Qubool Hai 16th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
As Armaan sits with mahira and gazalla to dinner, they find that latif is missing. he asks gazalla where is she. she says that she wasnt feeling well, and she felt that she saw latif crying too. mahira getsup and goes. she finds latif crying, in a corner, and comes to her, apologising profusely for her severe lashes at her. she asks her not to bother. She says that since she grew up without a mother, hence she doesnt have much knowledge of responsibilities, and hence the issues. Mahira apologises yet again, and coaxes her to have dinner with them. She smiles. just then, the door is insistently banged by some people, threatening and asking armaan and mahira to come out, as they wont bear it anymore. The priest arrives with some other men, one of

them being amad in disguise, and lashes at armaan for staying at mahira’s house. He tries to clarify his situation, while both attend to the men. This gives amad the chance to duck out. armaan says that its their personal matter, while they are rebuked that this cant be, as they are going against muslim culture and tradition. they continue to try and coax them into understanding their situation, but they are adamant and severe.

Amad meanwhile enters by the backside, and into the child’s room. he gets his hand down almost onto the pious sheath, to pick up the child. He gets an electric shock, and retreats. he does it again, and the same thing happens. finally, bearing the shock, he takes off the sheath and picks up the child. just then, mahira looks back, and finds amad’s shadow by the doors, with the baby in his hand. she screams out. amad hears this and leaves, keeping the child back. Armaan is shocked too. they both rush in and hurriedly pick the child, while mahira lashes at him, that he had assured that nothing would happen to their child, while didnt taking her fears seriously, and now someone is right there inside the house, after their baby, with they both being in the house. he asks her to calm down, assuring that he now understands the problem, and that he wont let anything happen. she says that she cant trust anyone with her child, as she means the life to her, and she cant afford to have the child away at any cost. He calms her down, and assures that he shall find a solution. He hugs both of them.

Armaan comes out, and tries to control the disturbing crowd, while mahira tends to the baby. They lash out at him, about to hit, when he stops them, and asks what they want. They say that they both cant live under the same roof without being married. he is shocked, but complies nevertheless, and promises that he wont give them a chance to complain. They leave reluctantly. he is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: The witch’s hideout
Amad lashes himself with the whip, disappointed and punishing himself, for having been defeated even in his second attempt. the witch’s leader comes and asks him not to do so, as that wont help their cause. She says that its impossile to believe that he has the blood of the strongest Daayan, and still failed. She says that he has one last chance, which if he fails, then he would be punished by being burnt alive, for the sake of his dark forces. She leaves. he is disgusted and continues beating himself up.

Scene 3:
Location: Kainat’s residence
Kainat finds sameer, in a total corporate look, and is shocked and boggled, when she finds him like that. He says that he too changed just like she had told him to. He then asks her if she might think abut giving them a second chance, getting her on the emotional track. she says that she doesnt trust him. he asks how can he prove so. she says that she needs his passport, as then she shall trust him. he casually gives it to him, and she takes it and leaves. he smirks evilly, thinking that girls are idiots, as they fall for the dumbest crap, and that now he would get a chance to have his revenge from her.

Later, when kainat comes out, having bathed, she finds everything topsy turvy, and is shocked. then she finds sameer taking a video of all this, that makes it look like a robbery and is relieved. she asks whats he upto. he explains that she can easily and truly declare bankruptcy, if she can make it look like, her house was robbed too of the cash and jewellery. she is impressed by his smartness. he then puts the handycam down, on the table, but continues recording. they start talking about their future, as to how they shall be able to spend their lives easily. he says that he shall just come, while she can change and get ready in the meanwhile. he leaves, while still smirking that the video is still going on.

Scene 4:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Armaan is working, when mahira suddenly wakes up, with the baby beside her, having seen a nightmare, as to how someone took the child away. he assures that nothing like that shall happen. She asks him to stay the night, for one night only, but then he is insistent that he needs to go, as per his promise, and that he doesnt want problems right now. He goes out, while putting her to bed. she is still tensed. As he goes out, he is still boggled, as to how could a man enter with CCTV installed in the house, and that means this person is someone known very nicely to the house. He sees the footage, and finds amad from the backside, and wonders who is it. he then thinkls that he might not be able to stay back as a husband, but can stay back as a friend for the security. he goes in and shares this idea to mahira, and she is ecstatic. she sleeps peacefully. He keeps working, and stays awake the night.

The next morning, armaan finds the baby crying, and picks her up, and starts chatting with her, which wakes up mahira, as she smiles at them. they take a selfie together. Later, the lawyer comes and armaan hurriedly asks if there is any solution. he denies saying that he has to get her to remarry. but he says that isnt an option, and then suddenly the lawyer remembers something, which has armaan boggled. he then says that the divorce isnt valid, if the husband gets back with the wife before the child is born. armaan and mahira are super happy, as they say that they fulfill this criteria. The lawyer says that they have nothing to be bothered with. he leaves. they are overjoyed. the screen freezes on armaan and mahira’s faces as they hug.

Precap: Armaan and mahira attend to the child, wherein she goes to get milk, and he takes her out for a walk in the prembulator. Mahira comes back to find the baby gone with armaan. she screams for them, and then armaan comes back with an empty perambulator, while mahira is shocked where the child is. She says that he went with her, while he says that he just came in. She is shocked and wonders who that person was then.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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