Qubool Hai 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 14th May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Celebrations are on in full swing, with song and dance cultural programmes, while zoya is given the special treatment by the guests. Dilshad says that she wishes all the happiness in the world for asad and zoya, and she wants the dream that was unfilled for her marriage, to be fulfilled in her son’s and zoya’s.

The guests ask Asad to also help zoya wear floral jewellery. With much hesitation, he sits beside zoya. They comme nt on how chubby he had been in his childhood, and tell him of his childhood foolishness, which embarasses him, much to zoya’s amusement. Zoya teases him regarding the same. He asks about the cloth fiasco. Zoya says that he’s the only one upset, and noone else. The guests comment on how beautiful she’s looking. As

usual, they get into a scuffle, about who’s right and who’s wrong. Tanveer is upset to find zoya being popular in the gathering. A very aged lady comes to bless asad, and dilshad introduces her as ayesha bi, who isnt related but still very intimate, as her blessings kept them intact in times of trouble. Asad asks about her. She spiritually, blesses a Taveez, asking him to tie it on zoya’s hand as a symbol of his love and care for her. He does so on dilshad’s insistence. Nazma clicks a picture.(MITWA MOMENT)

Zoya asks asad to smile a little, to maintain dignity in public. She asks him why’s he angry. She says that she only tried something new and very different, in attire. They both again get into how their own choices are the correct ones, with zoya calling him old fashioned, while asad saying that she’s outrageous. As zoya goes on to tell him the truth, but then refrains as she says that he wouldnt believe her anyway. she says that she has respected his gift, by making a kurti, that she can wear anytime she wants. Asad is irritated at her candid behaviour. The guests ask asad to start the ritual, by adorning zoya. Tanveer thinks that finally the time has arrived. Asad and zoya get into a romantic escapade, when he caressingly helps zoya, in arranging the floral jewellery on her, amidst petal showers from the guests.(MITWA MOMENT)

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As ayan is unpacking, the girls tease him about zoya’s bag, that he accidentally had with him only. The girls tease him that they must have brought it for humaira, and not them. ayan finds humaira watching from a distnce. The girls ask her not to be shy, and come and accept ayan’s gift. Nazma says that he has already given them their gift, as it was due to his prayers that humaira came back from the clutches of death. Ayan thinks that he had asked for humaira’s good health, but also that God give him the strength, to go through this relationship, that he’s entering unwillingly. The girls continuously askl ayan to give the gift himself to humaira. Ayan thinks that her love always silences him, and wishes for the same courage as asad, to be able to go through with this.

On the terrace, humaira joins ayan, and asks him why’s he running away from her, and not accepting that he brought the gift. Ayan is increasingly conscious and at discomfort. As ayan begins to clarify, humaira says that he understands, as when in love, starnge things happen, and she herself is a witness to it. She says that when he wasnt here, she missed his face. She requests ayan to help him wear the jewellery that he got for her. Ayan too does the same for humaira, while asad is donning zoya with jewellery. Rashid watches this with an overwhelming emotion. Badi bi asks what is he thinking. Rashid says that he’s such an unfortunate father, that another son of his is getting married, and he cant even go and bless him. He says that he has paid a big price for his mistakes, that he had already lost his son, and now whatever respect he had in dilshad’s eyes is also lost, and his realtionship with them, is unsalvageable.

Badi bi says that time gives great wounds, and also is the best healer. Rashid says that he doesnt have time, as now whathas happened is irreparable. badi bi explains that asad is tied to him by blood, which cant be broken, and god always gives a person a second chance for a pewrson to rectify his mistakes, and even though he failed, she knows that he tried hard, and soon asad and dilshad would also know about his genuinity. Rashid leaves without saying anything.

Razia shows shirin how badi bi is pushing rashid towards dilshad and asad, and therefore they have to act fast to get humaira and ayan engaged, or else badi bi would give way to her evil plan. Seeing shirin influenced, razia thinks that now, with shirin as her puppet, she would see to it, that ayan marries humaira.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Tanveer surreptitiously switches off light from the mains. Asad and zoya watch each other romantically, in the candlelights that have created a romantic setup. Their eyelock is broken by dilshad’s interruption, asking if they are alright. As asad goes on to corect the light, zoay as usual, overenthusiastic and overconfident, offers to do so herself. Asad still goes with her, to check on tanveer, who might not get hurt in the dark. As zoya stares hard at something, she is unaware that tanveer is standing right behind her, with a knife in her hand, and attempts to stab her. The screen freezes on tanveer’s vicious face.

Precap: Asad, nazma and dilshad are shocked to see something. Asad hurriedly rushes to catch zoya, who falls into his arms, while they are all stunned to disbelief.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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