Qubool Hai 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: In the jungles
Ahil and sanam are tied to the trees, waiting for their execution. the prospect of facing death causes ahil to speak and bare out his heart to sanam, tied too, next to him, saying that he is happy that in his death too, he shall have her before his eyes, and that he has just one wish, that he should die casting his eyes on him. he begs the leader to kill him first since he cant see her being killed before his eyes. sanam is boggled and tensed. finally she too speaks up saying that she caant see him being killed, as no woman can have her husband killed right in front of her eyes. Ahil is overwhelmingly surprised. they begin to fight amongst themselves as to who shall die first. The fatso’s father gets angry and says that he shall kill them both together.

The fatso finally speaks up saying that he shouldnt do anything like that, since they are meant to be together. Her father however is very angry. but the girl speaks sense into the man, saying that they could have left her stranded, but they didnt showing humanity, and tries to make him realise the good fortune that they have in finding their true love. she declares them free, without consulting anyone else. they are overwhelmed. Once free from bondage, they both hug each other. she whispers to him, that he was a very good actor, and should take up acting, as he was so convincing, that for sometime she too felt that he was her hsuabnd, and then says that she too reciprocated nicely. he is distraught saying that he never thought that she would think he was acting. she wishes them well, thanking and then begins to leave. the girl says that they have been set free that doesnt mean they shall be allowed to go. ahil and sanam are boggled. They are locked inside a room, by saying that they are apart due to them, now the tribal people only shall get them together. they play to the people’s tunes and smile. He says that he has something to say to her. she says that she shall listen, but first they should focus on how to get out. she starts hiccuping, and he gives her water kept in a pot. they taste the water and find it weird. They drink it nevertheless, thinking that this must be their special drink. She thinks that shaad must be remembering her, since she is hiccuping, and thinks that she should be with him, instead of this mess. she is worried for him, while ahil gets frustrated. he takes the whole pot of the drink, and then breaks it on the ground, while she is boggled. he getsinebriated, and says that he misses sanam way more than she misses shaad. she asks where is he taking this conversation, and that shaad loves her. he says that he loves sanam way more than that. She asks him not to compare love, and starts to give a lecture like the old sanam, and he gets bored. he says that the wrong person came in at the right place and the right time. She is tensed. He asks if she doesnt feel something is wrong in their engagement, as she too believes that there’s something amiss in their relationship. she remembers her confession, while he continues to poke her on that. she stands up and faces him. They remember the times, that they been united accidentally. she is boggled, and tells him that the water contained alcohol and he isnt in his senses. she begins to go, but he takes her hand and draws her close to himself. She is surprised, and says that if this is true, then he asks if she doesnt actually feel anything, when he comes close to her. She is tensed, but speechless. Finally, she replies stoically in a no. he asks if she doesnt think of her, when he goes away. She remembers the time, that she thinks of him, but chooses to deny.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The new bride gets into a seductive photoshoot, displaying intimacy with shaad, who is bare torsoed, and in bed, under the covers, with gazalla and latif’s help, while shaad is inebriated with the drink. they too wish for such pics to be taken, but the new bride gets angry, and takes out the chip, saying that this shall be jannat and shaad’s wedding gift, as its equally important for her to spoil sanam’s marriage, after what she did to hers, just like she wishes ahil to be tortured. she decides that the minute sanam marries shaad, she would see the pics, so that she lives with the guilt all her life, that the person she chose for marriage forever, has actually cheated on her. She is amused.

Scene 3:
Location: In the jungles
Ahil gets frustrated, and asks if her heart doesnt beat, when he looks at her. she keeps refusing. He holds her chin up. He holds sanam and asks if she actually cant see the honesty and truthfulness in his eyes. She closes her eyes. he cups her face and leans in way too close to kiss her. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Ahil kisses her and then says that he loves her, addressing her as sanam. she wakes up with a startle and is disgusted and slaps him tight across his face. meanwhile, the new bride tells shaad, that they met with an accident, and chances of survival are minimal. He is shocked and refuses to believe it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This serial is very rubbish. The director is considering us fool.

  2. this serial is disgusting

  3. Yukk, Sanam 2 is very vulgar. Her dialoguds and acting is very cheap. Sooo disgusting. Writers and director are VERY cheap and vulgar, even Zee tv, how can they show this much disgusting stuff in daily soap/family show??? Sanam and Aahil should reunite by now. The show is dragging soooooo long…. I already lost the interest…

  4. The show is dragging soooo long.I will lost interest…. On this show.unite ahil and sanam plzzz

  5. this serial is soooooooooooooooo much rubbish now it has become a big joke LOL writers it is toooooooooooo long that sanam has lost her memory and she is taking way tooooooooooo long to remember all these flashes and yet nothing is happening this serial is dragging way toooooo long and that long toenail witch sanam 2 is doing toooooooooooooo much evil and getting away with it writers end this serial now you all are just doing a whole lot of shit with all the ztv serials and instead of keeping your viewers happy you are keeping them frustrated and uninterested in watching the serials please change you ways and give the viewers what they want please

  6. quboolhai4ever

    Please i am a huge fan of this show
    And im losing interest

  7. What is even wrong wit these wrters? dey are so boooooooooooooring gush……

  8. Seriously, I have taped this show for the last 2 or more months and just delete without watching it after reading up the BS…WHY DID AHIL AGREE TO STAY ON THIS CRAP SHOW…NOW THE POOR GUY MUST BE TRAPPED BECAUSE HE MAY HAVE RENEWED HIS CONTRACT…WHAT IDIOTS FOR WRITERS.

  9. this serial disgust me

  10. I am convinced that this show is all rubbish I have never seen so much shit on tv writers you all are grasping at straws anything for a storyline please writers try and make these serials more realistic and interesting for the viewers to watch so long sanam taking to remember ahil and so long sanam 2 getting away with her trickery now what a stupid storyline a tribe takes sanam and ahil hostage and imagine there it goes again the old father is going to kill both of them and the manner in which he expresses himself this is what he said I am going to cut his throat that is ahils throat what kind of evil language is this on ZTV for the whole world to hear come on writers you can do better than this crap I am sure

    1. This is what I have been saying for a long time that the minds and thinking of these writers are just evil.Take a look bac at almost most of theirserials now ,it starts good then a whole bunch of evil is induced to the story.The type of lines they write shows the mentality of these story writers.This is daytime viewing and they just do not care who watches the evil in these lines.Some will say you do not have to watch it and this is true but when one startted to view a story from the inception ,one wants to see the end.This story has gone to the density of a forested area of story lines.It has become very dark and horrible to the minds of any right thinking person .Shame on them.Poor imagination and useless minds.Minds that are just corrupted with evil thinking.

  11. actually the name of the show does not set for any of the character except asya… is this a family show?? showing all d vulgur scene … qubool hai was once awesome during asya and den till d entry of new sanam.. but now all flop.. just move d show well or better u end it well…

  12. this scene is very boring.

  13. I have to agree – no decency left in this serial. Please end it right now and stop wasting our time

  14. this is actually ruuuuuuuuubbish
    i hate it
    making fool of us

  15. is the director thinking that we are fools????????????????????????
    sarkaar aur koi kaam karo ya na kara par qubool hai band karva do

  16. hahahahah
    im with u ps

  17. nonsense serial

  18. pls shut this show its a torcher

  19. Expired Lol, Totally crap story, graspin by straws. They do not know wen is enuff, pls this story is just repeating itself. So stupid tat I hav also stopped wastching. Not interested in negativity. So definate NO NO NO for me.

  20. Zeee needs to stop this show immediately , we can’t be paying so much for this shit………

  21. Bcoz of kkb nd qh alone only zee ranks 4th trp

  22. Are kya yaar this shit is taking 4 ever f**k

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