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Scene 1:
Location: The witch’s hideout
The witches finish their ritual, and then mark his head with blood. he gets up, in a flash. The leader says that he is the first male that they have allowed ever in their coven, but he is special, as he is the son of the greatest devilof their times, khan begum and that a mother’s influence shall fall on the child, and that soon he shall get his devilish powers, which he shall use to strengthen their coven, and accepts him as their master. she tells him that he needs to become the leader of their kind but for that, he shall have to give a test first, to become the greatest devil, and acquire the devilish sword, to finish off the child with the special mark, and asks if he is ready. he says that he is ready, and that his motive is now, the

child’s death, and he accepts risking his own life for that. she tells him that he is the devil’s son, and he should be responsible for their protection, and before its too late, he should go and kill the child, who has come to kill them, so that the world shall know that good can never win. she asks him never to underestimate the enemy, as the child bears ruins for them, and asks if he feels ready for this. he says that he sacrificed his life for this, then this is a petty question. He takes a knife, and pierces himself on the hand, and drops his blood in the flaming bowl kept in between them. she says that he has the first step and passed, and with the second test, he has to prove that he has no humanity left in him. he eyes a stranger who has wandered in their cave, anbd then gets up and starts strangulating the man, while he suffocates. He drops dead on the floor, while amad and the wicth eye him evilly. she says that he passed this too, but there’s a final test, that he has to give, and thats to sell his soul to the devil himself, to gain his trust, and asks if he is ready. he says that he is ready for any kind of test. he is given a dagger, and he says that right now, he shall finish his existence, and prove his loyalty to the devilish master. he stabs himself in the chest, and after bearing much pain, he falls on the floor, unconscious, with his dagger still inside. his soul leaves the body, as they all watch viciously. Meanwhile, amad regains senses after sometime. the leader gives him the grand dagger saying that now he can finish their enemy. Amad eyes the dagger, saying that with sharp mind and a sharp, dagger, now noone can stop him from getting his motive, and ruling the world.

Scene 2:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Mahira continues trying several names, along with armaan, and judging the facial expression of the baby, they find that she doesnt like any of the names. she suddenly starts crying and mahira gets tensed, and wonders wheteher she is hungry. he takes the child, and then she rushes out. She comes back with a holy locket, to find blood on the floor, and is aghast. he says that he hurt himself accidentally. She comes in makes her wear the locket, and then wonders why she suddenly started crying. he asks her to relax as its normal for a child.

As mahira comes down with the baby, latif and gazalla hover around her. Mahira gives the child to latif and gazalla, and says that she shall go and get milik for her. They continue to gloat about her. meanwhile, as she goes to the room, and is transferring milk from the glass bowl into a bottle, Mahria accidentally drops the bowl, breaking it into shards. Gazalla and latif come in and are shocked to see this. She says that its considered an omen of glass breaking. latif asks gazalla to hold the child, while she cleans it up, and accidentally drops the child. Mahira lest out a scream in despair, to see this, horrified and stunned. but to their relief, armaan holds it midway, while mahira is too shaken up. he reprimands them for their carelessness and negligency, as he wont bear anything to happen to her.

Scene 3:
Location: Sameer’s residence
In her residence, kainat paces around tensedly, in her original self. she thinks that her bad days shall end, and whatever had to happen has, and now she doesnt want to think about the past. she says that she shall make a fresh start today. she finds sameer coming in, cool and casual, having a cold drink and smirking evilly at her. He welcomes her back, addressing her as wife, and asks if she liked the prison, and asks if she isnt happy to see her husband, as he is, since she came to ruin him, but got shattered instead. he asks if she is wondering how he came out, as if he ran, but clarifies that he didnt, and was freed due to his good behaviour. he says that he lost one bad habit though, thats alcohol, and its good, cause now she wont be able to take advanteg of him. frustrated, she asks what he wants. he says that he wants his property, his business and his moeny. She says that whatever he is gloating about, was already hers, and she hasnt snatched it, but took whats rightfully hers. he says that its his, and she says that now he wont be able to do anything. he says that they can play it again, and find out who wins. As they eat, kainat tells that she is ready to play whatever game he wishes her to, and asks what she has to do. he asks her to eat and then taunts when how was the prison food. she defiantly responds thats it was okay. He says that noone must be mixing poison in it definitely. she gets tensed and startled.

Scene 4:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Later, armaan puts the child to sleep, while armaan nervously paces around. she says that anything could have happened today with their child, and wonders why is this happening. he asks her not to worry, as its simple negligence. she says that she instinctively feels anything can happen to the child any minute. he assures that he wont let anything happen to her. He asks her to come down and eat. she says that she doesnt feel like going, and isnt hungry too. he nudges her and gets her to come down, and not worry like thisd. she resignedly goes down. they all get to eating. Later, latif goes and gets a doll for the child from the bed, and when she returns back to the cradle, she is shocked as she finds the crib empty. she screams. Latif hollers for armaan and mahira, and they rush concerned. she tells them that someone took their child. They are shocked and stunned. As they look towards the crib, they find her sleeping safe there. Mahira is shaken up, while latif is boggled. Mahira in her frustration, reprimands latif for saying this. latif doesnt realise what just happened. After they leave, mahira is still tensed for the child’s safety, saying that she feels there is some danger. he asks her to relax. She says that much wrong has happened. He says that he has CCTV cameras installed to notify anything wrong. she reminds how this child shall have many enemies, as prophecied. he reminds that she had also told, that the child shall win in the end. She says that she needs him back in the house, to feel secure. She asks what if amad came back seeking revenge. He says that he cane come, till he is married to her, and that cant happen, till she marries someone else. She asks him to get her married to someone else. he is shocked. she says that she wants to be with him, and if this is the solution, then so be it. He asks her to relax and calm down, as he shall definitely find a way out. The screen freezes on the child and amad’s face.

Precap: Mahira places the child in the crib, and then turns to the wardrobe, looking for something, oblivious of the fact that right above the crib, the chandelier has gotten loose, and starts coming down inch by inch, right above the baby. she turns around and is shocked to find the chandelier at a fatal height, at which it finally drops on the crib, while she lets out a scream of despair and horror.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  4. Is this show going to end or not fed up with this black magic all these in our religion there will be no such things but the writers had made this serial full of black magics

  5. there is enough evil in the world evil like this makes sane people do crazy and horrible things
    please stop enough is enough

  6. Hope the baby is ok n wat nonsense

  7. Qubool hai eventually b’came “witch hai” :@

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