Qubool Hai 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
While the police try to take the new bride’s statement as she lies, ahil enters. He is asked to go outside, so that she doesnt give her statement under any undue pressure. He is tensed. The new bride says that she wishes to give testimony after talking to the husband. He asks if she is under pressure. She says no and that she would call him. The police leaves. Ahil comes and grabs her by the throat surprising her. He says that she may cast all possible allegations, and make the world hate him, but he is leaving her, as this marriage is over for him. She grabs his throat and says that one testimony and hye shall go where sanam is, and hence she cant leave him, not till she gets what she wants. she says that the marriage maybe over for him, but it means the

life to her and he shall have to go through this, by any means. he eyes her angrily.

Outside, ahil is again thronged by the reporters, as the new bride is taken out in a wheelchair. They ask for her statement. She puts her hand in his, and tells that she is overwhelmed with their concern, but the truth is that it was all an accident. He takes his hand away, while she adds that she fought like a married couple, but they are very much in love. she pretends to be getting up with great difficulty. She says that she knows ahil loves her and their baby much more, and can do anything to keep them both satisfied and safe. He is frustrated but doesnt protest and silently complies. She says that she doesnt want to implicate ahil at all.

Later, the doctor gives some meds to the new bride, along with high dose painkillers, and asks him to take care, as the meds wont be a problem, since she isnt pregnant, or else he wouldnt have prescribed them. Ahil is shocked to hear this, and then the doctor reconfirms that she isnt pregnant at all. Ahil says that he finally found the solution to the problem, and now he shall expose this new bride, and thats his promise to sanam, that he shall ruin this girl who separated him from his true love.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s office
The new bride keeps getting impatient in front of gazalla and razaak as to where is ahil. just then, he enters. She asks him where was he as she was about to send someone to look for him. He enters angrily remembering the doctor’s words. Gazalla and razaak are scared. the new bride is tensed wondering whats the matter. he shushes her, while she tries to talk. he holds her by the arms, and then apologises, shocking all three, saying that he really means it, as before pulling the trigger, he should have thought of her and their baby. she says that its good that he understood well in time. He says that he wants to make amends, and that he has realised that they are meant to be together, and he was not living the reality running for a dream. he says that she shall be his reality from now on, and he wants to make a fresh start with her. He says that he is a bad and mean person, as he hasnt ever heard the baby’s heart, and he wants to do so today. the new bride is tensed, as he places his hand on her stomach. She says that even the child wants to meet the father. Gazalla and razaak are boggled how would the new bride manage this. He bends down and tries to hear. He asks why is the baby not kicking, as she is in her second trimester. she along with gazalla and razaak says that he must be sleeping. She says that she shall definitely have to do something, to be able to hide this from ahil longer, as it would pose a problem soon.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
While wazira is working in the kitchen, Sanam decides to talk to wazira trying to find out about her daughter misbah. she tries to talk to wazira about misbah, and she immediately gets tensed. She gets emotional saying that misbah’s father died when she was seven years old. Sanam says that she must be incredibly proud of her, and wazira says that she indeed is, and that she helped her out of the trauma of losing her husband, and used to help her in the kitchen to ease her work load. Wazira happily comments says that she cant make better food than her. sanam comments that misbah has never made anything here. out of tension, wazira burns her right hand, and then says that its okay, as she doesnt use the right hand, while misbah uses the right hand, unlike her. Misbah passes by and finds them talking, and asks wazira whats the matter. She then reprimands her for being careless. Misbah tells wazira to switch the geyser on for her, and also put medicine on her hand. She leaves resignedly. Misbah begins working, and sanam finds that she is using the wrong hand, and when misbaah says that she is lefty, sanam is shocked as her mother, wazira said otheriwse. Then she asks misbah for Kasoori Methi, and she gives her methi(normal) instead. Misbah leaves. she understands that along with misbah, wazira too is lying, and is determined to find out why and what.

As she goes inside the room, she finds the bathroom locked from inside, and says that this is the only chance to find out about misbah. She throws some shampoo on the floor, to make it slippery. She says that a person is genuine when they are alone, and she shall not be able to befool anyone then. Sanam finds that misbah slipped, and is cursing at everyone. Wazira comesSanam is shocked to find the way misbah treats her supposed, mother and is distraught, at the way she is threatening her own mother, while she genuinely cares for her. She says that she is sure that Misbah cant be her daughter, as no daughter can talk like that to her mother. She says that she would have to expose misbah.

Later, Sanaam finds misbah leaving outside, and stealthily follows her. She finds a locked door in the way, and the maid cleaning up. She asks the maid why isnt she cleaning the room. The maid replies that wazira herself cleans it, and only she has the key. sanam is boggled and tensed, and thinks that she would have to get the key from her, before misbah comes back. She wonders why and how. She comes to wazira pretending to be nauseous. Wazira leaves to get water for her, while sanam eyes the key bunch that she kept on the sofa. While she returns, sanam takes the keys. Sanam takes the water and decides to go and rest, so that she feels better. she retires while wazira asks her to relax. she comes out with the keys, and rushedly opens the lock on the door. She finally manages to and then enters. She rummages through the stuff kept in the room, while oblivious that shashi’s signature white shoes are in one of the drawers. she keeps rummaging to find some clue of misbah’s identity. The screen freezes on Misbah and sanam’s tensed faces.

Precap: While rummaging through the room, sanam finds the book that misbah had taken to read at the maqbara, and when she opens it, she finds the hidden revolver and is shocked. Meanwhile, the new bride and ahil have breakfast together, while she insistently feeds him boiled veggies and fruits, citing it as healthy.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. writers it is time to get rid of that wicked long toenail sanam 2 let ahil throw her ass down the flight of stairs so she can break her legs and so would not be able to follow and keep tabs on ahil for me ahil is tooooooooooooo dotish and takes long to catch on to the truth and as for razaack and gazalla they are two timing ahil they are biting the hand that fed them so ahil throw their ass out of the house also and as for long toe nail sanam 2 jail time for her or even better throw her in a mental institution not to forget she has killed also the old man who raised ahil so she needs to be pubished she has a double set of teeth in her mouth so as one of her punishment pull them out of her mouth so that she can feel the pain for lying about being pregnant and about what she did to sanam 1 come on ahil get your revenge

  2. Excited for upcoming episodes



  5. GUYS READ SPOILER 2 KNOW UPCOMING TRACK.AHIL DO SOMETHING quick,eagerly wanting to see something heroic acts

  6. ugly look sanam 2…pls kill writer n dumb director



  9. I agree with u,i think we are heading to a +ve episode


  11. plzz stop this boring serial. This is one of world’s worst serial for ever.

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