Qubool Hai 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Inside the room, shaad locks the door on the new bride’s instructions, when they sense ahil approaching. he then is asked by the new bride to make sounds of laughter and then kissing, and he distraughtedly complies, through flowing tears. She asks him to continue this charade. Ahil stands outside the door. Ahil is shocked as he gets the wrong message outside. the new bride is amused. Shaad complies, on her insistence. Ahil leaves. shaad angrily asks what she got by doing this, and the new bride answers, taht only he and she know what happened behind closed doors, and sanam also doesnt know, but for ahil, his friend betrayed him, and his trust is forever broken.

The next morning, nazia wakes up with a splitting headache, and is guilty how could

she sleep on their wedding night, and saif must have felt so bad. She is embarassed as he comes in with breakfast for her, and tells how much he liked viweing her sleep last night, peacefully. she feels guilty and apologises saying that she apoiled their wedding night. he says that it was special, as she was with him, and his life was alive, with every moment he spent with her. she hugs him, thinking ahil was right that only the fortunate get love and feels lucky to have saif as her husband. He too thinks that he is lucky to get a fool like nazia as wife, so that she is in shashi’s care and he can carry on with his adultery.

The next morning, shaad and sanam come out, while ahil comes out of his room. Shaad feels guilty to face ahil’s stern gaze. He tries to speak, but ahil leaves angrily in a huff. He goes after him and stops him. Ahil stands tensedly. Shaad tries to clarify, but ahil stops him saying that he neednt clarify, as now he knows too of the evil spirit in the house. Shaad says that now he knows why ahil is so helpless in front of the new bride. Ahil vents out his frustration against her, and that his trust hasnt broken, but asks shaad not to break it ever. he complies and promises ahil, that on this eid, he shall return his sanam to him. they both hope so to happen and hug. the new bride sees this from a distance and is angered.

All gather in the drawing area, where saif and nazia greet others in the family. just then, Shashi gets a call, from one of her men, saying that the person who tried to make a fake passport for her, had to be killed, as the police was after him, and had they nabbed him, her identity would have been exposed. He says that it seems someone is desperately trying to expose her. She is frustrated and turns around to confront a bemused shaad. he asks her amusingly that she seems tensed. She eyes him angrily. He says that the phone call seems to have brought her bad news, and it could have been worse, had the person not died. He mocks that she got some more time to live now, and tells her that he shall finish this game. he leaves, while she eyes him in rage. Just then, the new bride comes and tells shashi that she has the solution to her problems. She tells that she doesnt know the reason behind her and shaad’s enemity, but knows that if there is one, they should join hands in the cause, and shows shashi, the intimate pics that she has with shaad. she tells shashi that hrough these pics, she can demolish his respect in the society. Shashi eyes them amused, and then tears them off, surprising the new bride, who asks whats this. Shashi says that she doesnt need to take to these cheap tactics, as the enemity she shares with shaad, is too strong to be demolished by such petty pictures, and tells about her identity to the new bride and her history with shaad, shocking the new bride out of her wits. she says that her idea may have been poor, but her thinking was good, and if the enemy is one, they should join hands, and teach shaad such a lesson, that he remembers all his life. the new bride asks what she wants and she says that she needs her powers, reminding her how she saved ahil from the chandelier, and says that the work she wants from her side, is difficult but not impossible. Shashi tells her that the work she plans to get done, is difficult, but if her brains, plans and motives are combined with the new bride’s evil powers, then they can defeat everything.

In sanam’s room, she finds a shirt of shaad bearing a lipstick stain, and latif teases her about it. Sanam is at discomfort. Shaad rushes by her side, asking if anything is wrong. latif takes their leave. he begins to leave, when she calls him, and asks if he is angry with her, and then apologises, saying that she doesnt realise when she dosed off, and shaad vehemently tells her that she didnt do anything wrong, and she shouldnt apologise. she thinks, after he leaves, that she is unable to believe the wonderful husband she has got, who has never complained about anything, and has proved to be an ideal husband. She thinks that she herself isnt able to do any wifely duties.

Ahil thanks the lord for having averted sanam’s marriage to shaad yesterday and that she is once again his wife, and asks him the blessing that their love is always secure. he thinks that the truth cant be hidden for long, and if he allows, then he shall be able to tell everything to sanam after the eid this year. Sanam too prays to the lord to give her the strength to be able to become a good wife to shaad, and perform all of her duties diligently. Shaad thinks that his sole motive is to destroy shashi and her aims. Meanwhile, shashi calls up someone saying that money has been transferred in his account, who talks endearingly to her. He asks her when does he have to come for her work. She says that she has planned a dramatic entry for him, as a terrorist and asks him to be prepared always. The man, murtaza says that he is always prepared. she asks if he remembers what he has to do. he says that he fully remembers and knows, and asks her to be fast, as once he decides, he doesnt take long to execute. they bid their goodbyes. the screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: At the dining table, sanam gives shaad a package, and ahil too gets curious. Shaad asks whats this, and sanam asks him to open it himself. he does and finds tickets. gazalla and latif asks whats this. shaad says that they are two tickets to Pakistan. Ahil is thoroughly shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. I don’t like, I don’t like dat

  3. where is seher….am tired of dis stupid qubool hai….

  4. U guys said sanam will get her memory during her marrige with shaad

  5. oh sehar where are u???? pls come back only u can teach a lesson to all d evil happening in ur sister’s house… coz u are bold enough like zoya and has the power of asad…. pls bring back sehar… then poor shaad also gets a pair..

  6. I’m not sure whether the writers are Moslem or not but in Islam, if you are still a wife to someone, any remarrying or nikaah with other guy is not valid. In Ahil and Shaad case, they don’t even have to switch place because even Shaad was the one who say “qubool hai”, Sanam is still legally and rightly Ahil’s wife because they never get divorce.
    Also, the imam/priest have to mention the bride and groom real name to make the marriage valid in Islam, which in here Sanam was Jannat, another reason in boggled my mind.
    I don’t understand why in the earlier storyline Ahil-Sanam plan to remarry when they are actually still married?
    I really hope that at least the writers do some studies if this story is really about Moslem community in India. As a moslem myself I find it a bit offended the writers didn’t get the facts right and very misleading for other faiths to watch.

  7. Don’t u worry Muslim have no religion which can be offended by such crap because it’s the only real and right religion which given by God, but we have some advise for these writers just make some research about what you wanna to portray and that too u don’t have any real stroy but cracking a crap

  8. this serial is getting annnnnoying

  9. At this point, with Sanam acting so much in love with Shaad, memory loss or not, I personally don’t care to see her with Ahil…their love connection has totally gotten lost. Even when she had her memory, she never acted so much in love with him as she seems to be with Shaad.

  10. I am fed up with the neverending evilness of shashi kapoor and new sanam..No break at all from them. ..ahil n sanam n shad storyline is dragging on n boring..makes no sense at all

  11. qubool hai serial is very cute serial because zoyz charactor cute but, aahil & sanam meet to the serial plz because serial verry intresting so.

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