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Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
Mahira lies on the bed, with smoke engulfing her, coming from a side, and immediately armaan wakes up with a styartle, as he was dreaming of mahira dying, whereas actually she is lying unconscious in front of him. he hurriedly comes by her side, and checks for her breath and then puts her ear close to her heart, to hear it beating, as their past moments come by her. He says that this is ridiculous, and even if her husband’s heart beats inside him, that doesnt make them related by any relation whatsoever. Just then, gazalla comes in, and hesitatingly says that she came to see mahira, if she is okay, and when she checks her forehead, she is surprised to find that mahira is burning with fever. he checks himself, by placing his palm on her forehead,

and is reminded of his moments with her, and then she pulls him out of his trance, asking if he is okay. he says that he is, and then hurriedly asks her to get the doctor. gazalla leaves. he eyes mahira tensedly.

Meanwhile, afreen talks to her brother, who asks if she is sure and she says that she is, that azad is the father of her child, and that everything is ruined now, along with her 100 years dream, for a mere fatal night, and that her motive was the reason she got close to azad, and today that itself destroyed all her plans. she says that now she cant get close to armaan even if she wants to. he asks what shall she do now. she says that she has to plan something big, and that takes time, and hence she would only wait now. She says that she is going right now, but soon she shall be back with a vengeance, and a plan to succeed in her motive, and instructs that till the time she doesnt, noone else should come close to him. he says that he wont let anyone close to armaan. she says that mahira has been put in such slow, deep slumber that she shall die slowly.

Later, samir is busy reading a novel, when his phone rings and its kainat. he cancels the call and gets up to go, when he is shocked to see kainat standing in front of him. He watches tensedly. she asks him why is he ignoring her, as she has been trying to contact him and meet him, but he doesnt want to. he doesnt say a word, and begins to go out, but she stops him. she says that she wants to know the answer as to what did she do so gravely wrong, that he isnt even talking. He says that he has made the mistake, as people who love come closer, unlike them, who are growing apart. He says that he doesnt think that she loves him. she asks him why does he think so. He says that she shoves him away everytime he tries coming close to her. she says that he is misunderstanding her, as she loves him dearly, since he is the person who made her realise that true love exists, as hse senses true love in his eyes. he asks why cant she then see what he feels for her, and asks why does she stay away from him, and if she is afraid of him. she denies and says that she feels safe in his armd, and that she isnt scared of anyone. She hugs him. His hand evilly goes onto graze her naked back, as he undoes the tiestring of her kurta, in the back. Startled, immediately she jerks himself away. he says that this is what he knows, that she doesnt trust him. he gets to leave, but she stops him, and then says that she trusts him more than herself, and if this is the evidence of her love, then so be it, saying so, she takes off her dupatta. He is shocked, but amused within. naked in bed, he caresses her face, as they lie under the blanket, kissing her numerously, he gets up and begins to go, but she holds him back, and then kisses him, consummating their relation finally. As he lies spent and exhausted in deep sleep, a tear trickles down her face.

When the doctor examines mahira, he tells armaan that her condition is worsening, that before too. Gazalla asks if she would survive. He hburriedly asks the doctor to do something. The doctor says that there’s no chance, and she should be immediately shifted to the hospital. Armaan asks him to do whatever it takes, but save mahira. The doctor tells the nurse to get a stretcher, while latif tells the doctor, that begum isnt here and without her permission, they cant allow him to take mahira to the hospital. the doctor tries to make them understand he is doing this for her, and he himself would like the patient to spend her last days with their family, but all arent that lucky. gazalla too tries to argue, to stop her being taken away. despite their protests, armaan gets her on the stretcher to be taken away.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Begum thinks that destiny is overfavourable to her, first ahil, then anand kumar, and now ehsaan, someone who is always there to hold her hand, and likes the extravagant house. She is startled by the sudden shattering of the glass, as a servant is shocked to see her, thinking that its tarana, the earlier wife of ehsaan. she is boggled. other servants come in and are equally startled, and then say that this cant be her, as they themselves buried her. Ehsaan comes in and begum says that they are talking about some Tarana. he says that its her. she is confused. he then explains the confusion, with her and his first wife. she is boggled. he says that just like him, they too got confused. he tells them that she is their guest, and they should give the same love that they gave tarana. the servants are overjoyed, and go to prepare a feast for her. She is irritated thinking of their over sweet nature. he then points out how happy she has made everyone, by her arrival. she changes the topic, and asks about other residents. she says thay his mother and granny stay here with him, and right now, his mother has gone somewhere and granny on haj. he askls her to make herself feel at home here. She thinks that she has no qualms in doing so, and this is definitely better than the outhouse. She tells him, that she thanks him for his extended hospitality, but she knows her limits, and she is okay in the guesthouse. He asks her not to mind, as he wants her to stay inside, but thought it would be uncomfortable and awkward for her, hence didnt bring it up. she says that she is right, and that….and then trails off, feigning to get dizzy, and he composes her, while she requests him to take her to the outhouse. He says that he cant let her stay in the outhouse, in this condition, and goes to show her the room. she smiles evilly thinking that this is one helpless chap, and maybe he is too mannered hence became stupid.

Later, as begum eyes her room, she evilly thinks that she is so used to luxury, that she cant stay without it now. she decides that now she shall think in peace, about her next plan of action. she thinks that destiny has tested her enough, and now she wont let destiny win another bout, and that anyhow she has to make armaan and mahira one. she wonders how to make it happen. Just then, imtiaz comes in all excited and happy. she gets frustrated seeing him. he starts playing with her, while she is irritated. she makes a happy face, and then picks her up, and in a bid to play with him, she decides to throw him out the window. but she is shocked when she finds armaan’s reflection in the doorway, through the window’s mirror. She composes herself, and then plays to get his good will. He however thinks that its nice to see them both playing. She starts playing, while he thinks that the lord gives too, when he takes away. he says that this isnt tarana but nothing less than her too. She meanwhile thinks irritably, that she cant even stay in peace for a couple of minutes too for this irritable boy and it would be better if his father keeps him away from her, or else she might just strangulate him herself.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
Armaan gets mahira in an ambulance and decides to get her admitted to the hospital. they get her inside on the stretcher and then drive off. he starts getting restless. He remembers what the doctor and that azad’s heart beats inside him, and the peer baba’s prophecy, and all of his moments with her. he gets tensed. he then rushes after the ambulance to stop it, shouting her name, while latif and gazalla are boggled. the ambulance stops. due to the sudden jerk, as he opens the door, the stretcher tumbles, and she falls right on him, and they fall on the ground, with her atop him. Their hearts finally meet. She is then disgusted and composes herself, full of anger. he tries to speak, so as to clear the misunderstanding, but she hurriedly slaps him tight across his face, shocking them all, including him. He eys her agitatedly. The screen freezes on mahira’s shocked face.

Precap: As armaan is busy working on the laptop, mahira comes and says that he merely needs the sign on the papers. He gets her the papers. She says that she was right, and that its better that she signs the papers instead of suffering his disgusting behaviour. She takes the papers and gets to signing them. he tears the papers, and says that he actually thinks that he is so shameless, that to get her signature on these papers, he would stoop as low as to play with her emotions. she is tensed and speechless.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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