Qubool Hai 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Barn in the jungles
As mahira lies unconscious, Khan begum checks the figure on her back, saying that she wants to double check, since the last time she killed an innocent. razia says that she is destined to kill and asks her to get to it. Khan begum approaches mahira with a dagger, while razia instructs her to kill mahira now, and end all. Khan begum lifts the knife to give a fatal blow. Just as she is about to kill, razia hears jhanjhariya’s voice and the anklets ringing, and stops khan begum from stabbing. They duck from there. razia thinks that its good that khan begum didnt hear the sounds or see jhanjhariya, or else she would have known her intentions.

Outside, azad waits in the car, and says that he has waited a long time for her, but since her

ego is so huge, she can stay with it alone in the jungle. he drives off in anger. Azad enters in the barn after sometime, and finds her asleep, and thinks that he was mistaken to assume that she must be scared to death sitting here all alone. He says that he could have gone, but didnt quite feel right about it. He remembers his past moments with her, and wonders whats happening to him, as if he is with her, then he is tensed with her, and if he is away, then he is tensed for her. She turns around in her sleep, and her hands falls on his. he eyes her awkwardly yet lovingly, as she clutches tightly at his arm. he wonders what to do, as she is in deep sleep, and doesnt feel like waking her up. he too lies beside her, with his hand on hers.

The next morning, as sunlight falls on them, azad wakes up, and caressingly eyes mahira fast asleep, a lock of hair, on her eyes. he gently wafts it away, her hand still in his. he eyes her lovingly, but then gets tensed as he remembers his helplessness last night. he reminds himself that he cant be safe for any girl, particularly not mahira. he asks himself to waive off all emotions that he has been feeling lately. he decides that he should stay away from her. he gently takes his hand away from her clutch, while she shifts in her sleep, as that wakes her up. she wakes up and doesnt find anyone, and wonders if she was alone all night, and how he didnt even come to watch over her once. Sh brands him as insensitive. She then decides to go home alone too. as she opens the door, she finds him waiting by the side. she starts fumbling, and he callously tells her to thank the garage fellow who got their tyre changed. he then gives her chewing gum, and she again starts her funny banter. he gets in the car and they drive off. She eyes the chewing gum, and wonders who eats gum in the morning. she says that she wants to talk about what happened last night. he remembers holding hands, and asks her not to mention it. she says that things need to be talked and sorted out. she says that a person should apologise, if it feels like that. he remembers caressingly pulling her hair away. he asks if she was in her senses the whole time. They dont realise that its a misunderstanding. she says that when he came close…and he hurriedly asks what. she says that she remembers everything, but doesnt know why she was babbling. he realises that she was talking about something else. He is relieved. She asks if anything else happened too. He fumbles and says no. she asks when he came back. he says that somewhere in the middle of the night. she asks why he didnt come in and sleep then. he says that she is talking as if she is his…..She asks what. he doesnt reply. She realises the awkward moment, and then distracts with another topic, that he should put his good body to use. he remembers beating the goons, and wards off her advices. they drive off.

Scene 2:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Khan begum and razia arrive back. she fumes that she would stab tyhe knife, once she sees her again. she eyes the knife, and finds it breaking down into pieces. they both are surprised. Khan begum asks what happened to the knife. Razia says that it spoiled itself due to the failure. khan begum says that her blow wouldnt have been in vain, had she not stopped her. Razia says that she heard people coming. she says that she would killed that person too. razia asks her to be alert, as anyone came and that would have interfered with the ritual. she asks what if mahirta was awake, and she saw her, and once she ran away, would she have been able to find her back so soon. Razia tells her that mahira is a mere servant, and asks her not to be tensed too much, as she would have to return back to the haveli. Khan begum says that she doesnt have the magic knife too now. razia says that even an ordinary dagger would do. they both step out. Khan begum goes inside tensedly. After she leaves, jhanjhanriay comes again, swining her anklets, and razia thanks her for alerting and saving her just in time. She says that khan begum is playing her game, and now she shall play hers.

The next morning, khan begum waits impatiently eyeing the door. amad comes and asks that he looks tensed. she doesnt respond. he says that she must be waiting for her beloved son, who didnt even bother to tell her where he is and when he would be back. amad taunts khan begum, about her love for the affectionate son, Azad, who is getting all concerned for the maid, while she is worried dead for him. she is surprised, and frustrated with his banter too, and asks him to stop babbling about his brother. to make her believe, he shows him the door, and she is shocked to see that azad and mahira are chatting up in the doorway. amad eyes him victoriously. he teases by singing a romantic number in her ears, and says that they seem a match in heaven. he leaves. she thinks that this cant be, as if azad has started taking an interest and liking the girl, she would have to kill mahira asap. she says that if the likeness turns into love, then he would do anything to save this girl, as love teaches rebellion. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Razia tells khan begum to go and kill mahira now, as the rate at which mahira keeps dying, at the same rate she starts regaining her powers back. she gives khan begum a packet. She asks her to go and catch mahira’s soul and get to back to her, by killing her. Then razia comments that mahira’s death approaches. khan begum eyes razia tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Well its getting complicated now…

  2. Nice scene between azaad and mahira. Azaad almost fall love in mahira.

  3. Veryy complicateddd

  4. Azad is falling for Mahira…
    Now Mrs.Khan can’t do anything…

  5. so lovely scene , but you are right very complicated now !!!!!! who’s that girl with ankle bracelet ?

  6. I just keep loving AZad more and more ……….. Just can’t wait to c MAhira and AZad romancing each other ……. Sweet

  7. Love azhira
    Their romantic moment
    Just wonderful

  8. Can someone plezzzzz tell me the name of the song in today’s episode (where AZad was remembering MAhira ) thanks…………….

  9. Can someone plezzzzz tell me the name of the song in today’s episode (where AZad was remembering MAhira )

  10. Azad is totally handsome. Omg. I love his scenes with Mahira

  11. It was really absolute joy to see Azad and Mahira’s acting. Two thumbs up for Mahira.

  12. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Whos ankelts girl?
    Wats razias plan n y ?funny razia has 9lifes n so does khan bugum lolhaha

  13. Ur right….it’s getting really complicated

  14. dont you think razia is living a very long life see it
    min 60 in 1st part +2 years in 1st track+ 20 year leap + 2-3 year drag +25 year leap = i.e. crossed a century nearly 110-109 years old
    still so young and energetic (acc. to age)
    what’s the secrate????????????/

  15. radha banuarilal

    There is another fake mahira will take her place. Boring again the double role and the love story never get a long together.

  16. I think the anklet girl is kainat or seher n razia want mahi ra soul for her purpose

  17. Love you azad hope I see you and mahira holding hands as a couple soon.

  18. Y doesn’t Mahira call Azad Mr. Khan instead of Mr. Azad…?? it would bring back the memories of Zoya & Asad (ASYA) I loved that pair – Ms Farooqi & Mr Six Packs

  19. Lol….something tells me that Jhanjariya is Tanveer again!!!i love Mahirah and Azaad together and i really hope this time Good will triumph

  20. @Hafsat kk its very very possible that its tanveer.

  21. radha banuarilal

    I read the latesh news that mahira place will be taken by fake sanam

  22. radha banuarilal

    The upcoming episode of Qubool Hai will show that Fake Sanam is shocked to see Mahira who is looks alike Sanam at her house.

    Mahira comes to Fake Sanam’s house as maid and mistakenly enters in Azaad’s room and get a diary.

    Before Mahira reads the diary, Azaad comes there and shouts at Mahira.

    Azaad asks Mahira get out from his room and notices a iron rod is about to fall on her.

    Azaad saves Mahira nick of the time.

    Fake Sanam’s (Aditi Gupta) throws Mahira out of the house

    1. thats not new. it already happened in the start of this season 4..

  23. radha banuarilal

    Ok I missed out few episode it could have been happen I dnt see. Tg xavier

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