Qubool Hai 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The new bride frustratedly wanders around the room, looking around for the property papers, pretty unnerved and rattled by the scare of sanam. But then she jerks it off suddenly saying that she neednt be scared from sanam at all, and her fear is what is emboldening sanam, and that she being evil reincarnate can stand upto anything that sanam tries, and defeats her at it.

Scene 2:
Location: At the dargah
The new bride’s mother is trying to steal money from the box meant for generous offerings, and gets caught. The people decide that they shall send her to police as she tried theft at the most pious place of all. But then sanam comes to her rescue saying that she knows the lady and that she was just trying to help her, to

retrieve the purse that she had accidentally dropped in the box. They are boggled. when sanam stealthily drops it and then picks it up, from inside the box, they are all relieved and get busy yet again. the lady meanwhile profusely thanks her saying that she doesnt know who she is, but is extremely grateful that she helped her out, in her helplessless, as she isnt evil at all. She says that she has nothing to give to sanam. sanaam identifies herself, and the lady is shocked. she tells what her daughter did, and she is shocked. She says that she is going to need a help. The lady listens, as she remembers insulting and abandoning her own devil daughter.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam makes an entry in the house, disguised as a fogging mehcanic, and after much interrogation, she is able to fool razia’s men and the minute they let her through, she uses the fogging liquid to catch them off guard, and enter the mansion. she looks at the haveli, which is her birthplace and where she saw much ups and downs of life. She hollers at the new bride to come out, and face her, as she is the owner of such a big mansion, and is right now, cowering away someplace in deep scare. she tells that she is such an evil lady, and that she has masterminded many a plans, and she is scared now of her. she comes inside and doesnt find her in the room. the new bride is actually hiding inside a box. Sanam says that she has only one way out now. Sanam takes the property papers and uses them to blackmail the new bride. She threatens to burn it up, for which she worked so hard. the new bride finally gets out of the closet. the new bride says that its one thing to pick a revolver, but shooting is another, and that she can hate someone but killing someone is a different story. sanam asks her not to be mistaken. Sanam tells the new bride, with the revolver pointed at her, saying that its time for her to pay for her sins, and she can pick a revolver and also shoot if needed, to avenge the death of ahil. the new bride watches amusedly. sanam fires, and the new bride falls flat on the ground. she gets up after sometime with a guffaw, and easily takes the bullet out of her flesh. Sanam is boggled. The new bride stands up yet again, and asks if she actually thought that she could kill her with this playtoy of a revolver. sanam is still confused. She says that she isnt an evil force by habits, but actually the devil, as there’s a knife in her black dagger, and these toys cant affect her. She asks her to shoot again if she doesnt believe, and aim straight at the heart yet again. sanam is shocked and dumbstruck. The new bride tells about the time that ahil had shot at her, and regretted it terribly after that. she asks sanam if she actually thought she shall be scared and beg for mercy, and that she knew that she cant do anything against her, and this was all meant to be a trap, for her so that she could easily kill her. she says that she couldnt be ahil’s in life, and couldnt even fulfill her promise to him, after death. sanam is shocked. the new bride says that now she shall die. sanam gets emotional and asks what she got out of all this, by destroying ahil and sanam’s life, and that she wasnt even meant to marry ahil, and had already given meher too for divorce. The new bride says that she has been used enough, first by tanveer and when she was about to become the begum, sanam stepped in. the new bride says that when you love someone, you expect the person to love you back too, but she just got hatred in return. Sanam asks what love is she talking about, the love that was never hers at all, which was always destiend to be for sanam.The new bride says that she wont let them be together at any cost, as her love story didnt materialise. the new bride tells sanam that she shall send her to ahil forever and ever, and they they shall finally unite. She points the revolver at her. the screen freezes on sanam’s shocked face.

Precap: sanam and the new bride get into a fistfight and scuffle, where sanam pins her head down on the floor, locking her hands, while the new bride struggles to get free. Justn then, the new bride’s mother shows her something in a crystal ball, seeing which she screams out in horror, desperately trying to wriggle free. Later, sanam says that her parents were tested along with their love, and that her love too had to face the test of time, but now its the time, for doomsday, when everything ends and destroys, and from its ashes shall start a new beginning, with Qubool Hai in a new avatar.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. awesome episode and waiting for d precap….

  2. OMG, everyday with qubool hai in a new avatar
    Worst series

  3. Perfect episode can’t wait for new qubool hai

  4. What going to this serial

  5. This is boring at its best…let sanaam gt her happy ending plz..

  6. What is this same precap repeating in a week

  7. y did ahil left d show . i lvd ahil’s & sanam’s chemistry so mch . i miss ahil so mch . please ahil cm back lv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ahil & sanam Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  8. Bad storyline

  9. Rajbeer singh main male lead role(hatim)fame was entered in quboolhai.:-|opposit suraphi jyothi

  10. How many more generations are left to show in qubool hai

  11. these are the things I speak out about in these serials to bring to the attention of the other viewers now sanam 2 who claims to be evil incarnate as she says the devil and nothing and no one can kill her so why then she is sooooooooooo scared that she hid in a box for sanam 1not to find her ok now sanam 1 blackmails her that if she does not come out from hiding she will burn the papers to the house in no time sanam 2 came out the box and face her she spoke of a black dagger in her which we saw in the X RAY when ahil took her to the doctor to determine if she was really pregnant anyway sanam 1 shot her and sanam 2 gets up takes the bullet out and say that she cannot be killed well then writers this is how you all keep messing up the storylines if that is the case she cannot die why write a script where she is so scared that she is locking up all the doors and window to the mansion and hiding in a box she sanam 2 should just sit there and wait for sanam 1 to come in and why all the goons with guns to protect her she sanam 2 does not need protection because as she claims she is the devil and no one can kill her wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa writers you all are making to many mess ups and storylines that just aint computing at all again I say GIVE IT ALL UP NOW IT IS TIME TO REALLY END THIS MESSED UP SERIAL ALL THE MAIN ACTORS GONE ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU DECIDED TO KILL AHIL WHO NEVER GOT A CHANCE WITH HIS BELOVED SANAM 1 END IT

  12. hear what you see after all the nonsense in the first serial QUBOOL HAI to tell the truth we really not sticking around to see no QUBOOL HAI THE NEW AVATAR so get on with a new serial in its place

  13. Qubool hai in a new avatar doesnt sound good then where is it gonna look good?
    Losers! Think they too smart

  14. Wish if new sanam mom take away her black magic power from her and leave her as a helpness human being

  15. not watching the new one. so wrap this one up cleanly. if aahil is dead let him come and take sanam with him to be together in heaven and let everyone know the whitch marriage was ended, and the truth of everything to the whole city, world, whatever to make the three couples’ stories a legend and legacy of love. turn the house into a museum for it and a book for each couple or something is the main display. forget the two traitor helpers. aahil and sanam the most beloved and last nawab and (his only) begum. remembered forever. if aahil isn’t dead, let the truth out like i wrote earlier, let him just leave and disappear, having thrown away all of the. he doesn’t need it, and they’re fine. no-one helped them, so let the couple move to another part of the world and live their long full life happily ever after in peace with kids and each other. do a final of them five year jump to see that;s the case. they’re just anther wealthy lovely couple that doesn’t (lie, cheat, steal, evil, anything) flaunt it and is living their lives like everyone else happily raising their lovely kids. never disturbed again.
    then, (maybe switch back to bhopal and show, quick-sequence clips of and ending in the museum…whatever….thing (and a fake grave to sanam next to aahil’s) do the same thing with the museum ‘ode to true love’…thing., use your religious bits to purify the house (it needs is any. you turned it from a house of love and purity to a house of evil, so fix it)
    don’t care “new avatar” crap. not even bothering with. call back whoever and make the last happy ending (with what’s left to work with) and let aahil and sanam be together in heaven for eternity. and do a scene-by–scene for aahil (i don’t remember one for him), then sanam then, the couple and done. then doe you new show intro. don’t want to see even that. oh and let that new old new razia be a golem-whatever-thing too that the witch created or something (you writers come up with the ridiculous so easy and no sense or explanation anyway. this is a cake-walk) and show it turn to dust as she looks into the ball, so that crap in that scene meant nothing, and no ghost nonsense left in this show.
    like i said if that was to ‘tease’ for the new show, save it for when that dumb thing starts and i’m not watching.
    this qh is just one complete story for me. but i’m erasing everything from my mind from the moment you brought tanveer in. best parts of the rest i’ll stitch together in my mind and with help from and enjoy the stories from the fanfics out there. they write and understand your stories and especially characters and readership/fans or both shows better that you since you ruined the zoya-asad last scene in qh and so the whole show (for me anyway).
    sorry if i’m short-trmpered or rude today. had 24hrs of a scare with updates (computer) and i almost lost all my browser histories and programs and settings and stuff . now coming down. 🙂

  16. Sanam will have to make her see wat evil is before she kill her n wat about nazia

  17. Missing shaad in the show?its boring without shaad and ahil

  18. This tory is so confusing that we lose the track along the way. If nothing else end this series

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