Qubool Hai 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
While armaan hurts his hand, afreen rushes to him, asking whats he doing. afreen tells him that with the departure of one person, life doesnt end. She says that life always gives a reason to live on, and its beautiful. Afreen tries to get intimate and casual with him, as she says that life would open up for him, and he just needs to extend his hand once. She tells him that now she is there with him, and when pain becomes unbearable, the person should find solace in another. She says that she wont let him feel pain now anymore. He clutches her hand while she makes him sit down, and then kisses his forehead where he is wounded, and continuing the trail of lips down his face. He finally gives in, being out of his senses. They lie down, with her leaning

on top to him. Meanwhile, miraculously in her room, mahira’s hand starts having movement and she starts moving, in her semi-conscious state still. before afreen can kiss him on the lips, she suddenly feels the urge to puke, and rushes to the washroom. He is boggled. Later she wonders whats happening to her, as what she wanted was happening, then how could this happen, right at the minute when she was about to seal the deal. she is furious and in a rage, and again starts to puke. Then she suddenly realises that she is experiencing pregnancy related symptoms, and clutche4s at her belly, wondering how is this possible, as she hasnt consummated with armaan yet but then remembers her night with azad. She is shocked and frustrated thinking that this cant be.

Meanwhile, from his room, armaan hollers for latif, but noone responds or answers. he puts on a shirt and then passes by mahira’s room yet again, and is unable to glance at her. he sits by her bedside, and remembers that he had placed her hand under the covers then how is it out now. He wonders how is this possible, and if there’s anything really miraculous, that can save her, and remembers the peer baba’s prophecy. He caresses her, and then wonders whats happening to him, when he is close to her, as for a second it felt like, he had no sorrows in his life. He wonders why did he feel like she was his own, and he is drawn to her due to his heart. he says that sciences cant prove this, but if it isnt the heart, then whats drawing him to her. he remembers the peer baba asking him to believe in the lord, when things get confusing. he gets up and leaves the room. Then afreen enters and eyes mahira venomously, as she has a candle lit in her hands. She asks mahira if she is happy now, but she doesnt know afreen yet. she says that some games are meant to be incomplete like this one is destined to be. she says that when dreams shatter, the eyes are ablaze, and this dream, sha had seen for a thousand years, and in a moment, everything got destroyed, due to her dfead husband and mother in law, as they both betrayed her. she says that th child who is within her, could have been within mahira too, and that everything is ruined and over now. She tells mahira that afreen never accepts defeat, and if she cant win, then she shall not let her win either. She says that she shall have to leave this game incomplete and then eyes the candle.

Scene 2:
Location: Meeting Venue
While the fellow asks her to calm down, begum is frantic and berserk, that she doesnt know whats going on, and doesnt remember or know anything and where is she right now. he asks her to sit down, while composing her. she wonders what she shall do and where shall she go, as she cant understand anything. he places a comforting hand on her shoulders, thinking that the lord has everything predesigned for a motive, and maybe this is his signal as he wanted tara back in his life, and the lord actually granted him that wish. begum meanwhile thinks that, a woman’s tears can melt any heart. she thinks that till the time mahira and armaan dont come closer, and till she doesnt back to her house, she needs a place to lie, and this is the best. She smiles evilly.

later, begum remembers the way armaan behaved with her and is tensed. she thinks that even if noone is by her side, destiny always favours her, and for some days, this place isnt a bad deal to live in. She eyes the house around, and finds the guy getting dressed in front of the mirror, bare torsoed. She thinks that this guy is interesting, and leers evilly. Just then, she finds him with his son, cajoling and caressing him. She understands that he has a son too, Ehsaan and gets frustrated. Ehsaan comes in introducing his son to her. Imtiaz smiles at her and is then surprised. He comes and gets a formal introduction with the children. She then asks about his mother. ehsaan says that she died during childbirth. She apologises and hugs Imtiaz. Ehsaan sees this, and is relieved that he wanted this all along, that imtiaz feels the love of a mother, and today he feels so. meanwhile, begum is irritated that the father-son duo shall start with their emotional drama soon. then he asks imtiaz to get to bed, as they have to visit armaan uncle tomorrow. begum is concerned hearing armaan’s name as the uncle. imtiaz kisses them both goodnight and then leaves. Ehsaan tells her that tomorrow he wishes to make her meet someone really speacil, his best friend, and also his business partner. she complies. he gets to messaging, to armaan, that he shouldnt keep himself too busy as he wants him to meet someone really special. He smiles at her.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
In the kitchen, while armaan gets water, he hollers at latif to get candles. latif comes and tries to shamelessly flirt with him, while he goes past. he walks past, while afreen goes behind him. he then finds mahira’s room into flame. As the entire room, burns into flames, latif, gazalla and armaan are apalled to see this. he tries to get in, they both stop him, sayingt aht they shall call for the fire brigade. But he dives in nevertheless, undaunted by the fear of fire, and rushes in to save mahira. they are all shocked, while he tries to find something to wrap her in, to get her out safely. he then picks her up, and carries her in his arms, and comes out, while her duappata is burning, and his leg too. then they both dive right inside the swimming pool, with her, to douse the fire. he then picks her out, dripping wet, while latif and gazalla are shocked. the screen freezes on armaan and mahira’s faces.

Precap: Armaan watches tensedly, as the doctor inspects mahira, who lies unconscious on the bed. Afreen watches from the balcony, at a distance. the doctor says that he has very less chances of survival and it shall be best if she is shifted to the hospital. afreen smiles, while armaan is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Not bad. Keep going on like this. I miss mahira. And her funny dialogue…..

  2. I miss mahira. And her funny dialogue…..

  3. Sugarplumprincess

    Nice…but a lil’ bit of dragging.. 🙁

  4. so soon afreen is preg then asad is not least then a week death how pos freaking damn

    1. When Azad died. They leaped the show one month .. so that is why Afreen is able to be pregnant..

  5. I think d peer baba scene is quite funny oderwise all good.why dey r nt showing mahira much ???? Only that afreen.

  6. I hope mahira don’t die n afreen don’t get a baby

    1. Mahira won’t die even after armaan does
      . will live with new hero

  7. Please can somebody tell me what real life lesson this serial is teaching?i seem to see none.there is too much evil in it.

  8. Want more mahira in the show

  9. It’s Fiction!!! Not reality show!!!!

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