Qubool Hai 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
The lawyer who has been called by armaan, tells them of the only solution, that mahira has to remarry in order to be able to marry her. He says that this isnt an option, while she stands tensed. the lawyer says that there isnt any other way out, but when armaan insists, he says that he shall find a way out. he begins to leave but then turns around. the lawyer asks if there is any evidence, of their divorce. they deny. He says that then there might be hope. They thank him, and he leaves. they hope that everything happens soon. They take a Mannat that they shall go to the dargah, once all is fine.

Later, Mahira places the child in the crib, and then turns to the wardrobe, looking for something, oblivious of the fact that right above the

crib, the chandelier has gotten loose, and starts coming down inch by inch, right above the baby. she turns around and is shocked to find the chandelier at a fatal height, at which it finally drops on the crib, while she lets out a scream of despair and horror. She takes out the baby, within microseconds of the chandelier falling. she screams and calls armaan. They all come. she is apalled and distraught as she narrates everything, and then talks about how she knows the house isnt safe for her.

Scene 2:
Location: The witch’s hideout
Amad places the dagger back in its sheath. he is sure that now noone can stop them, and that he shall get the child rightaway, and here they shall sacrifice her. The leader asks him to go, and perform this devilish work, and that they shall await his return back with the child. he complies, while she stands evilly eyeing him.

Scene 3:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Later, while armaan and mahira sit with the baby, while latif and gazalla rant nonsensically, about their beauty, as they both are amused. beggars come at their door, in which one of them is Amad, in disguise. They are tensed to see the beggars, as they wish the child good health. Mahira gets them in, while she goes to get food. the beggars come in, while amad has eyes only on the child in the crib. armaan continues to read the newspaper. Amad in changed tone, asks latif to go and get water, as he is very thirsty. she complies and leaves. he comments to armaan that its a wonderful child. He smiles. Armaan then gets a call, and moves aside to attend to the call. amad gets his chance to eye the child, while she is tensed too, as he thinks who shall save her now from him. he is about to pick her up, when he places his hand in the crib, but just then, before that, a peer baba comes and places the hole and pious sheet over her, and amad retreats by its presence, being devilish now. the peer baba eyes him angrily, while he cowers away. mahira and gazalla return with the food. the peer baba asks them not to be scared now, as no devil can even touch her, due to this protective sheath of this pious spirit. He leaves. mahira is relieved. amad hastily rushes off from there, boggling them.

Scene 4:
Location: The witch’s hideout
Amad comes back, defeated, saying that he doesnt accept defeat at the last minute, and that he has to get the child anyhow. Just then, the leader of them, dressed as a beggar too, says that they cant sit idle, as if she isnt killed in time, then she would ruin them all. He swears to finish the baby.

Scene 5:
Location: Sameer’s residence
Kainat is shocked to know that sameer wants that they should scam on themselves. he marvels at the idea, while she rubbishes it off, saying that he has actually gone mad, since the asylum visit. he says that once she gives him all the money, he shall go to europe. After that, he asks her to file a complaint, in the police, and declare herself as bankruptcy, and that way, noone can ask her about the money. She can then come to europe and take her amount. She asks if she shall let him, take all the money and leave. he says that he shall run away, but would leave the money back in their joint account, so that he can access only when he has her signatures too. She asks who shall trust on this. He says that everyone shall, as all know how much they hate each other. She complies, and asks what she needs to do. He asks her to transfer all the money in this account, as he has already opened a joint account in their name, in switzerland. He hands her a chit. She complies, and then sits for the transfer, while both eye each other tensedly.

Later, one of her employees comes and tells kainat that he has no clue how it happened, but all the money in their company’s account is gone. She says that she doesnt know all this, and asks him to find out the theif soon, or else, she shall have no option but to declare the company bankrupt. the employee leaves. After he goes, sameer comes out, and commends her regarding her acting skills. He asks what next. She says that she wants to clear something, that her money is at stake, and she doesnt trust him, and hence the percentage should be 25% and 75%, being hers. he doesnt accept. She then blackmails him, into how, she had recorded his voice, when he was narrating the whole plan. He is tensed. She reminds of the murder recording and this one now. He complies, to her request, and asks what would he get in return. She smiles.

Later, sameer sees kainat coming back with shopping bags, and taunts that she shall soend all their money, before they even get to europe. She says that she was getting disguises for their perfect escape to europe. She then shows him the stuff, and he is impressed. She then gets her fake passports too. he marvels at her smartness, and she asks him to get one for himsef too, as they have to leave by the end of the week. he says that they were supposed to be going by the end of the month, then why early. she says that the earlier they go, the better. she leaves. he smirks tensedly.

Scene 6:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Later, armaan talks to the lawyer, asking him to soon find a way out, on the phone. Just then, mahira comes with the child, and the pious szheath, and narrates the entire incident. he says that its good that since they got it, their child would now be safe. she says that it merely ensures that there are evil forces behind their child. he asks her not to overthink, and spend quality time. he gets the lawyer’s call, with a bad news, that the priest isnt ready for their remarriage, and he doesnt like the fact that they are still meeting. he says that he cant leave them alone here. the lawyer says that it can be disastrous for him, enraging them. he complies. she says that he cant lie, and speak up, and seems tensed. he asks her not to worry, and then takes the child with him outside. she thinks that she is happy after a long time, and hope that noone gets through them.

Later, in their room, while gazalla is Latif manages to coax gazalla into giving her the baby for sometime, while she is tensed, that if anything happens to the baby, mahira would be highly upset. she warns latif and then leaves. latif holds the baby, and then caresses her, going near the window, while the protective sheath remains behind on the bed. she talks to the child, by the windowside. Just then, winds blow off with some powder, thats gets in latif’s eyes, and in her bid to close the window, her balance tumbles, as she falls down, and holds onto the sofa’s arm. the sheath also blows in the wind and falls on the child. Just then, mahira comes in and is shocked to see her like that. Mahira again reprimands her severely for being so negligent and careless with the baby. she asks what would have happened, had something happened to him. She screams and lashes out at them. armaan comes and asks whats the matter. she is totally hyper, and asks them to never touch her ever again. Diasppointed and sad, latif and gazalla leave. Armaan asks her to calm down now, and relax, as it was a mistake. she says that she wont allow anything wrong to happen the child, as she isnt safe in the house. he asks her to relax as he wont let anything happen to them. The screen freezes on the trio’s face.

Precap: The priest arrives with some other men, one of them being amad in disguise, and last at armaan for staying at mahira’s house. He tries to clarify his situation, while both attend to the men. This gives amad the chance to duck out. Amad meanwhile enters by the backside, and into the child’s room. he gets his hand down almost onto the pious sheath, to pick up the child.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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