Qubool Hai 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As ahil is reading the newspaper, the new bride comes and introduces the same new person, as the mayor’s brother, and ahil immediately gets interested. When he asks him to speak, saif is hesitant. the new bride says that he loves nazia and wants to marry her. nazia meanwhile hears this from a distance. Ahil is super angry, while they are tensed of his reaction. The new bride calls nazia down. Ahil asks nazia how long this has been going on. He tries to speak, but ahil shuts him, scaring them. But then all are relieved as ahil happily accepts them and congratulates both of them. Nazia is happy, while ahil says that he has a condition. They are tensed.

As they sit, ahil asks them how they met. The new bride comes in just then, and accidentally

spills the drink on saif, who rushes to the bathroom. The new bride rushes after saif, asking ahil if she can give the person one of his shirts. Ahil complies. Nazia too leaves after him shyly. She then goes to the new bride and thanks her for getting saif to come and talk to ahil. The new bride says that she just reciprocated the favour, that she did on her. she asks her to go prepare breakfast while she shall just come. The new bride meanwhile walks in on that hunk, who is bare torsoed, washing off the stain and she leeringly eyes him. he gets conscious seeing her. She comes to him and takes the shirt saying that she shall let it dry. She taunts him that since they have decided on their relation, then he doesnt need to be shy in front of her, as they would have to see each other like this, for her work to be done. the guy is tensed and embarassed. she gives him ahil’s shirt, and he wears it hurriedly. The new bride suggests with an innuendo, that he should come to her room, to take the talks further. he is tensed and wonders why has he been called and whats it that she wants to talk about. he walks nervously in the hallway. She opens the room, grabs him by the shirt and locks the door. she asks saif that he must be wondering the reason. She says that she wants something from him, and unbuttons his shirt. He senses someone’s presence and says that someone’s coming. He tells it to the new bride. Oblivious to this, ahil is coming towards the room, when he is stopped by the lawyer and gets the idea, that being the nawab’s wife, if she decides to open the trust, and for that she would have tol submit her pregnancy report in front of the notary people. ahil thanks him and asks him to get the papers ready. The lawyer says that it shall take 12 days, but ahil gives him minimum of seven days, remembering the new bride’s deadline. he says that he shall bring her true face forward. outside, nazia asks saif why is he so tensed. the new bride comes and says that he has passed a test, and maybe marriage has him worrying, and asks them to go and spend sometime together. Nazia thinks about ahil, while the new bride says that she shall manage. nazia thanks her profusely, while she winks at saif, thereby making him more uncomfortable.

Scene 2:
Location: Unidentified location
Misbah takes her sword and stabs all the grain bags, including the one sanam is hididng herself in, missing her barely by an inch, scaring her completely. But sanam doesnt make a sound. Misbah meanwhile gets a call, and frustratedly says that she shall leave soon. She hastily rushes out. To help her, sanam comes to her and finds her in a drugged state and when she doesnt respond, sanam splashes water across her face. Sanam comes and asks the captive girl, why has misbah kept her captive. The girl says that this mean woman has kept her here, and has taken her identity too. Jannat asks who is she. The girl replies that she is the actual Misbah. Sanam is shell shocked. She starts combining two and two together. The girl begs to be saved. sanam tells her that she shall save her, and she neednt be scared, as the fake misbah shaall be exposed. She decides to call the police, but the girl vehemently resists it. She says that if she gives a single testimony she shall kill her mother. sanam is tensed. She decides to call shaad, who doesnt pick up. The girl says that there’s hope now, and begs to be saved. sanam hugs her and comforts.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Sanam gets the girl, in an niqab, still semi conscious in her drugged state. misbah sees them and sanam says that its an old woman who fainted and needed help. Misbah says that she shouldnt and neednt clarify. sanam keeps talking, while misbah stares through the eyes in the burqa, and the girl shivers in scare and falls unconscious. misbah tries to help her, but sanam asks her that it isnt needed. When misbah insists, she takes the head in the veil and lets misbah take the feet. they lay her on the feet. Misbah asks her to take off the niqab so that she isnt suffocated. Misbah tries to speak, but sanam rushes her out.
Misbah wonders whats wrong with jannat, and then decides not to bother for it. Meanwhile, the girl in the veil wakes up and its misbah, who surprisingly hits her with a rod. sanam is shocked as she falls unconscious. The girl meanwhile thinks that sanam betrayed her by bringing her back to the same evil woman. The screen freezes on sanam’s face.

Precap: Nazia thanks the new bride for having organised this weekend. the new bride asks her to go and leave, before she changes her mind. The new bride gives her a sweet to eat and she falls unconscious. gazalla and razaak place her on the bed, and the new bride sits by her side. The new bride thinks that tonight shall be devilish.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I know everyone wanted Ahil to stay on this show but I feel pity his role..poor guy is given a role where the witch Sanam has a more overpower role…seems like this is going to drag for a while.

  2. I agree with you sharmi

  3. writers stop all this shit now do something with this serial you stick on one storyline now and just going around in circles what about seher rahat haya and their grandmother all the scripts are poor now what I observed is that as soon as a serial starts off good later on as the serial progresses the scripts turn out to be real shit like the writers forget what to do and just start producing all these pooly written scripts to tell the truth I am fed up with witchypoo and her witchcraft to get ahil now to show how this script is shit the writers bring in a hunk for withcypoo to get pregnant how convenient now ahil needs a pregnancy report now witcypoo suppose to be four going on five months pregnant if that man sleeps with her now how could it show that the child is ahils it will be tooooooooooooo short a period and another thing how witchypoo know for sure that she will get pregnant at all I wish the hunk is infertile that will be a good storyline come on writers do I have to do all the thinking for you all LOL



  6. I am also want aahil stay in ds show…bt now i feel pity…his character is nothing in this series…smply wear gud dresses n damcing doll for new bride…better he leave ds show…i cant able to see aahil in joker state..he is a smart n talent hero..they waste his role to overpower witch eventhough they show girls as witch n bad n boys are dumb n idiot…stupid potrayal of humanbeings…y they do as stupid…awesome actors they r but they kill their skills…feeling bad

  7. Why. All the Z TV Indian show are same sht!! They don’t have qualify writer??

  8. What if bcoz of the rod hitting her head boosts her memory

  9. boring episode

  10. nice episode

  11. The same story is being repeated as it was in season 1…just difference is thr was tanveer nd here its new bride..lagginggggg….

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