Qubool Hai 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Khan begum is tensed to get back in the house, in time. As the prayer service is over, she comes inside, just when the door opens, and all ladies go. mahira sees them off, and feels that someone just came in, but isnt able to see khan begum’s soul. Her soul is however very agitated at the women leaving, when she rushes out to look for that girl, with seven minutes remaining. But as she goes out, she looks back inside, and again finds mahira with he rback towards her, and talking to four other ladies, and is surprised to see that special figure on her back. Azad comes inside khan begum’s room, and then is shocked to find her dead body, and is horrified and distraught, rambling that she cant do this, and just because she didnt

trust him enough that he could get her to have her powers back. He wonders how could she kill herself and how could she leave him alone. meanwhile, khan begum comes inside the house, and then finds mahira with her back exposed. she moves forward to find out who’s the girl. Just then, azad places his hand on the dagger to pull it out. he takes it out, and instantly her soul lets out a scream, as it disappears and takes it place back in her body. azad is completely boggled, as she wakes up asking who pulled the dagger out. she is visibly upset at having lost the girl barely by a few seconds. he asks her to tell whats the matter while she asks him to shut up as she shall explain later. She rushes out, and finds the same girl going out, with two other ladies. she reaches out to her, but finds that it isnt the same person, as she doesnt have the mark. they aare surprised. she makes an excuse and then rushes back inside. kainat finds her like this, and wonders whats boggling her. Even mahira, who is wearing the same clothes, and is coming out of the kitchen is tensed to see her like this.

In her room, khan begum sits tensed, as amad comes in, and she thinks that its azad and says that she doesnt feel like talking right now. He identifies himself, and says that azad being restless, is headed for the farmhouse, indefinitely, as he always does, when he is upset. he then asks her to give him attention, for one day atleast, as its his birthday. she asks him to go, as she isnt in the mood right now. Kainat comes in and asks her if she is okay. Amad starts playing victim that everyone is cared for except for him. She asks him to leave. He does so angrily. kainat calms her down and asks her to relax while she sets up the food for her, after which she can rest. After she leave,s khan begum vents out her frustration at the bedsheets, ripping them apart, that she risked everything, even her life, but still couldnt get that girl. She wonders how to get to the girl as she for sure saw her. Khan begum realises that there’s something thats very familiar about her. She tries to remember that person, and thinks that she would have to go back to that second to find out. she revisits her memory, and then coming close to that girl, she places her hand on mahira, and she turns around, seeing who begum is shocked. She thinks that the girl she is searching for so long, is in this very house, as a maid merely. she is too stunned. She comes down rushing wondering where did she go. She searches for mahira frantically.

Downstairs, when mahira is scrubbing the dining table, she almost collides into azad, who is going out with his duffel bag. She asks where is he going. He asks her not to bother, as whenever he gets angry and restless, all know that he goes to the farmhouse. She asks if its the one beyond the jungles. he complies. she ask when would he return, and says that he doesnt know. He leaves. she thinks that people respond like that when they are sad, and he too seems tensed. but then wonders why is she so worried for him. She wonders why would she be bothered. Amad comes and starts to flirt out with her, demanding for his favourite food for the birthday. She says that azad seemed upset and is worried for him. He gets irritated that everywhere people think about azad only. She says that she cares about him, but then adds that azad is like a coconut, and he isnt as he seems hard and rough. He gets upset and asks her to go and make what he likes then. he leaves. she is tensed.

In the kitchen, while mahira is working, latif comes and says that azad didnt eat anything and is leaving too. mahira is determined to pack food for him and give it to him. she does so, and rushes out to give him. Accidentally, when azad gets his car out of the garage, mahira rushes out with food for him, and then accidentally collides into a pebble, which causes her to lose balance, and falls in the dickey of the car, hitting her head with a concussion and going unconscious. The dickey closes, as he steps out to do so and azad obliviously drives off with mahira in the car. Just then, khan begum comes out and wonders where is she, as noone can save her today.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Azad stops the car, having had a flat tyre. He is tensed that he would have to reach the farmhouse before the moon comes out. he looks for tyre in the dickey, and then finds mahira eating the food. He is frustrated and irritated at her being on his nerves all the time. She starts explaining and he gets more bored. she comes out. He finds that they have a flat tyre, and no stephany. she points out the obvious as to how they would go now, since they are stuck midway. she asks how would they reach the farmhouse. he starts walking on the road, away from her, and she too follows after him, enraging him more. he asks why is she following him, and she asks what e=other option does she have, and even if she had, she would rather be safe with him. She asks how can he question her like this, as she thought he was a gentleman, and such people wont ever leave, a simple, innocent, helpless, beautiful and smart girl, lonely on the road.

Scene 3:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Khan begum tries to blackmail saira and bano, about mahira’s whereabouts, luring them with good food but keeping them away. They vehemently deny that they dont have a clue. Amad too comes and says that the maids are truthful, and noone knows where mahira is. he leaves for his date party. Khan begum is tensed. she continues to torture the maids, by giving them an iota of the delicacies prepared. They rush after her. Khan begum wonders where could this girl be, and thinks that she would require external help to search the girl now. The screen freezes on her and mahira’s faces.

Precap: In the barn, azad is tensed, as mahira starts singing, slightly inebriated. she trips and falls right in azad’s arms. they both eye each other romantically, azad with his caring and loving look. later in the night, he hears mahira screaming desperately for help, and comes inside the barn, and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Oh my god…
    What an episode…

  2. Wowwww…d precap seems awesome

  3. Well too much suspens , it kills me!! I hope Azad and Mahira will come closed in the jungle before coming back home. I hope some mysterious scene also in the jungle …moon…etc

  4. I donno………..im just asking………..does Khurenekhana prayer complete in 8 minutes.
    I felt that point s really ridiculous. Why it is mandatory that surbhi wears a backless dress daily. Just because she got that tatoo……..

    1. the spelling is wrong its not khurenekhana.. & even i have exactly same questions why the hell mahira wears backless dresses & the prayer finished in just 8 mins?? thats hillarious because it takes atleast 30-40 mins to complete the prayer i guess why gulfam khan does not know the timings being a muslim

  5. Beautiful episode……… Can’t wait for the nex 1 tomorrow

  6. Wonderful episode. I love it, special mahira and asad’s scene made me laugh hehe?

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