Qubool Hai 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Part 1

Sanam is limping. She calls out to Shaad and collapses. Shaad calls out to Sanam. Sanam is throwing stones she can grab and one stone hits Shaad. He notices her and rushes to her. He shakes her hand and asks her to open her eyes. He rubs her feet. He notices the snake bite and sucks the venom out. He keeps shaking Sanam. Shaad says you cant leave me like this. I know the bond between us is a lie but the love in my heart is true, i love you. Shaad says i know am no one of yours but your my life. BG – Tu mila to khudaya mil gaya. Flashbacks of Shaad-Sanam scenes. A drop of Shaads tear falls on Sanams lips. She moves a bit. She regains consciousness. Sanam tells Shaad, your here. She hugs him passionately. He too hugs her back passionately. Shaad tells Sanam lets leave. He is carrying Sanam

in his arms. Fake-Misbah is already waiting outside and points gun at Shaad-Sanam. Fake-Misbah says .. Akkad-Bakkad-Bambai-Bo. Right then she hears sirens and hides. Cops reach the site.

Ahil calls BSF and asks to check details. They say will let you know in a while. Ahil is on the phone. Sanam-2 is signing papers when a assistant comes for more signatures. She asks about Ahil and he says that Ahil is on the phone. Sanam-2 leaves all work aside and rushes.

Cops chide guards for not being alert. Shaad self thought pretty sure Shashi Kapoor did all this with Sanam. Wont spare her. Shaad gets call from Military saying the case of the girl you gave us is pending, what to do. Docs say, need to take her for further treatment. Shaad gets up to leave but Sanam holds his hand firmly. Shaad sits back down and tells the military guys to close the case. Pak forces delete all info of Sanam being missing and inform BSF that there is no update. BSF inform Ahil and add that maybe she died. Ahil screams out .. NO. He drops the phone and breaks down.

Sanam-2 comes in the cabin and notices Ahil standing with phone lying on the floor. She asks Ahil if he was talking with someone, who was it. Ahil points the gun at Sanam-2. She is shocked. Ahil says you killed my Sanam, wont spare you. Ahil tells Sanam-2 surprised that your meds din work on me. Love is not caused by pills but by heart. A witch like you cant get anyones love. Wont spare you. Sanam-2 asks Ahil to fire the gun. Ahil is taken aback.

Part 2

Sanam-2 asks Ahil the matter. She asks Ahil to fire the bullet and that with her, their baby will die too. She asks him to fire the bullet. Ahil is frozen and Sanam-2 points the gun at her shoulder and makes Ahil fire the gun. Ahil is shocked. Sanam-2 falls down and smiles. Ahil is even more confused. All staff rush in Ahils cabin and help Sanam-2 to get up. She refuses help. She says when my hubby doesnt care, whats the point for me to be alive. Sanam-2 fake acts that.. i came to ask Ahil what he is doing in this room and he fired the gun on me. Ahil glares at Sanam-2. She says you dont even care that i am carrying your baby. Sanam-2 is about to fall when Ahil catches her in time. Staff call out for ambulance.

Doc tells Shaad that given her meds but all the happenings has impacted Sanam and she can see things that dont exist. Aftab asks how did all this happen. Shaad says i understand all this. Shashi Kapoor has done all this. Aftab asks him how can u say that. Shaad says i saw Shashi Kapoor, she pushed me off the cliff and coz Sanam was looking for me, she tied her in the godown so she cant reach me. Sanam coughs and Shaad asks your fine. Fake-Misbah fumes that dont know why i sent Sanam to the godown without changing my attire. Shaad asks Sanam how she got locked up in the godown. Fake-Misbah says i sent her there coz i thought you were there. Shaad fumes on her saying had gone to look for you. Shaad says when i came to look for you, found your book and dupatta on the cliff, how did it reach there. Fake-Misbah is worried.

Part 3

All rush Sanam-2 to the hosp. Ahil asks docs to save Sanam-2 at all costs. Reporters ask Ahil how can he fire the gun on his wife. Ahil says i din fire the gun. All corner Ahil. Ahil says this is hosp, pls. Cop comes and says come aside, answer our questions first Ahil. Ahil goes with cops.

Fake-Misbah says coz of wind, the dupatta flew off. Shaad says the book cant fly. Fake-Misbah says you know me dont you. She asks her mom to help. Her mom supports her. Shaad says she has changed so much. Fake-Misbah fumes that you are doubting me. She walks off. All follow Fake-Misbah. Sanam self thought, seen a lot of dramebaaz but none like Fake-Misbah. Need to find out whats going on. Shaad reassures Sanam and asks her to relax.

Shaad tells Wazera on phone and says met Shashi Kapoor. Din see her face but she wont escape me anymore. Shaad asks Wazira to meet him at the earliest.

Precap — Ahil is strangling Sanam-2 and Sanam-2 strangles him back and says my one sentence can lead you to your Sanam but i wont let you go so easily, not till i get what i want.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. seriously, how can sanam-2 – a girl from village, can take a u turn and become a vamp

  2. writers what writing school did you all attend because as far as I see all these scripts are utter nonsense no substance whatsoever how do we enjoy a serial if it is so poor and not interesting I do not know how to describe these serial again just utter nonsense

    1. Why the f**k u ain’t stop watching these shows…. U always on the negative side

  3. Where the f**k is doli armaano ki update this is f**king ridiculous I’m finding another website

  4. I was happy when I saw the promo of ahil shooting that vampire. For a week they show the promo and tested patience of viewers. And now matters are getting even worse.

  5. these serials are lame and a waste of time i have decided not
    to watch them again the writers are so screwed up mentally that they are giving
    us such negative feelings about the shows

    please can all these boring shows and rather watch cartoons atleast with that there is no nonsense just sense

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