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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Amad rants about how he drugged latif and gazalla. He then asks him to give the abortion pill to mahira, taunting that their child wont feel the regret that he was sacrificed for the love story of its parentsa, and would be proud. she begs him not to. armaan profusely apologises and says that he cant afford to lose her, as if he loses her, he loses everything, and wont ever be able to forgive himself. She is distraught. he gives her the medicine. she too takes it and then gulps down water, while amad watches evilly amused. Armaan catches amad off guard, and gets the revolver in his hand, and points it at amad, who eyes it viciously. Mahira watches on tensedly. armaan apologises that he has learnt betrayal from him only. she says that she knew

their child would be safe. He lunges at her throat, and armaan hits him, and he falls unconscious with a head injury. armaan gets to untying mahira, and takes her away from there.

As he tucks mahira in bed, armaan promises to her, that he shall never let anything happent o her, or the child, even if his life is at risk. She says that she knows that nooone can separate them now, and she too promises to be with him, till her dying breath. he tries to hear the heartbeat, while she says that she is having some stomach pains. He hurriedly calls for the doctor, but finds that its switched off, and says that he shall go and get the doctor, in the meanwhile, he shouldnt sleep. she complies He leaves. she continues to assure the child, that he is fine, and that the doctor shall come and affirm the same.

Just then, she finds armaan with the doctor, who comments that her husband loves her very much, and didnt even let her sleep. mahira blushes. the doctor starts her examination, while they both tensedly wait for her to say something. She relieves them saying that everything is normal, and the child is absolutely fine. She says that its normal, and shall subside soon. He leaves to excuse the doctor. after she leaves, he assures mahira that she neednt be worried. she suddenly remembers about amad, and asks Armaan about him. he gets worried and tensed too. he goes to the store, and finds him gone, with a message, that they shall meet again.

Scene 2:
Location: Sameer’s residence
Kainat has sameer tied, while he screams to be left alone. she taunts and teases if its too tight, as he might try to kill her again. he asks what she wants angrily. she asks what can he give her, but she wants to give something to him, a new world, away from this, that he rightfully deserves, she wants to send him to a place that suits him, a mental asylum. he asks her not to do this, as he shall tell everyone. She asks him to go and tell everyone if he so wants, and then makes him hear the recording of his confession for murder. she says that now he has two options, one to jail, and the other to mental asylum, and she thinks that asylum is better, as he can sit and remember what atrocities he out her through, and when he gets better, she shall come and get him. He says that they can sit and talk it out. But she says that they shall, when he returns. she calls wardboys, while he gets scared and resists, but they take him away, as he begs and pleads that this shouldnt be done.

Later, she tries to search for the passport, but doesnt find it, and wonders where it went. the police comes looking for kainat. bshe is shocked, and says that she is kyra, while kainat, sameer’s ex-wife is dead. He asks about her, and she says that she is his friend. the police asks her how conveniently he is in the asylum, and she got everything. Kainat asks him to hurry up as she has to catch a plane to new york. the police asks how would she go as the passport is needed and shows kainat’s passport. She is shocked. kainaat feigns innocence, and the police says that they dont understand this matter. he says that he got this passport the day sameer was sent to the asylum, by one of his friends and this means that she betrayed sameer, and hence they are here to arrest her. kainaat says that she has two names, and begs for them to understand. she tries to bribe him, which angers him all the more, and she is taken into custody. She stands apalled and distraught.

Scene 3:
Location: Armaan’s residence

As mahira goes into delivery, all wait in anticipation, while the nurse overwhelms them saying that its a baby girl. they all rush in. armaan is too ecstatic, while latif and gazalla rant about how she has gone on them. the doctor tells that its success, and perfectly normal, and both the mother and the baby are fine. mahira says that she is the happiest today, and thanks the doctor. As all leave, armaan and mahira together eye the child, while he thanks her for this beautiful gift. she asks him to come in this house now, as they have a daughter. he says that technically they are divorced, and he cant stay here till he remarries her. she says that there must be some way. he says that there is, and now that she is in their lives, there must be some way out too. They both look at her adoringly. mahira is amused, as she walks with the baby, while gazalla and latif continue to fight about the child’s resemblance on them. They find a woman dressed in white waiting for them. gazalla says that she has called this lady so that she can bless the child. they all sit and the lady eyes the baby. the woman tells mahira that she isnt any normal child, but very speciil, who bears an old and pious soul, but is god’s miracle, and asks if she has any sign anywhere, when mahira doesnt understand her meaning. mahira reesponds in a yes, saying that its around her neck, and shows the same figure of eight that she too bears. the lady smiles and says that she doesnt realise the power of her own child, and that she is miraculous, and shall change everything in an instant and has healing powers, and to test it, she shows gazalla’s pain in the leg, disappearing, when the baby touches her leg. they are all surprised. the woman says that she is a very pious soul, but she shall also be the centre of attraction for every devilish soul, and she shall have many enemies, but she would be able to fight all of them. mahria thanks her, and she leaves. she is however tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: The witch’s hideout
As daayans do some ritual, in a circle, the same lady who had blessed the child comes in, and then transforms into the ir leader who had helped begum too. she says that she is here to tell them, that the child, they were waiting for so long, the girl with the sign, is finally born and that she herself went and saw her. she says that now is the time, to sharpen their weapons, and end that child. she then walks ahead, and sits on the third corner, and start their ritual, as someone;s body lies inside a marked circle, completely covered in red shroud. As it lifts up, its revealed to be amad lying on the ground. the witches eye her venomously. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Mahira gives the child to latif and gazalla, and says that she shall go and get milik for her. as she goes to the room, and is transferring milk from the glass bowl into a bottle, she accidentally drops the bowl, breaking it into shards. Gazalla and latif come in and are shocked to see this. She says that its considered an omen of glass breaking. latif asks gazalla to hold the child, while she cleans it up, and accidentally drops the child. Mahira lest out a scream in despair, to see this, horrified and stunned.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    I thought the show was going to end…. but with the birth of this baby, I think show timing is changing….

    1. U r rite…..I think ! Cz gt new story for tat baby so timing is changing nt ending .

  2. She had the baby n now the baby wil bring a new twist in khan begham life

  3. i think itz ending

  4. qubool hai has a twist daily. it shouldn’t end now. we have a great expectations on its block buster climax.

  5. Phr nayi story writers kuch b kar lo is show ki trp nai badhegi.

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