papers, as they dont have any other option. on granny’s compliance, ehsaan signs them, and throws them at her, while she smiles evilly. he then unties Imi, and they hug each other. begum is overjoyed to have gotten everything, and now she is Armaan’s 50% business partner, and that now its time to set mahira and armaan on the right track.

Scene 3:
Location: Hanging gardens, Kashmir
As terrorists decide to go and check on the couple, armaan and mahira are shocked to hear this, as they shall know that they have escaped. She eyes her locket and remembers other’s talking about it, and then takes it off, and opens it to reveal, a powder while he stands shocked and tensed. She mixes the powder in one of the drinks, that the terrorists are having. They wait for it to start reacting, and then suddenly one of the carton moves under armaan, and the terrorists are alarmed, as they confront them with missiles. Armaan covers mahira, and they call the couple’s bluff. But the medicine starts working, and they collapse clutching their throat and mahira and armaan run off. The leader notices when he comes that way and is shocked to find them gone. he bears anger on everyone and gets to vigorously searching for them. As armaan and mahira run, they finally come to a dead end. mahira is distraught that they shall now be killed. he assures her that he shall not let anything happen to her. she complies. They continue to search for a way out, when the terrorists start catching up on them. they hide behind a carton. the leader asks them not to try and run, as its vain, or else he shall pull the trigger on his remote, for armaan’s bomb. They are shocked. He says that he shall press the remote and all stand tensedly. He starts doing the countdown, while armaan begs mahira to run and save herself, as he is paying for his sins right now, but she says that she shall be by his side. Mahira is distraught that they shall die, but he says that he wont let anything happen to her. he comes out and says that they too shall die if they try to kill them. He then asks mahira to leave, but she is adamant saying that she wont go. The leader continues their countdown, to make their decision. As armaan and mahira are together, the kidnapper with his team, tells them that its their choice, whether they want to die so meek, or be a part of the greater cause. they clasp each other’s hands, and then mahira says that if god’s willing, then so be it. They are all shocked. the screen freezes on mahira’s tensed face.

Precap: Armaan promises mahira, in the hotel room, saying that he shall love her with the same passion that he has hated her, and that he has given her pain and trouble, but now he shall give her only happiness and joy. mahira gets emotional. they both hug each other.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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