Qubool Hai 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Khan begum tries top keep afreen engaged and asks if she really thinks that she can play this gamer and call azad as per her wishes, and that evil should try her hand playing with more evil, as when she presents the good side of mahira, to her, she would be defeated. afreen aka mahira is set to thinking. mahira meanwhile walks inside the drawing room. mahira walks up to the dining table, and when afreen dressed as mahira, turns around, mahira slaps her tight across the face and she is in a rage as she comes to her actual form. Afreen goes on and tries to her but khan begum holds and wrenches her hand. She then tries to slap khan begum but mahira stops her. mahira tells her that khan begum is her mother in law, and she wont ahve anyone ever

disrespecting or insulting her, and that afreen shall regret it is she does things like this. Afreen angrily says that she shall regret it now. They both grasp her both hads, and she tries to struggle free. khan begum slaps again. mahira asks if she never thought hAfreen says that she cant do anything, as she is a mere mortal in front of her, and wont be able to do anything, and asks if she didnt see what she did to the guests today, nor would the guests come till she is thrown out. she says that she has all plans to capture azad, as mahira herself shall go to azad but mahira shall be helpless. Mahira says that face changing doesnt ensure anything, as she wont get her husband’s immense love, and as far as azad is concerned, he shall find that she isnt mahira in a minute. mahira says that if she prides her and her dark forces, then she challenges her to do anything that she can to get azad, but she shall fail. afreen says that she prides her love and she shall break this ego of hers, as azad shall be with her, and mahira wont be able to do anything, thats her challenge. she walks off from there. khan begum and mahira are tensed. Begum asks mahira to ensure that only her love wins, but they cant ignore the magnitude of her evil forces. mahira asks her not to bother, as those who are blessed by the lord and true love, they always win. begum says that she should go to azad right now and asks her to be cautious. mahira leaves.

meanwhile, begum asks latif an gazalla to open the suitcase. they find anad’s body completely stiff. She asks them to take it out and get it in the car. they put him in the back seat, while she arranges his muffler, and then applies makeup, to make it seem like he is alive. Gazalla is asked to start the car. she complies and drives off.

Scene 2:
Location: Khan begum’s residence and on the road
In his room, azad thinks that before afreen tries to harm mahira, he shall have to send her to a safe place. mahira comes in with tea, and asks him to have it. he turns around and says that he doesnt need it. In doing so his hand accidentally collides with the tray and ithe cups fall on the ground, shattering to pieces. She finds him tensed and asks if he is angry with her. He asks her to stay away from him, as his company can only bring storms in her life. She says that together their love can brave any storm. he says that afreen is evil and can even take her life. mahira says that if she could, she would have taken it, and she doesnt want her life, but her defeat, and assures him that their love shall not be defeated as they are too strong. just then, he gets a call. On the road, Khan begum calls azad and tells him that she is taking anand kumar to the hospital for his checkup. he gets tensed. She says that he neednt worry as gazalla and latif are there with her. She tells him that sameer and his family are coming to see kainat, and he and mahira should attend to all the preparations. she cancels the call. he tells this to mahira. she asks him not to bother, as she shall handle everything as the ideal bahu. She gives him a suit and then asks him to get ready while she gets kainat and the other arrangements ready. She leaves. he wonders how would he be able to save her from the evil spirits and that he doesnt deserve her love.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
While driving, the car comes to an abrupt halt, as they find police inspection ahead. they are scared as to how to get past it, as the police scrutinise through every car. Begum applies more makeup to make him seem alive. Then when her turn comes, they hide their nervousness, and then say that they are going to the hospital. as the police fixates his eyes on anand, begum is tensed if he knows. but he turns out just to be an ardent fan wanting an autograph. khan begum makes an excuse that he has suffered aparalysis and a heart attack, and hence needs to be rushed to the hospital. the police apologises and hurriedly lets them through. they drive off, relieved.

Scene 4:
Location: Begum’s residence
In her room, kainat is drssed up by mahira, who teases her, and then goes onto make speacil arrangements for lunch for sameer, when she enquires from kainat that his favourite dish is Chicken Biryani. mahira promises ot make it for him. kainat thanks her for everything, while she says that she is happy that she can perform her duties towards the family. She asks her to be ready while she goes looks after the kitchen. kainat smiles. mahira leaves. she geos to her room, and eyeing azad’s suit, she says that azad is very cute and babbles about her and his relation, and how he is like a hard coconut. as she turns around, she finds afreen confronting her. She gets tensed. mahira asks how shameless she is, that she dares to come to this room, after such insults. she says that she feels that mahira doesnt fully understand the extend of her powers. mahira says that she wont be able to part her and azad. Afreen evilly eyes her ring and takes mahira’s shape, much to her shock. she says that tonight she shall make azad believe that she is his wife, she says that she shall consummate their relationship tonight, and that she has no idea about her strengths. she says that she shall keep such good care of her and kainat that he shall be happy, and he shall himself start loving her, and she wont be able to do anything. Mahira is shocked. mahira aka afreen closes her eyes to cast some black magic, and mahira is thwarted away towards the wall, as if pinned by some unnatural force. when she regains herself, she finds afreen gone. As she tries to open the door, she finds it locked, and screams hard to open the door. meanwhile, afreen outside, pours some liquid on the door, and asks her to scream as much as she wants, as due to this liquid, she and her screams wont reach outside the door. mahira aka afreen says that when azad sees this, she shall win a place in his heart. she then leaves. meanwhile mahira keeps screaming for help.

downstairs, while serving drinks to everyone, sameer sees afreen’s blue hand and understands that its her disguised as mahira. kainat says that she shall serve. she serves drinks to his parents, and mahria smiles. they confirm the relation. all smile. They head towards the dining table.

In her room, the actual mahira meanwhile is able to come out of the door, breaking it. She geos to the dining area. mahira notices them having dinner. she tries to go, but then thinks that she cant create any drama in front of sameer and his parents as that might create the wrong impression. Afreen aka mahira says that they should hurriedly pick up the date for the wedding,. taling about husband wife relationship being the best. She places her hand on azad and he is slightly boggled at the presence of people and she engaging in public display of affection. just then, a peer baba comes to their place and afreen is tensed as she sees him. others are thrilled though. kainat comes to him and says that its good he came as its a special day. She gets him inside to bless everyone, while afreen aka mahira is tensed. the actual mahira smiles, and prays that the peer baba has come, and the lord should do a miracle that the devil’s identity is exposed. After everyone has taken the holy smoke, afreen is scared that her true face might be exposed due to the smoke. but helplessly, she too begins to take the smoke. mahira is shocked as afreen tries to ward off the smoke, being highly uncomfortable, and her shape shifting becoming uncertain as the silver cutlery starts reflecting her true face intermittently. Mahira thanks the lord for having shown the perfect way to expose afreen now in front of azad and the family. the screen freezes on the actual and fake mahira’s faces.

Precap: Afreen aka mahira washes off the black stains on her face, in the basin, and when her true face comes up, afreen is in a rage, that mahira has messed with the wrong person and that she shall ruin her, as mahira shall have to pay for this. She tries to open the door of the bathroom, but finds it locked from the outside. outside, mahira taunts her and says that people often underestimate their enemy, and thats exactly what she is a victim to today. afreen swears that mahira has crossed the line and now noone shall be able to save her from her ire. She is furious as she gives one hard kick to the door, and it buckles and falls apart.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I love this episode.Wow mahira is back.2day She says her famous funny dialouge “joke tha ….”

  2. Well done mahira. I am very happy today. That’s how u will distract afreen

  3. Fans of Azad , writers of QH are not naughty people!!! Azad is back tonight.. even Mahira with her joke!!!

  4. awesome episode

  5. I just watched a video… a new character played by Avinashv (IPKND 2) will be the lead opposite Surbhi…. and thres going to be a love story:/ so is it that Rajbir is leaving the show?? :/ 🙁

  6. Hey guys…new actor Avinash Sachdev will enter opposite surbhi jyoti…n love triangle will b seen between azad mahira n avinash…

  7. So is Amaad dead ??? And a new actor will replace him ??

  8. Wow today’s episode was far better ! N the new actor Avinash will romance with surbhi so it’s gonna be love triangle. I think avinash is also possessed with supernatural power. May be its afreen’s plan to bring avinash to separate AzMa becoz in precape afreen told that she will ruin mahira n she will pay for it. I m not sure but I feel like that. I hope it won’t be happen anything like this n waiting for next episodes n twistes! 🙂

    1. Ya shumi, I too think that.

    2. Nope he wont be having any supernatural powers!

    3. Sara I m not sure but I feel so! If like this anything won’t happen then it’s better. But the writers what they think we don’t know. After avinash’s entry we will know what actually will happen.

      1. Yeahh hope so! 🙁 but avinash has said in the interview “unfortunately I wont be dealing with supernatural powers”

    4. If so then it will be much better ! 🙂 n we will see love triangle.n I think my be avinash will help mahira for killing Afreen when he’ll know the whole truth. If so then it will be more interesting! 🙂

  9. Wow Mahira u go girl nice

  10. Awesome?? episode. Is that avinash will playing the amaad’s character or what

  11. I want to know whether rajbeer wants to marry surbhi in reality after shooting?????

    1. Rajbir has a realllly pretty girlfriend! 🙂

  12. Surbhi wont coz surbhi has already a boy frnd…..lol

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