Qubool Hai 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: On the cliff
Sanam asks if she actually thinks she would beg for her life, being scared of the revolver, as she is mistaken, since that sanam isnt alive anymore. she says that she doesnt understand the power of love, hence doesnt know what happened that night, and that the sanam that loved life, and wanted to live life with ahil, is dead since ahil died, and had also thought of commiting suicide and be with him forever, but then thought that this would hurt ahil and his soul wont rest in peace, till his arch enemy i.e the new bride doesnt lose terribly. She says that hence she had resolved to live on and that she shall ruin her. The new bride asks if she actually thinks that she can still kill her, and what if her powers are captured in the ball now, she would have to

destroy them to defeat her, and that she wont let happen. Sanam says that true lovers can do anything, and maybe she cant kill her, but she wont let her win,as she is her enemy, and would lose life, but not her enemity. She says that to make love reach its true destination, she would avenge agaim and again, and everytime someone tries to keep lovers apart, a sanam would come along. She says that her death isnt the new bride’s win, but her life is her defeat, and that if she was a human, she would still be able to live, but being the devil, she would live miserably stripped of her evil powers. She says that the lord does hear, even if late, and that some stories are meant to be incomplete to be fulfilled later. she says that maybe for her story too., the lord has done something similar, and what if her life isnt complete with revenge, someone would come, and when she leads life miserably, she would remember ahil’s torture, and then someone would come along who would torture her so bas, that she would beg for her death and then it would be time for her to pay for her sins. she says that this last wish of hers shall be accepted by the lord. the new bride is astounded while sanam smiles. She starts retreating backwards. Sanam says that her parents were tested along with their love, and that her love too had to face the test of time, but now its the time, for doomsday, when everything ends and destroys, and from its ashes shall start a new beginning, saying so, she takes one step back, as her whole life flashes before her until she reaches the last stretch of land, and then jumps off the cliff, taking the ball with her, much to the new bride’s horror, as she lets out a scream. The new bride gets disgusted thinking that sanam cant do this, and that she cant live like this, a mere mortal, and that when she finally won after much struggle, she cant lose her powers, and sanam cant do this. She thinks that she mightnt have gotten ahil, but she wouldnt let herself be the victim of the loss, from ahil and sanam’s story, and that she doesnt accept this fate landed out to her. she too gets her entire story back to her in a flashback, as she eyes the cliff. she progreeses towards it. The new bride is distraught. She then stands up determinedly, and resignedly lets herself take a free fall too down the cliff. But before she can, she is stopped by a person who turns her around, and the new bride looks at her shpckingly. as he takes off his ssunglasses, he flirts with her saying that she got bful eyes, and that they shouldnt go to waste. She then asks him to let go, as she doesnt want to live like this. He says that lfie is god’s greatest gift, and they shouldnt be returned, and a person shouldnt lose before losing, and that the game is always on. The new bride says that he knows nothing about her life, and turns to go. he says that he wants to know about her, and her life. She turns and asks who is he. He says that he is Nasir, the person who changes destiny, and says that when he has held hands, he shall have to be with her, and that there’s some mystery which draws him to her, and there must be some wounds too, but there’s none, that cant heal with time and his company. He promises to be with her always, and then proposes with a cliche on one knee. The new bride thinks that life gives many oppurtunities and this chance she accepts, as she would start afresh once again, and regain all of her powers. she accepts the proposal, and he kisses her hands, extremely happy, while she too smiles through tears.

Scene 2:
In an old barn, a woman goes through labour pansg, while the anxious father waits outside, nervous and tensed. The midwife comes out with a child, declaring its a girl. the father is overjoyed, and rejoices as he takes the little child in his arms. The lady finds that an eight is inscribed on the neck, and tells that such people are god’s children. the man is happy saying that they shall call her MYRA. This is the person that sanam was talking about, in the form of reincarnation, as when she dies, this child takes birth, whose purpose is to avenge the new bride’s sins.


The new bride’s voice speaks out, that destiny plays weird games, and that she got landed a second oppurtunity when destiny came knocking at her deathstep. Sometimes, destiny won, and sometime she had the upper hand. but finally,. she got the better of destiny, and carved her own fate. She says that since the last 25 years she and her destiny have been playing these games, and much has changed, and that she married again, to Nasir Khan, bollywood hearthrob, and had two sons, and a bful daughter. she says that she started a new life, but with some old characters, latif and gazalla. gazalla asks her about the new sanam, and latif asks her not to ask about sanam, but the Khan begum instead, as she doesnt like the name. they both wonder where she is, and begin to search around.

The new bride is in her room, with a complete makeover, with a parrot by her side. She says that there was a time, when people spoke exactly what she wanted to hear, unlike today. She eyes a box kept in front of her. She gets down from the sofa, and eyes her wrinkled and shrivelled feet, and gets disgusted and quickly hides them with her clothing. she goes to the box and opens it. Inside is sanam’s dupatta, and she remembers yet again that day she got stripped when sanam jumped down the cliff. she wonders if sanam thought that taking away her powers, she changed her fate, as what she took from her, she would regain yet again, and this time, her two sons would be there, but there’s no one with her. She clutches sanam’s dupatta, and with the same venom and avenging tone, she says that sanam is dead and she is still alive, and she would love to see who can pose a threat to her existence now and change her destiny. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: A girl stealthily arrives in the new bride, Khan Begum’s residence, and it turns out to be sanam’s lookalike only, probably MYRA, who eyes the house sternly and boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    1. im fed up wid this story for once cant these writers not kill out everybody n let sumbody have a happy ending i soo loved ahil n samans loves story n they deserved to be together in d end wid a family of their own. i knw u ppl want to ahil n samkeep d show going but u cud hav done so differently this show is getting to be more about death than qubool hai…..

  1. Hahaha she the witch got rid all the characters and got her self hero and now she is begun with so beautiful family what is got in to these makers ‘s head

  2. OK I am completely off this show now….won’t ever be reading updates again. So for the 2nd time all the protagonists died when the negative character survives and thrives? Never any consequences for the bad in these shows. Disappointed.

  3. gul khan, please used some extra drugs and overdose yourself and die,

    Comment edited.

    1. Thats mean but i totally agree

    2. Ha ha ha …. me to agree with u…tumari yeh comment muje qubool Hai… ha ha

  4. What crap is this?

  5. omg such big victory of evil over good i guess d maker always leart d reversed proverbs so sad as well as disappointed wid this show seriously crap

  6. how can a couple not even related to sanam have a daughter that looks like sanam/jannat because the couple that gave birth to the girl named her mahira and that’s what surbhi aka sanam will be playing in the show this is totally bakwaas and rubbish hows that possible?? can someone plz tell me or what??

    1. She is God sent.. She have the number 8 on her neck. Meaning God sent her back.

  7. I think sanam rebirth as myra.but i cant undrstand did nayi sanam got all evil powers back

  8. What nonscence i stop to watch

  9. Today episode was mehh… Hopefully tomorrow be better. Qubool Hai wont last long . They will cut that show off by next year.. The trps went straight down…. thats their consequence of NOT LISTENING to us viewers !!!!! This show will head the same as pavitra rishta. Drag drag drag till its complete S H I T !!!!

    1. Well yes thank god i stop looking at this pack of crap a very long time ago. It started out as a muslim serial, then all kind of madness started muslims don’t celebrate phagwa, wear saree & expose their body. I happened to have the television on & my luck to see this..Since when does muslims believe in reincarnation how many times have Zoya & others rebirth. WRITERS PLEASE STOP THIS CRAP NOW & allow another new serial that make sense… begin.

    2. Xavier, don’t compare this crap with Parvita Ristha, that still had a story line. this whole serial is about Evil…

  10. And please dont bring Razia back. She is supposed to be already dead with old age. I bet she will come back and still look young. Loll

    1. lol, but true.

  11. Evil Sanam son Azaad will fall in love with Myra and the Evil Sanam will hate her. Its like Evil Sanam is the new Tanveer now. Lol

  12. this serial like I said before is real crap now the only reason the person looks like sanam is because here they are bringing in reincarnation so when that baby born sanam died the same time and so sanam was reborn in the child that is the new avatar avatar my foot why go through all this trouble again with sanam coming back when these writers could have easily give us a happy ending by uniting ahil and sanam I and killing off sanam 2 and the other bad characters in the serial that would have been a better ending instead of this avatar shit sorry writers you did not do justice to this serial and a whole lot of others not to mention I not be watching it anymore so away with you crappy nonsensical serials wayaaaaaaaaaaaaa QUBOOL HAI MY FOOT THIS SERIAL WAS NEVER WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE AND THE WRITERS AS USUAL LOST THEIR WAY WITH ALL THE STORYLINES

  13. XAVIER old razia I call her the CAT because she has nine lives she dies and comes back my gosh wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa too unbelievable LOL

    1. Loll so true xD

  14. Beautiful episode….

  15. who are her 2 sons and daughter

  16. Okay!!so im going to go along with all this ok writers….but Plz,if Myra is to fall in love with 1 of tht witch’s sons Plz,dnt let evil win this time…let her complete the love story of sanam’s parents & sanam&ahil,as well as her own..let true love prevail&good triumph..

  17. Can close the show

  18. Ms Surbhi Jyoti plz find another film to feature in and quit all this same old story line. How much are u been paid to go through this degradating tragedies that befell your character right from the beginning of this film to the third generation of your family lineage. We your fans love you and we say please quit with dignity.

  19. What’s worse about all this is that the whole clan of asad ahmed khan is dead, and now sanam and ahil. I won’t be surprised if tanveer is seen alive in the future of this show, you know with qubool hai anything is possible.
    It would be nice if they introduced the old characters again like humaira, ayaan, shirin, nikhat, imran, farhan….like them wanting to take revenge for their family. But i don’t think that would happen.


  21. Even im fed of this serial
    but i will watch this serial for my zain( harshad arora )
    yeah guys he will be the new hero of this show

  22. I will watch to traumatise my self for surbhi jyoti what else can I do I love her that much and also qubool hai is my only serial I don’t like to miss but I hope this time gul khan got her brain working to bring better story

  23. Too many evil people against mahira.u should make the youngest step sister close to mahira who doesn’t harm her but tries to prevent the other sisters in harming her and mahira.don’t make it like season 2 where evil figures out there enemy do it the opposite way.Get more romantic scences in the show!!!

  24. Change the story line.make the youngest step sister close to mahira who doesn’t hurt her and one day the 2 mean step sisters say to mahira that if she try to escape by marrying and going to there husband she will be dead,that same she gets a proposal and she says yes much to naafiyya,the younger stepsister shock. Mahira later reveals that azaad’s younger brother can marry her and she can take of her instead of Naafiyya living with her mean sisters.they don’t tell the 2 stepsisters about the marriage and they don’t invite them also she didn’t tell azaad’s family about her 2 stepsis.after mahira’s marriage mahira gets a call from naafiyya stating that the stepsisters kidnapped her.to mahira’s horror she says u won’t live there and will live here.azaad hears this and makes fun of her and Starts yelling.the next day majors stops Azaad from coming to her house. Azaad stealthily follows mahira and he learns about the stepsisters and about the reason behind Naafiyya staying at his house.azaad thinks of saying sorry to mahira.later the stepsisters partner up with nay Sanam in killing Azaad mahira naafiyya and azaad’s younger bro.make mahira a surgeon and Naafiyya a dentist.change mahira’s looks!!!

  25. Saman gave birth to mahira and told some old guy to take care of her until mahira gets old enough to take revenge against new sanam?

  26. Confusing serial …..
    Also get bored….. Always they take leap..and after leap new sanam with new name comeback ……

  27. I just hate this serial…

  28. Pls end this nonesense show, the moral lesson in this show is disgusting.


  30. Well yes thank god i stop looking at this pack of crap a very long time ago. It started out as a muslim serial, then all kind of madness started muslims don’t celebrate phagwa, wear saree & expose their body. I happened to have the television on & my luck to see this..Since when does muslims believe in reincarnation how many times have Zoya & others rebirth. WRITERS PLEASE STOP THIS CRAP NOW & allow another new serial that make sense… begin.

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