Qubool Hai 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Finally rehaan is taken away on his last journey, but just as haya tries to take seher away, the sudden gush of winds blows away the sheet from rehaan’s face, and she manages to catch a last glance. she tries to rush to him, but haya stops her, while rehaan is wheeled away. haya takes her back to the room, where sanam too is teary eyed. She rushes to seher and hugs her. The three sisters lighten their hearts out by crying. Seher instinctively realises that rehaan’s last journey is about to begin. She rushes out, to see ahil lifting him along with other people. Seher is distraught to see this, while tanveer too is apalled, as they raise rehaan up to place him for his final procession. The three sisters are apalled, as they watch from

the corner of the corridor, while seher remembers her moments with rehaan. Ahil too is extremely grieved. Finally the men leave with rehaan.

Later, ahil comes back afteer having done the burial rites, remembering what happened at the temple, with rehaan and suleiman. sanam comes with a glass of water, while ahil eyes her emotionally. He drinks it, and then remembers that he didnt let her see rehaan for the last time, and apologises saying that he did this for tanveer. He recounts the innumerable times he had hurt rehaan, and she gets emotional too. the new bride comes and hears this from outside. Sanam composes him, by cupping his face, while he breaks into tears, and lets him hug her to find solace. the new bride is extremely tensed to hear and see this.

Seher walks out, while sanam is tensed not to find her in her room. the new bride sees her going, but wonders where is she going at this time of the night.

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Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
While haya is tending to him, he evilly asks if she actually thought that he wont be understand that she is playing a game, and how she thinks he is a fool. He asks her to let be and asks her to start afresh. She says that there’s nothing more that just goodwill due to which she is doing this. she begins to go, but he says that he can help her find the murderer of her sister’s husband. she turns around shocked. He says that he would help her but has a condition. She is disgusted and boggled too.

Scene 3:
Location: At the burial ground
Seher lights a lamp and puts roses beside, his grave, and says that he is a star now, and definitely must have met zoya, and says that he did a grave mistake by going away from her. she breaks into tears asking why he left her. She says that he may have broken his promise, but she wont, and shall fulfill every promise that they made, and have their own house, and sanam and ahil’s children, which she would treat as her own, and shall narrate them stories. she says that she shall live like the seher that he wanted her to be, and shall take proper care of herself, just like he wants her. She says that she wants to go far away, but cant till she takes revenge against the person, who took him away from her, and that she shall avenge her lover’s death. she tries to touch her grave, but tanveer holds her hand and asks her not to dare spoil rehaan’s grave. Seher is shocked. She asks who is she to stop her, his mother or his murderer. tanveer says that his life went due to her, and she wont leave her and her sister. Seher asks her to have fear, as she is lying on rehaan’s grave, a son who just wanted some love, care and affection from her, but she was blinded from the power of love. she tries to bring out what was the difference between rehaan’s want and her treatment to him. Tanveer is told by seher that she would fulfill rehaan’s dream and her true face shall come in front of everyone and ahil shall know what she actually is. She tells tanveer that she would avenge rehaan’s murder from her. The new bride comes from behind and hits her on the head, and she falls unconscious. She tells tanveer that its time to avenge rehaan’s death. tanveer stands tensed. Ths screen freezes on the trio’s faces.

Precap: Ahil asks tanveer while the new bride hears, about the diary of his childhood, as he tells what suleiman told him. they both get tensed. Later, Tanveer says to sanam that she has planted the idea of the diary in ahil’s mind, and asks her to stop him, or else choose what she wants, her sister’s death or her husband’s. Seher is distraught and shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. what the hell??
    Rehaan made me cry!!i
    my last episode which i see!!

  2. New bride wat the hell u trying to do…..go n die larh

  3. i dont think rehaan is dead mayb the new bride has captured him somewhere and has created an illusion, i everyones mind who knows

  4. Please rename serial “Shaitan” -where evil triumps

  5. Noooooooooooo. . Rehan should come back.. plzz

  6. may be….rehaan’s death is to increase TRP..

  7. my last of qh…Emotional epi,heart breaking to see sunheri like this,my (alright) girl never deserve this one…Bye Bi qh..Pls dont seher suffer a lot,this is my nly wish now!

  8. New Spoiler By Tellychakkar- http://bit.do/Zjox

  9. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    not impress try harder pls

  10. Who is going to die now???? OMG ahil or seher this seriel is getting worse now. Ohhhh rehaan comeback

  11. I am wondering if Faiz will expose Tanveer and the new bride’s crime.Also at what cost he will expose them.I believe Haya may be the one to help do that job because Faiz has the murder weapon and he saw when the new bride threw the gun through the windows..Rehaan may come back but as someone else.This is my thought.

  12. Sad episode poor seher she only wanted to see rehan for the last time but she couldnt because of stupid tanveer n that clown ahil sometimes ahil do things that make you hate him they should kill him and left rehan because he was so cute sweet and understand unlike ahil who always stupid and dont have any understanding about things around him

  13. Ya Allah what’s this

  14. writers think before you write like it said it is between sleep and wake you all are writing these scripts because why are you starting a new story with faiz blackmailing haya for her to be with him when you know who killed rehann because sanam saw tanveer killed her son so what rubbish you concocting now this is what I cannot understand bring the damn story to an end instead of going around in circles with the bad ones always coming up with a new evil deed to do come on you started off good with haya punishing faiz now you give faiz the upper hand with this gun that he saw long toe nail throw out of the car end please do not let rehann or rahatt be dead bring them back for a happy end where they all get married to their love ones and the evil ones be thrown into jail and throw away the key or kill them off which is better but you are prolonging this storyline toooooooooooo long damn it now

  15. Sehan was my fav couple after asya….this show should be named katil hai not qubool hai

  16. All these soaps are based off each other…have you all realised the female leads or lead characters they suffered for a year. it’s when the soap is ending these characters get a break, that’s the only time we the viewers really get to enjoy these shows Bollyhood make great movies but in soap these writers are lacking…i’m watching qubool hai from it just started with the characters: Mr Khan and Zoya love couldn’t describe how i felt about this show etc. Then the villain Tanveer no matter what she does she resurface but the good characters alway go away never to be seen again you writers are pathetic

  17. Why are u making this serial bakwas…making rehan and rahath diead.u make true love always make end with any one become died.making evil things become win making true love dies.pls bring rehan and rahath make happy. Atherwise pls end this serial we r become borring to nonsence drama,revage etc………….

  18. Stupid writers..y u did rehaan for ds…i thought writer have love failure,so nly he burning to see lovers n separate rahaat died haya cry,sanam n ahil already separate n feel..nw rehaan died seher feel….he separate all the couples….i ever seen like ds serial…no bdy in ds serial as pair…all r separate eventhough villis also….very bad serial…starting as gud story nw they dragging n spoiling….they end with zoya n asad…perfect end with gud memories…nw we pray for end….stop n telecast new serial ZEE TV.

  19. I want Rehan back. I started liking SeHan better than SaHil now, but they killed him. Plz bring Rehan back…

  20. qubul hai ki puri team se hath jodkar vinti hai ki kriya show band kare aur india mein evils na falaye . So shame on you writers . Stupid writers . I must say stop writting and go to jail bcoz evil falana bhi ek kanunan apradh hai.

  21. Well [email protected] Totally agree with you. I have been a Very loyal fan of QH from beginning but now this show crossed all the limits. Very bad writers….

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