Qubool Hai 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 13th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Badi Bi thinking of razia’s threat, is determined that she would have to do something and that she wont stay quiet. she shouts and gets everybody together in the dining room. She curses mamu to stop pretending.

Badi Bi tells Rashid that she was right in assuming that razia was at fault as she had just confessed in front of her only, that she had shot dilshad. Rashid and everybody else is shocked to hear this. She says that razia now even has tries to threaten her if she sys anything to anyone. she takes them all in razia’s room.

They all go into razia’s room and find her shouting in pain, with a wound on her head and screaming that badi bi had come into her room and slammed her head against the almirah, asking her to deliberately

say that she had tried to kill dilshad. When badi bi says that she is pretending and this is all a sham, she says innocently that she has, showing that she is scared of badi bi. Razia turns to mamu that why would she confess if she had actually committed the crime. She goes in badi bi’s feet, and starts asking for forgiveness saying that she knows that badi bi is angry with her for forcibly trying to marry humaira to ayan. Badi bi is startled at razia’s turn of personality and looks on at rashid helplessly.

In the confines of their room, mamu reprimands razia for confessing to badi bi. she says not to worry since noone would believe her and she has it all under control. mamu says that she should not get overconfident. And that rashid had gone to dilshad and got the evidence. razia says that if rashid had known then he wouldnt have kept quiet. She says that its possible that dilshad might not have any real evidence after all. They both think that now they would have to tread on very cautious grounds to stop rashid from meeting dilshad and to keep the doll factory conspiracy a secret only.

Rashid’s family comforts badi bi saying that she shouldnt have revealed it like that. Ayan tries to cheer her up by asking to try humaira and his effort in the kitchen today. badi bi sees razia walking past and thinks to herself that she would not be deterred by razia’s threat and would find out the truth about her and bring it in front of the whole family.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya tries to find out about the shooter and asad asks how would she identify the shooter. She says that she would identify him even if he was masked. zoya shouts in glee that she has hacked into the security system of PHOENIX SECURITY but asad asks her to calm down and behave herself. zoya says that this is a victory for them and he may not realise it. She taunts him saying that even if he fell in love, hewould have a problem with that. She breaks into her impromtu poetry:

Jahapanah six pack kab kahenge koi mil gaya!!
Aap pyar mein padhenge and kahenge mera ghutna chil gaya…!!!

While she is in her poetic mood, asad finds that zoya’s search has given 25oo options and asks how would she identify amongst so many. She says that it wont be difficult, but finding her confused at every face, asad resigns and leaves from there.

In his room, As asad is shirtless, roaming in his room, zoya barges in saying that she has foudn the clue. As asad puts on a shirt, and zoya tries to hide her face away from his body, he asks as to what brings her in his room, he says that she has found a new clue in her laptop, taunting him by her poetry that he should also now embrace the new era, even if he might belong in the old one, saying:

Jab ho jaye galti, toh maang lo apology
Jab atak jaaye kahi pe, toh use karo technology!!!

She shows him a kind of gun, that is not possible for every person to handle, and that they are looking for someone specialised in this kind of training preferably who got it from armed forces, where they give such training. She says that they would have to just look for those people who served the armed forces prior to security services. asad listens to her arguement intently.

She calls up the phoenix security services, despite asad thinking that its a baseless call. She tells the officer to give her info as to who possesses a certain gun, and the officer says that they cant divulge this info. At this, zoya breaks down into her acting streak, and concocts up a sympathetic story, about a dying grandfatehr, who needs this gun as a last wish, to take an aim with his left hand. And that if he gives her this info, she would contact the person and ask him to fulfill her grandpa’s last wish. Asad motions her that its not going to work. But zoya melts the officer’s heart and gets the nos. and names of the people who have this gun. She is super excited at having this news, and tells that they have narrowed down their search to 3 people and that he has lost his bet with her.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Badi bi says that she wont eat the food that ayan has brought for her, which disheartens him and says that now he would finish it. Badi bi says that even he wont eat it, as razia has put poison in it, which startles rashid and his family again. Razia stands in the doorway. Shirin tells what badi bi is thinking about razia. Razia asks badi bi as to why is she so angry at her and that she had come to apologize for any mistake that she had ever committed that hurt her. She says that she’s sad when she sees that badi bi has put another allegation on hr. she asks badi bi to forgive her, and says that she would do anything in lieu of that. badi bi gives her the plate of food that ayan had brought and asks her to eat it. The screen freezes on razia’s shocked face.

Precap: Asad, accidentally pulls zoya towards him and they share an awkward yet romantic embrace, where asad is tensed and zoya is nervous.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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