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Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
Armaan is shocked after mahira slaps him, while others are stunned too. she says that what she thought till now as wrong, as he thought of him as a lowlife human, but today she knows he isnt even a human. She says that even humans have some humanity, but he is worse than even animals. she goes and storms inside the house. he is shocked, and thinks that even in hatred, the heart beats so strong, that its difficult to hate her, and doesnt know what to do.

Inside, latif and gazalla instigate her against armaan as to how he threw begum out of the house. mahira asks them not to worry as she would search begum from anywhere and she wont spare armaan, as he has underestimated her so far. As mahira eyes the burnt room, she hollers for gazalla

and latif, and asks them what caused this fire. they tell her that he svaed her like a hero. she is shocked to know this. She remembers his intense hatred, and thinks that it cant just turn to sympathy suddenly, for a change of heart, or for turning over a new leaf. she thinks that it must be due to azad’s heart, thats changing him, but thats not possible, as he is beyond salvation now. she is determined to find out his true motive. he finds a rose petal laden direction paved out for her, to walk on, leading somewhere. in her anger, she disrupts the path with a kick of her leg. Then she finds a sorry written in diyas, and rose petals, and is boggled. Armaan comes and confronts her, saying that he knwos that she hates him, but its justifiable, after what he did. he says that wounds dont heal in a day, and he has done lots of wrongs with her, and he isnt asking her to forget everything, but asks her to trust that hatred wont solve anything. He says that according to her, he might have been a terrible person, but he himself couldnt stop himself from saving her. he says that he doesnt know whats going on, and why his heart went so helpless to save her, but whatever he did, he is happy that he heard his heart and not his mind, and begs for a chance to be forgiven, if not forgiveness rightaway. She says that she just wishes to say that if his heart beats today, its due to her azad, and somewhere he is responsible for his death and whatever he might do, she shall never be able to forgive him. She takes water and doses the diyas alighting sorry for her and walks off. He thinks that hatred is the first step of love, and just like his heart drew her to him, in the same way, the same heart shall also draw her heart to him.

Later, in their room, kainat tells sameer that they made a huge mistake, and therelation that they consummated is a sin for the world. he gets her sentimental, asking her to look in the eye, and tell if what they did is wrong. he kisses her face, and she closes his eyes. he takes off her earring. she opens her eyes and is boggled to find him on the knees, saying that he had never understood love, but seeing her first time, he knew that love happens at the first sight, and now he wants to fill her life with happiness, and proposes her for marriage. she is overjoyed and she extends her hand and he dons the ring in her finger. She then takes the other earing from her hand, and tries to put it in, but it doesnt go in the ring finger, but in the small one. She hugs him, while he eyes the wrongly placed ring in his hand evilly.

Mahira spots a rose, and thinks that this is another one of armaan’s weak plots to get her to forgive him, and become cordial. She frustratedly asks where was the sympathy when he was pulling the bulldozer, and thinks that since that couldnt break her spirit, he is trying the emotional way now, and thinks that this is another of his tricks and knows the reason behind it. She pulls out a bunch of papers from the wardrobe.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
begum thinks that armaan may have turned his back to her, but she cant turn her back to destiny, and thinks that she has to act fast. but she wonders what to do, as she doesnt even have money. she eyes a crystal ball kept in the showcase, and takes it out. Imtiaz calls out to her, and she is startled and throws it on the floor in disgust. He is scaredhe rushes to go and tell her, while she stops him, saying that he wont tell him anything, as if he does, then she would get his father to disappear just like his mother. He is scared and complies. he sees ehsaan and rushes to him. his father asks if he isnt bothering her. He is scared and says that he was merely playing. Imtiaz is sent inside by ehsaan and says that now his son has found a new buddy for his happiness. begum thinks that her happiness is incomplete with the presence of this child, and decides to do something about it.

Later, begum threatens the child, that if he wants him and his father to stay happy, then he should do exactly what she says. he agrees happily. he says that since they are friends, then what shall they play. She asks him to wait right here, as she shall be back in sometime. She then gets some rope from the cabinet, thinking that she shall tie him today at all cost. But before she can, she finds that armaan, his uncle is calling. she is shocked and asks who is he, and why is he calling him. She gets to know that armaan is ehsaan’s best friend, and his business partner too. he leaves to give the phone to his father, while she is amused thinking that she landed in the right place, accidentally.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
As armaan is busy working on the laptop, mahira comes and says that he merely needs the sign on the papers. She says that he cant pass off in this new disguise of sympathy and good will, and says that she knows the real motive. she says that she sued to hate him, but now she is disgusted by him and despises him. She gets him the papers. She asks if he really wants to pull off, that due to azad’s heart beating inside him, he has feelings for her. She says that she was right, and that its better that she signs the papers instead of suffering his disgusting behaviour. he tries to clarify, but then she continues on her rant as to how she has not mistaken him to be a wrong person, and if he is that good willed, then he should just get ahead with telling whats in his mind. he goes to the wardrobe and then pulls out property papers. she says that she was right that he wanted her to sign the papers, then why all this drama and charade. She takes the papers and gets to signing them. he stops her and tears the papers, gives them to her hands and says that he actually thinks that he is so shameless, that to get her signature on these papers, he would stoop as low as to play with her emotions. she is tensed and speechless. he says thathe is helpless from the heart, but not so much so, that he can to bow down in front of his character. he says that he can live with her hatred. he asks if she really thinks that there is no other way for him to get her to sign the papers. he says that she knows that he is the owner of the house and can have them thrown out, but he didnt do this, nor does he want it. he says that if he wants anything, its just forgiveness, for everything that has ever hurt her, and asks if he is asking for too much. he says that he gave her verdict and now her decision, he shall heartily accept. he storms out. she eyes him tensedly, while remembering his words. the screen freezes on her boggled face.

Precap: mahira raises her hand to hit him, while he stops and wrenches her hand and turns her around, while working in the kitchen. he tells her amused that she has a tendency to slap, but he likes this intense hatred that she has for him, which he is sure one day would convert into love and when love crosses all barriers, it becomes devotion. he lets her go, and she begins to go out. She senses her dupatta stuck, and assumes that he did that. Without turning around to check, Mahira says that she doesnt like such behaviour and asks him to let go. he hears this and looks down puzzled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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