Qubool Hai 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 14th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence and on the road
Zoya is frustrated while ayan is wincing in pain. Seing his condition, she searches around for help. Finally ayan unable to resist the pain of the wounds, falls unconscious on the road, with his phone hitting the rocks and breaking. Zoya is shocked, and tries to get him to gain consciousness while asad anxiously awaits their return. Zoya stops a acar, and tells them to help her. they ask who is the injured person.

Zoya hesitates and then says that he’s her husband. They find him, and decide to take him to the nearest hospital. She asks them to help her place him on th bed, and then frantically searcehs around for the doctor, all the while tensed for ayan. She is distraught calling for medical help, but no one guides

or pays heed to her pleas. Finally, she wakes up a wardboy, but he asks her to look at the time, as no doctor is available at this time. He asks her to take him to a private hospital. Zoya reprimands him for forgetting his duties, and threatens him to get to work and call a doctor. He goes out with her to tend to ayan. They take ayan on a stretcher, while oya is tensed that there’s no network available to call the doctor. Meanwhile, the wardboy assures her that he would go personally and call the doctor as he lives bearby. She asks him to hurry up.

Meanwhile, asad is in tension, thinking about some unknown fear. He is increasingly getting tensed, and thinks that he would have to act now. He takes his car and gets on the road, on the lookout for zoya and ayan.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Rashid and family too are worried for ayan and zoya, who havent returned yet, and is angry that ayan took her out on a bike in this weather. Badi bi says that she ‘s smiling as to she can see what he cant, and that they are growing conscious of each other as a couple. She says that they are beginning to grow intimate. shirin prays the same for nikhat, so that she can move over her past. Badi bi hopes that both her children are fine, as they step into their new lives. Rashid smiles too.

Scene 3:
Location: imran’s residence
nazma again wakes up, and remembers that she heard the voice. she wakes up imran, and tries to express her doubts, but he says that there’s nothing, and with time, everything would be fine and she would be settled. She says that she’s very tensed, as if there’s some mystery and asks if he’s hiding something, as she doesnt like lies or betrayal. Imran is tensed remembering zoya’s warning, but still says that he isnt hiding anything, when nazma insists. she is relieved.

Scene 4:
Location: Government hospital
The doctor finally comes, and bandaging the wounds, also saying that its a very severe wound, and should have been tended long back. She asks if he would be okay now. The doctor says that he needs stitches, and since an anaesthesian isnt available, they would have to do it without the anaesthesia. He clutches tightly at her hand, while she winces in pain at the ferocity. with each stitch, ayan winces in pain. The doctor asks her to call the family. she says that she doesnt have battery or network on her mobile. the doctor gives her his phone and asks her to try it outside, to get a signal. Meanwhile, when zoya calls up the family, trying to tell them, asad passes by in the car anbd finds zoya, in the rearview mirror. He stops and turns back to find zoya gone inside. He gets out and gets inside too.

As she comes inside, the doctor asks her to get her husband dressed in patient dress, while he goes to get the meds. Zoya is wrried and hesitatingly awkward. As ayan is hugged by zoya, trying to take care of him, and changing his clothes, asad enters and is shocked to see them like this, getting the wrong idea. He calls for zoya and is distraught to see ayan like this. He asks how this happened. Zoya is frustrated with what she just had to do, and walks out without saying anything. Asad looks at ayan in despair.

Zoya says that since the time she went to that house, all refer to her as their bahu, and are treating her like that too. Zoya says that she may be in love with him, but for the entire world, she is ayan’s wife. Asad is distraught and in tears to hear her talk like this. He asks if she wants to marry him. she says that she only wants to marry him but…he stops her saying that there’s no place for a but then, as their marriage, they would fulfill together, and what happened between her and ayan, wasnt a promise but a mishap. He says that he would never get her to break the promise. He says that he knows that he’s at fault, for which she is suffering and he too. He says that he cant stay away from her anymore, as he misses her.(MITWA) He says that now she has no reason to stay in that house anymore. She says that its very easy for him to say that, but its very difficult for her to do so. He assures her that he would rectify everything, and asks her again if she trust him. she nods in a yes. She hugs asad, in despiar, while he clutches t her tightly, tears flowing down their cheeks. the screen freezes in their faces.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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