Qubool Hai 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 17th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Nazma and dilshad are working in the kitchen, when nazma asks if she had a talk with asad. Dilshad curtly says that he was at the office last night. Nazma says that he needed to be home today. Di;lshad is irked that asad doesnt listen to anyone these days, and always does what he wants. Asad enters and silently goes into his room. Dilshad goes after him. She asks him what is he doing, but asad doesnt answer. Dilshad is sad and says that life isnt a game, where he changes his descisions everyday, and asks why he wants to marry tanveer. She says that to mend first mistake, he shouldnt do one more, as this woulkd spoil his, zoya’s and tanveer’s marriage. She says that whether he accepts it or not, but his eyes are screaming out that he loves zoya.(MITWA)

As asad tries to go away, Dilshad says that she knows noone can change his descision, and if he’s adamant, then she is too, and she has already accepted zoya as her daughter in law. She says that he may marry tanveer, but zoya would forever be in this house as her daughter. Asad is shocked to hear this and tensed too. Dilshad leaves.

As all come out to see the moon, Zoya says that she has agreed that she would always keep Tanveer’s secret hidden from asad, and demands to know about her father. Tanveer says that she didnt know that she seems so stupid, that she would tell her father’s name so easily. Zoya asks when then. Tanveer smilingly says that she would tell after she and Asad get married. Zoya is tensed. As asad comes out, dilshad spots the moon, while he looks at zoya and they both are sad and hurt.(MITWA) Tanveer is irritated at this love, but takes pleasure in their pain. Tanveer and zoya too wish each other for the sight of the moon. Zoya says that she didnt know that she seemed so stupid that she would bel;ieve everything she said, and that she would have to prove about the fact that she knows about her father, and where is he. Tanveer agrees to give him proof. Dilshad wishes tanveer also for the moon curtly. As she turns around, she sees asad standing there, and leaves after congratulating him too and hugging him. He hugs nazma too and then tanveer’s turn comes, and she too congratulates him and doesnt hug and leaves. Zoya is left standing, in tears, looking at asad.(MITWA) They awkwardly congratulate each other for the sighting of the moon. As asad begins to leave, crossing her, she holds his hand and stops him, surprising him.(MITWA) But she finally lets go. They face each other again.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Humaira asks ayan and the girls as to why have they gathered here today. They tell her that roza is starting today. Humaira is excited for them. Ayan and the girls tell her the story and the pure feelings behind the month of Roza. mamujaan too comes in telling that a person learns to resist temptation, in this month. Humaira thinks that razia is as it is impure, and that there’s something that she is hiding, while mamujaan says that this month purifies the soul and heart too.

Rashid comes and asks shirin if they had a talk with their relative where badi bi has gone. Rashid is surprised that badi bi is always with the family, in ramzaan and this time she isnt. As razia tries to leave, to avoid a confrontation, rashid asks her what did badi bi say before going, as it never has happened before like this, that she hasnt talked with her own son for so long. He continuously demands to know while razia is speechless, but she salvages the situation by diverting their attention at the moon, thats come out. all are excited for this. Rashid confronts razia asking her where is badi bi, as the relative who she has said badi bi had gone to, called up and never mentioned anything about badi bi being there. Razia is surprised. While they do the normal rituals, ayan finds humaira praying with folded hands and eyes closed, the way that Hindus pray, and not like the Muslims, with open palms, in god’s praise. He does it for her, and she clutches back at his hands, and they both awkwardly face each other. They congratulate each other for the sighting of the moon. As rashid begins to go towards razia, he gets Jamila Khala’s call, and is shocked when he finds out that Badi bi isnt there, and is all the more shocked when he knows that she never went there. He accusingly confronts razia, while the whole family is boggled and razia is nervous.

Rashid confronts razia asking her where is badi bi, as the relative who she has said badi bi had gone to, called up and never mentioned anything about badi bi being there. Razia is surprised. Razia says that he’s questioning her as if she knows everything, and if she checks every movement of hers. rashid asks why would she lie. razia says that she wont tell her the truth, since she doesnt like razia at all. She asks him to find out when he mets badi bi. Rashid says how would she find out. shirin too expresses surprise. Mamujaan too asks why didnt she ask clearly when badi bi was leaving. Razia says that badi bi left in haste, and maybe there was some important work. shirin asks what to do now to search her. Rashid says that they would have to investigate amongst their relatives, and if still they dont know they would inform the police, eyeing razia suspiciously, who is shocked herself.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence.
Zoya asks asad as to why is he doing this again and again. Asad says that he felt that he has already explained. Zoya says that he may have told that he doesnt want to marry her, but he hasnt told her the reason for it. As he begins to go, zoya says that ramzaan is starting today, and he cant lie and has to tell the true reason. He asks her if she wants to know the truth, and goes on to tell her. he reminds her that he had told that she doesnt deserve him, but the truth is that he doesnt deserve her, and says that he hopes that her question is answered.(MITWA MOMENT) Asad leaves, while zoya is in tears. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Asad comes while the family is doing the ritual of roza, and tells them that the next Jumaa, he’s going to marry tanveer, surprising him, and shocking zoya, who cant believe it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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