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Scene 1:
Location: Hotel, Kashmir
Armaan tells mahira that he wont do anything without her wish, and then leans in to kiss her, while she is terribly at discomcfort, and closes her eyes. He kisses her forehead and then retreats. she opens her eyes, shocked and boggled, at his decency and finds him gone, and standing next to the table. They eye each other while he signals her to open a gift that he got for her. she opens it with a smile, to reveal a nightgown in it, and she smiles at him, while he is happy. He dims the lights off.

Later, mahira settles herself on the bed, with the same nightgown. As mahira sits on the bed, with the lights off and with her nightgown on, he comes in baretorsoed, and gets atop her, trying to be romantic and physically intimate while she awkwardly plays

along. Armaan records this on video, and then hollers to her, while she is shocked, to find a stranger in bed with her, while armnaan shoots this all on video from a distance. She w3akes up with a jerk, and asks him to get lost. the stranger casually leaves. armaan is amused, as he sees him off. She is shocked at his disgusting behaviour. he asks her how would the caption be, “WIFE CHEATS ON LOVING HUSBAND….!!!!” she is aghast and apalled, at his shamelessness, while he continues to taunt her that she would be a celebrity if this video goes viral. She comes to him and breaks off his phone, and asks if he needs revenge for the slap, and gets him to hit her forcibly, and asks him to settle scores for once. Shetells him that he is worse than a human being and is actually an animal. She says that their relation is of hatred, but he didnt realise that she is his respect, his wife too, and asks how could he do this, as this is the most pious relationship of their lives and says that she thought that she could teach him love, and that she and her faith failed terribly, and his will won. he is tensed. she gives him back his wedding ring, and walks off.

Later, mahira comes and doesnt find armaan in the room, and is thankful. She gets a call, and starts looking for where the mobile is ringing. She finds a packet with a mobile in it, and wonders whose is it. she responds. Mahira gets a call from the kidnapper, who asks her to get 5 crores, to the hanging gardens if she wishes to see her husband to safety. She thinks that its his drama, and mocks them that she wont fall prey to his trap now. Armaan is tensed. The kidnapper tries to explain the genuinety, but she doesnt believe, and keeps muttering that she wont listen. Armaan screams and asks mahira not to give the money. She gets tensed. the kidnapper warns that he is okay, but asks her to do as he says, and not even dare to try and inform the police. He cancels the call. She understands that its genuine and wonders what to do.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Ehsaan comes to find begum hitting herself, as a punishment, while farida is apalled. he begs her to stop. he says that he accepts every punishment. she asks if he wouldnt go back later. he complies. she says that the punishment is as severe as the crime, and she wants that he gives all his property, stocks and shares in her name. farida is shocked to hear this along with him, while she stands stoically. Farida asks whats she saying, as all of it is hers only, and asks what she wants to achieve by this. begum says that its true the other way around too, and asks why are they tensed then, and asks them to give an answer. Farida says that her truth had to come out one day and now she knows she did all this to get property, and that granny was right. Begum turns to ehsaan, and asks why is he waiting so much for, and asks him to get the papers. farida says that the papers are with her, and she wont give them. begum tells them that she doesnt like listening to no, as that enrages the devil inside her and asks if she should show. He tries to warn her, but they face the ire of her black magic and are shocked. They start gagging for breath, while farida understands her true reality. Begum tells that granny and imi are in her captivity, and if they dont hand the papers, then she would ruin the family and the house too. they are aghast. Farida resignedly searches for the papers while begum asks them to hurry up. Granny, captive in the jug, meanwhile keeps screaming to farida to look at her, and free her, so that they can defeat her. But farida involved in searching for the papers, thinks that she wont let begum take ehsaan’s hard work. Meanwhile, The jug starts shaking when granny throws a brick inside. Begum is tensed. farida follows her gaze, and then eyes the jug, and takes it. farida understands that she is hiding something, and hence wants it so badly. she refuses to give it to sanam. Farida is about to rush out, when she finds begum standing in front of her. Granny begs farida not to do this in god’s sake. Farida chants too, and begum is unable to touch them getting frustrated in the muttering of holy chants. Meanwhile, Ehsaan who is tied in ropes, meanwhile tries to unclasp himself free and dial some number, slipping the mobile out of his pant pockets.

In the room, farida says that those who are protected by the lord, ntohing can harm them, and that she can try all atrocities that she wishes. she rushes away from there, while begum struggles to compose herself, with the after effects of the chants. She is furious and angered and tries her magic yet again, and this time, farida goes blind and isnt able to see anything. she tries to grasp her way ahead, while granny prays ardently too. Begum comes from behind, continuing to cast her spell, while farida nears the holy place where they have kept the shroud. She gets a sudden attack, and the jug falls from her hand and opens up, while she too falls on the ground. Granny is released while begum is angered, and granny is apalled to find farida on the floor, struck motionless. she is apalled.

Scene 3:
Location: Kashmir, Hotel
Meanwhile, mahira is in a dilemma remembering armaan’s past behaviour and whether to believe it this time or not. Mahira thinks that its all a drama, and she wont fall for this nonsense, as she has been betrayed long enough by him, by putting on blind trust in him, and definitely now after what he did to her. She is sure that she wont come. Meanwhile, the kidnapper tells armaan that now they shall see how much his wife loves him. The screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: the kidnapper turns out to be a terrorist, and mahira goes there in a disguise of one of many muslim women, burqa clad to hide her real face. He tells them all that they need to avenge and they shall do it from the indians. She is alarmed. He eyes the girls and then sees them one by one, fixating finally on mahira, as she is under a burqa. She is tensed. Meanwhile, armaan is strapped with a suicide jacket, laden with bombs.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Now I am sorry for my hate I love this show

  2. Wat the hell a suicide jacket

  3. It’s all drama! I think it’s Armaan’s plan to get money from mahira for his business purpose. Remember he saved mahira risking his life to win mahira’s love n trust. This time also he’s doing the same thing but for money.

    1. I think so too. He is not to be trusted. Mahira should leave his a.ss right there for a long time. Just for spite to teach him a lesson.

  4. mary christodoulou

    now getting better..the only that must stop is the story with begum is so foollish

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