Qubool Hai 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Mahira’s residence
Mahira hands him the tickets excitedly, while he too plays along with her bluff. She smiles, tensed though. mahira leaves. Armaan goes out after her. Downstairs, gazalla is gorging on food, when armaan watches her from the stairs, and smiles having gotten an idea. he screams and intentionally falls down the stairs. this alarms her and she rushes to his help. But he pretends that he has sprained his ankle. She says that she shall call for the doctor. He smiles.

After armaan’s dressings, he immediately is helped by Gazalla, and just then, mahira walks in and is shocked to see him with his leg in the cast, and is shocked. Mahira gets to know from gazalla, what happened, and the doctor suggested two weeks rest. he pretends to be innocent,

while she udnerstands what he is upto. She gets rid of gazalla, and then helps him get up the stairs. he thanks her. She says that its her duty. he comments that he got such a beautiful wife like her, who takes care of him so nicely. She says that she is indeed fortunate to land such a genuine guy like him. She asks him his favourite colour and he responds blue. He says that she shall get him a blue wheelchair immediately, and asks him to imagine, her wheeling him, in the beautiful valleys of kashmir. he asks if she has lost her mind, as he cant travel in this condition. She says that hisgame is up, as she knows he is acting. He says that a wife should trust her husband blindly, and that he wont be able to go in this pain. She thinks that he played wonderful, but not necessarily that he shall succeed, as she wont let him. He says that victory is an obsession for him now, and its impossible to defeat her, despite all of her tricks. She complies and takes him to the room. Then she leaves. Armaan takes off his fake bandage and cast, frustratedly. He thinks that the water has rosen above and he needs to teach her a lesson. Gazalla screams him to come soon, as mahira is behaving weird. he rushes to the room, and finds them both eating awat chocolate, amused and gets angry as to what nonsense is this. They are amused. gazalla leaves, on mahira’s signal. he asks what nonsense is this. She comes upto him, and with an amusing smile, gives him chocolate, as its a happy occassion, since today he proved how much he loves her, and he came rushing at one scream, particularly when he was advised bed rest for 14 days. she calls his bluff, and he stands irritably. he eyes her frustratedly. She asks him to come along, as they are already late.
Downstairs, armaan and mahira walk out with their bags packed, while gazalla wishes them away.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Begum, in short hair, comes with the vessel and thinks that she needs to get rid of her, before they start searching for her. granny begs her not to irritate her. she then gets a call and receives it, seeing that its Farida. She keeps the jug aside, and starts talking, in granny’s tone, that she is okay, but forgot to receive the call. farida is relieved to know that she is okay. While talking, farida enters begum’s room, and begum abruptly hides the call, to avoid her truth being out. farida is tensed as to how the call got disconnected suddenly. Granny starts screaming, while farida is boggled. Begum gets tensed and asks about imi. farida says that she just had a talk and granny is okay and with imi. Begum thinks of an idea, and then tells farida that they should renovate the entire house, and get rid of old stuff. granny is horrified. farida expresses that these are all her wedding gifts, and they arent things, but her memories, and the more older they get, the more invaluable they become. but begum casts her magic on farida, and she silently complies, that she shall sell everything. Granny is apalled to hear this. Begum says that she shall tell the servants to get rid of the stuff then. farida then leaves from there. granny is apalled. begum eyes her evilly.

Later, farida gets the stuff packed by the servants, thinking that she doesnt want to let go of her memeories, but couldnt say no to her bahu. Begum tells granny in the jug, that she is going on a long journey, as she shall leave the house in this jug. granny screams for help. As she eyes the jug, Farida says that they cant sell this jug as it was given her grandmother. begum is frustrated, and then says that its very old. farida is adamant. Begum gets angry at her, but doesnt express it, and instead does the dark magic, which influences her and she keeps the jug in the carton, as begum wanted. granny is shocked, and begs for the lord’s help, to be able to save herself, and free her family from the Dayaan’s trap. the chants shake the jug, and it falls on the ground. It falls from her hand, and farida picks it up, and then tells her that this is the lord’s sign, that this needs to stay here, and she cant ever sell it. granny is happy. begum gets frustrated while farida goes. she wonders what she shall do.

Scene 3:
Location: Kashmir, Hotel
Mahira and armaan arrive in the hotel, as people greet them. the manager comes and congratulates them on their honeymoon. She expresses that she is very cold. He rubs his hand, with hers, and says that love happens on wintery nights only, and he is very excited. She thinks that he is definitely upto something, given his overexcitement. the butler comes to show them the rooms. she takes his hand away with a jerk. The butler gets them to a room, and explains all the facilities available, and they hear intently. He places his hand around mahira, and asks if its nice. She says that it is, as this is highly romantic. They engage in pretense romancing and cannodling each other, while the butler is amused. He then tells her that the butler shall show her, her own room too. She is boggled. he tells her that he might have agreed to go on honeymoon with her, but never agreed to being in the same rooms. She says that some things dont need to be explained as they are self-explanatory, but he shouldnt be bothered. he asks the butler to show mahira her room, as he needs to freshen up. Mahira says that its okay, as people come to make memories on their honeymoon and it doesnt make a difference if they share rooms or not, but when they leave, they shall have a lifetime of memories. The butler asks mahira to come along, while armaan is amused, eyeing his room, while mahira leaves. he eyes the scene from the window, thinking that he became the loving husband in Bhopal, and here he got the chance to insult her publicly, and it cant get better than that. Mahria finds that the room, that she has, is full of spiderwbes, and is in fact more of a storeroom, and is shocked. the butler is flustered too. She says that this is very beautiful, and says that everything is wonderful and sends him away. She calls up the manager asking about the condition of the room. He apologises and says that they had no other room available and hence he booked this room for his maid. he talks about how generous armaan is or else who gets their maid on the trip, and that he is all gaga over how armaan thinks about everyone. She is shocked but nevertheless says that she is indeed lucky to have landed him. she wishes to surprise her husband. the manager says that they shall do anything for armaan’s happiness. She starts narrating him, that she loves chocolate cake, and then tells the entire plan. He complies. She cancels the call. Mahira says that they have come on the honeymoon, and nothing exciting happens, thats impossible. She is amused thinking that this is just the beginning, and he shall see further what she is capable of. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The manager comes and tells mahira and armaan, that theyhave planned a tour for them, through the city. but she cuts him short, saying that they cant go, as he isnt well. Armaan fumes. after they are gone, he asks why did she send them away. She says that she needs to take care of him. he says that she knows he isnt hurt at all. She comments that she knows him too well now. She then amusingly adds that such surprises shall make their honeymoon memorable, and now its his turn. reciprocating her taunt, he says that he shall do something, that shall blow her mind away.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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