Qubool Hai 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 15th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the hospital
Rashid arrives with his family, at the hospital. Humaira is distraught to see ayan’s condition, while her own face spotted with pimples and rashes from the bad makeup. shirin and rashid too are tensed. Rashid tells about his family doctor, and asks for the best quality treatment for ayan, and they get a strectche and shift him to a better ward. zoya looks longingly at asad, who asks her to go with them. Badi bi asks zoya not to worry, and takes her behind the rest of the family. They both remember their promises made to each other, as they go seperate ways. Asad clenches his fists to control himself, while zoya turns around, while being taken away by badi bi. Zoya is distraught and in tears, while they remember their intimate moments. zoya is

called by badi bi, and she leavers, resignedly, while asad watches her go, standing in the hallway. He too turns around, and is barely able to control his tears.

Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s Residence
The next morning, nikhat wakes up with a heavy head. she finds farhan all dressed up, and awkwardly faces him, apologising for falling asleep in the night. He says that its okay and doesnt matter. She looks at the bed, and finds his pillow uncrumpled. He says that he slept on the sofa, so as not to disturb her, and asks her not to worry. He asks her to freshen up, while he gets tea. She is shocked and tries to go herself, but he insists. After he leaves, she is smiling till she sees his jacket that he wore last night. She wonders why its all wet. she is tensed when nazma calls her. nazma senses this and asks if she’s pkay. Nazm,a says that she must be feeling nervous as its the first day after marriage, and soon everything would be okay, and tells her to ask for anything that she needs. After she leaves, farhan enters with tea, and asks her to drink it. Nikhat asks farhan how the clothes got wet. He remembers his escapade last night and is speechless. she asks if he went out. He denies saying that he slept on the couch. Before she can ask further, he hastily leaves, citing that he’s getting late for office. She brushes her doubts aside. But then, she again notices shoes, that are wet too, and stuck on them is wet sand. She is boggled.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence and Imran’s residence
Dilshad asks why did zoya not return last night. Asad tells that she had to stay back due to ayan, and narrates what hapened last night, saying that she would have to stay there for some more time. he is visible tensed, while dilshad comforts him. Later, Nazma is tensed to hear on the phone, from dilshad, about what happened last night with ayan, and therefore zoya didnt return. dilshad asks her not to tell nikhat anything, and bother her, as ayan is better now, and soon zoya would come back to them too. Nazma too agrees. Dilshad then asks her if farhan went out yesterday. Nazma is surprised at this question and denies that he would have been with nikhat. Dilshad cancels the phone, after nazma says that she wishes zoya returns soon, as asad misses her badly. dilshad asks her to take care of herself. She remembers seeing farhan last night and is worried.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence
Nuzrat comes in and tells zoya that badi bi has sent a pic of them together to be kept in their room. Zoya is tensed, while she keeps it on the bedstand. While she is about to go, ayan wakes up, and hurriedly asks what happened, and how is she still here. She begins to take care of him, giving him water. ayan insists that she has to be with asad. She says that she would go when he’s fine. But ayan says that he has promised and he would himself take her there right now. Seeing that he isnt budging, she says that she would definitely leave tomorrow morning, and go back to asad. This calms down ayan, and he again begins to relax. She gets asad’s call and is asked as to how is she and ayan too. She tells him about ayan’s insistence. She asks asad to talk sense to his younger brother first. Ayan tells asad, that he’s sorry that he couldnt fulfill his promise. Asad asks him to shut up as he knows that he tried his best. He asks him to get well soon first. Ayan makes him swear on himself, that he has to come and take zoya, the very next morning. Asad tells zoya that he would wait outside the main gate tomorrow morning. zoya is tensed hearing this, but finally after a along pause says yes. they cancel the phone, while ayan is frustrated with pain and despair too.

Later, Zoya checks ayan’s temp, while he’s asleep. Razia sees this from the door, and thinks that she had to leave yesterday but she still came back, and is nursing like a wife. She wonders that if she becomes a good wife, then what would happen to humaira. Razia asks zoya how’s ayan, and when she knows that he’s fine. She asks zoya to rest, but zoya insists that she would stay here only. Razia almost orders her to rest and take care of herself too, and that she can lie down in humaira’s room, as its empty right now. Zoya is surprised that humaira isnt here. Razia says that had she been here, then she would have been taking care of humaira, but she has gone to the dargah to pray for him. Razia says that some people are there who pretend to take care and sit there only, but real people go to the lord to pray for their loved ones. Finally zoya leaves. the screen freezes on razia’s face.

Precap: Zoya and asad both are thinking that tomorrow, finally they would be able to be with each other. Zoya decides to check on ayan once. Razia locks zoya’s room from outside. As zoya begins to go outside, she finds the door locked and wonders who did this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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