Qubool Hai 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Azad and mahira finally walk through a long distance and arrive in a roadside barn, where they decide to stay over for the night. azad asks her to sdtay in, while she shall stay out. She says that isnt needed as she trusts he wont do any harm. he thinks meanwhile that he cant himself be too sure of the best he comes at midnight. he closes the door after his exit, and hopes that it keeps her safe through the night.

Later in the night, he hears mahira screaming desperately for help, and comes inside the barn, and is shocked. Azad finds her merely screaming for nothing, sitting casually, and then giving a lame excuse for the same. she says that he as a noble soul came to fight for her. He thinks that he isnt noble, but an evil. She

asks him to look yet again. He does. she says that she can see concern in his eyes, for her safety and is surprised that nothing like this has ever happened with her. he is bored. she asks him to look at her, as she is shying away. she then thanks him, that she got a wonderful chance for an outing through this. he eyes her sternly. She asks if he realises how much time it takes to keep this angry look on his face all the time, and asks him to loosen and chill like her. He is tensed, as mahira starts singing, slightly inebriated. she trips and falls right in azad’s arms. they both eye each other romantically, azad with his caring and loving look. She tries to detatch herself but falls back again in his arms, tearing the backlace of her blouse. she shyly and hesitatingly explains this to her. He eyes her tensedly.

As azad sits by the fire, she comes dressed in his shirt, shy and nervous, and then sits by his side, to warm herself. she eyes him and he looks away. when she turns away, he cant help but look at her with love and affection. she looks and smiles. thie eyelock continues, as he mesmerisedly looks at her, while she playfully warms her hands. Its barely 15 minutes to midnight, and he thinks that it isnt safe for mahira that he is around now. he prepares a cushy bed for her, and she asks where would she sleep. he says that its for her, while he shall sleep inside. She asks what if she is scared or in danger. he asks her not to worry as noone shall come. she says that she doesnt have the habit of sleeping alone. He says that he has. She asks why would he go so suddenly, as he can stay with her for sometime, and then sleep late in the night. Suddenly the end of the shirt and catches fire. he rubs it off with his bare hands, while she stands stunned. His hands get healed immediately. she sees the hand and is surprised. She says that she doubted him before too, that he isnt what he seems, as he maybe hard core, but he tries soft tricks to impress girls. Without saying a word, he retreats inside. She starts screaming, and then guffaws loudly, as he comes out hurriedly. She asks him to come out for sometime, but he doesnt respond. She apologises as he sees her angry, and then insists him to stay, but he goes back in. inside, he eyes his hands tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed location
Razia searches for a particular woman called Jhanjhanriya, as she makes her way through the road, in the dramatic clinking of the anklets. razia asks if the work is being done. She responds by the clinking of the anklets. razia says that noone should know about what she is upto, especially Khan begum. She hears someone approaching and sends her off. khan begum arrives and asks if she was talking to someone. Razia smiles and distracts her, while jhanjhariya eyes them. Khan begum says that she found the girl. more than the begum, razia is super excited as to who and where is she. khan begum asks why is she so excited. razia composes herself and then says that she is her friend. Khan begum tells how she doesnt know where that girl is now. Razia says that to find out where she is, she would need some of her used items. khan begum is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Saira, bano and gazalla are frustrated, as latif locks them all in, as pwer khan begum’s instructions. they ask whats the matter and latif says that she doesnt know. Meanwhile, razia is surprised as she comes inside with khan begum, entering her haveli after a long time, remembering tanveer’s torture and insults. khan begum asks whats she looking at. razia says that she is eyeing the walls, which may be old, but memories still fresh, as whatever she is doing is because of this house only. Khan begum is boggled and asks what she means. razia composes herself and distracts her asking her to think about whats on hand. Razia says that she has to search for the girl, and asks her to get her things out. She leaves to get them. She comes back and hands them to her, and razia is surprised to see mahira’s father’s pic. Khan begum asks what now. razia says nothing, and proceeds to begin with the work.

With a blindfold on her eyes, and the stage of the ritual all set, Razia begins the ritual while khan begum eyes her intently. she sees mahira in the barn, and tells the same to khan begum, who is surprised too. She asks razia to tell, as she cant wait anymore to kill her at any cost, to regain back her old life. razia says that she cant say where she is, but by her scent, she can send her to mahira. The screen freezes on khan begum’s surprised face.

Precap: In the late hours, mahira starts screaming at azad’s door to open but he is too weak inside for thirst of human blood, and barely is able to control his temptation and keeps it locked. she keeps protesting that she is genuinely needing his help, but he doesnt pay heed. Some goons meanwhile drag mahira outside, and throw her on the floor. she is scared, and asks to be left alone. They meawnwhile start to leeringly eye her, ready to take advantage of her, in the isolated forest. She is scared and tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Nice episode. I love Azra’s romantic scene. Writters pls don’t stop this story line. I love azaad’s beautiful eyes and also love mahira’s funny joke.

  2. Love MAhira and AZad romantic moments super cool

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    1. beautiful men ?????????????
      isn’t it fishy

    2. mary christodoulou

      yes indeed hes vr vr handsome you are right

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  8. Ramya, Azad is a lonely boy with some supernatural powers, he loves his mam and sister and get fight with his brother stimes. But with Mahira’s arrival Azad seems to be more emotional, sweet and hope to be like other boys, have friends etc LOVE o mere o mere mere oyara…..

  9. The love story part is okay but can someone tell me why Begum is living in Razia’s old house. I thought she married some rich actor dude and lives in his house. So why do they say Razia is entering her old house and remembering Tanveer’s torture…I am so confused with how the past is connected…

  10. mary christodoulou

    now this serial is much much better…hope to be more exciting day by day…all that depends of the ideas of the script writers ..we will see

  11. this is better than Aahil and Sanam. Aahil tortured Sanam way too much and hurt her badly.. Azad and Mahira is bonding very fast.. this is a good sign.. it will turn out to be the best

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  19. i love azad’s beautiful eyes………………
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