Qubool Hai 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 17th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
All are shocked to see asad. as he turns to go, badi bi is surprised and stopping him, asks whats the reason of his being here. He comes upto them. He doesnt tell the true reason, and says that he came to see ay7an. shirin tells him about ayan’s condition. Badi bi asks zoya to go and take asad to their room. zoya is tensed, while asad rel uc tantly ag rees. They face each other, while zoya is tensed, and tearful. As they lead on without speaking a word, razia is excited at that prospect. Finally, they stop.(SAD MITWA) She opens the door to ayan’s and her room, and motions him to come along, while standing tensed herself.

In her room, razia is nervously pacing, when she finds humaira, and gets her inside. Humaira tells her that she

has got a taveez from peerbaba, to tie it to ayan. razia asks why she keeps forgetting that zoya has taken her rigth and her place, as she’s taking care of ayan. Humaira is surprised to hear that zoya is still here. She says that she knows and its right that she’s taking care of ayan, as she’s his wife. razia asks why’s she talking like that, as right has to be taken and nbot waited for. She says that when asad is heer, then zoya too can leave with him. Humaira is shocked, that razia knows about their deal. razia says that she knows whats happening around her, and she wont let her give it to someone else easily. Humaira says that she must have been helpless, and razia is shocked to find her siding zoya. razia again asks why isnt zoya leaving then, and why did she come back, if she had to go. humaira says that she would go. razia says that she’s very naive, and that zoya isnt as innocent as she seems. Razia tells humaira that ayan was and will always be with humaira, and that he may have married zoya, but his ultimate union would be with her only. Razia says that maybe zoya’s trap is to marry ayan. She asks zoya to tread very carefully. humaira is tensed and leaves. Razia says that the rest, she would manage to see that zoya isnt staying here for that long and easily.

In their room, asad and zoya awkwardly enter. Zoya asks him to sit, and he complies while awkwardly making space for her. But she sits on the opposite side. asad is disturbed to see their wedding pic, by their bedstand. zoya tells about her dilemma. she says that had ayan been right, then she wouldnt have had a problem, but now she doesnt know what to do. Asad says that he should stay here for a while. he is distraught when zoya asks how many more days she has to stay here. He says that once ayan is okay, he himself would come and take her. zoya says that there are others to take care of ayan. she wipes her tears and asks about dilshad, and he says that she’s fine. he takles her leave and begins to go. Zoya says that she would leave him till outside, but just then, a sleepy ayan starts coughing and she starts taking care of him like an ideal wife, and asad is distraught to see such concern. he asks her to take care of ayan, while he sees himself out. saying so, he leaves. zoya is tensed.

Meanwhile, shirin tells razia, in her room, that she’s taking out woollen clothes for ayan, to prevent him from cold. Raazia says that she has to take care when he has a wife now. She tries to instigate her against zoya and asad, who she says has come here for zoya and not for ayan, as how else does he know that ayan was sicvk at midnight. shirin asks if zoya called him. razia asks her who else could have told him. She says that today asad has come, then tomorrow dilshad also might enter. shirin is shocked.

as asad is walking out, he realsies suddenly that zoya is running towards him, crossing the corridor hastily so as not to miss to meet him. He gets overwhelmingly emotional, and spreads out his hands to embrace her. zoya comes to a standstill a few feet away from him. they enter into a romantic eyegaze, with both his hands extended to hug her. she looks at him quizzically, and he retreats his hand back. she gives him his phone, and he is disappointed that she came back for that. He takes the phone, getting physically connected with her hand, and thanks her. She is distraught. As he turns around, she stops him. Unable to control herself, She gives into emotions and turning him around, zoya hugs asad tightly. (MITWA) Razia makes shirn see this and instigates shirin against zoya, that it doesnt look like asad came here for zoya and that she may have married her son, but is romancing her sautan’s son. Razia says that she thinks that asad is trying to hurt her through ayan, whether she believes or not, he’s trying to avenge for what she did to dilshad. The embrace breaks finally. Asad tells her that he would return. she sees him going, and breaks into tears. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Razia says that she would have to think now, exactly what she wants her to think, and indeed what shirin is already introspecting. She asks shirin if she wants his son to be with the girl, who would forever be in love with someone else. shirin is tensed and shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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