Qubool Hai 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
Armaan throws the locket away in shock, saying that this cant be and begum cant be his mother. Afreen picks it up and says that this is true, and she knew this before hand, and knew that he wouldnt believe her without evidence, and when granny told her his story, she had thought that she would help him, after what he did, and decided to go and talk to begum, as she is old in the town, but when she approached her, begum got fiery and angry, and went back to the room, and started seeing the key, and then she connected the dots, and knew it was a key to his locket. She says that its understandable that he didnt hear or recognise his mother, but a mother can, then how and why khan begumd ditn, and that there are people, who make their own people strangers.

he leaves with the locket hastily and in a rage, while she evilly smiles.

Scene 2:
Location: Meeting Venue
While begum addresses the meeting, thanking them for their support and admiration, and that she would just want to say, that if a nation has to progress, then the centre point is to educate the kids of the nation and then give them a good upbringing. just then, a car arrives and the same guy who saved begum came , while she talks about how beautiful children are, and how she has spent her life taking care of needy and lesser fortunate children. meanwhile, armaan is driving on the road, shaken by the begum’s betrayal, and afreen’s stinging words. they all clap, as she finishes her speech. meanwhile, the her admirer watches her from afar, trying to get a glimpse of her, as she mingles with the crowd, unable to take his eyes off. he tries to get to her, but misses her by some seconds. He tries to search around and then asks women about begum, but doesnt get a fixed answer. begum comes out, and finds armaan on the porch. she asks him what happened, and is immediately concerned for mahira. she asks him why isnt he responding. Armaan holds out the opened locket to her, and asks begum that she knew everything but still didnt tell him, this time too. she is shocked while he remembers that she had addressed him as mother, and how he was traumatised since childhood. begum hesitatingly asks for a chance to explain. she says that she was about to explain, and tell him everything but couldnt. he shoves her hand away, and asks what. he asks what was this helplessness, that made her reject him yet again, twice this time around. he says that a mother cant stop her feelings in front of her children, then how could she, and that she didnt even tell that the heart beating inside his, is his brother, and asks what stopped her from calling him son. she says that she knew if she told him, then he would detest and hate her. He says that he always has seen hatred in front of evereyone, and that she had left for him to die, and she would never understand what its like to be in an orhpahange. he says that he used to convince himself, that his parents must have had some helplessness, but when they finally meet, they would hug him dearly, and says that he never knew how he would react when he met them, but today, after having met her, he knows very well. he gest inside his car, while she asks for a chance, but he says curtly that once she left him and kept him out of her life, and today he does the same to her, in a reciprocative manner, and he throws her out of his life, and his house too. he drive soff, while she rushes after him, but he doesnt stop. she collapses on the floor, while he drives off, tearfully overwhelmed with emotions, without realising that she has fallen unconscious. that same fellow who had saved her earlier comes and sweeps her in his arms, unable to resists looking at her lovingly.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
Amidst lightning and thunder, armaan comes in a total inebriated state, hurt and wounded, while afreen waits for him, with malice and lust in her eyes. she comes to him and pretentiously, asks whats he done. He sways around and then collapses beside the centre table, while she caters to him and his wound, and says that he cant punish himself for others mistake. he is fully drunk and out of control. He gets up and tries to go ahead, but then says that when dreams break, then noone is at fault, but the eyes, who did the crime of having seen them, and that he didnt have much in his life, but a hope, that a day would come when he sees his mother, but today his dreams were shattered, as he knew the reality of his life that the person who brought him in this world, doesnt love him, his own mother. Later, in front of afreen, he collapses on the floor, totally traumatised and grieved by his mother’s indifference. She asks him to compose himself, as she caresses his face, while he seeks solace in her arms. She holds him close to her, and while he cries, she evill thinks that finally she got what she wanted to do all along, and now noone can come between him and her, and that who could have come arent in their senses. She thinks that the romantic feeling that could have saved mahira, shall only save her now, and armaan shall be hers, and then she shall be the most powerful Daayan. she consoles him dearly. He then suddenly realises something and leaves from there, swaying and disbalanced, while she eyes him going. she thinks that it was fantastic, that the lord is supporting Daayan himself, and that he cant leave her now, in this thunderous night, and he shall have to come in her arms.

Scene 4:
Location: The guy’s residence
Begum in her sleep, is haunted by her son’s indifferenbce towards her, and gets up startled. She finds herself in an unknown place and remembers that she had gone unconscious. her head starts aching badly when that guy comes in. He says that he didnt want to startle her, and asks whats she feeling. she asks how she landed here. he explains everything. He tries to get her info from her, while she is too boggled and shaken up. She tries to remember her number and name, and doesnt realise who is she and whats she doing here. he is tensd too to hear this.

Scene 5:
Location: Begum’s residence
Armaan comes drunk, when he finds his mother’s pic, and remembers how he used to miss the love of a mother, when other kids had it. he asks her why she did this, and why and how could she steal all childhood from him, and ruined his life and when he needed her the most, she was never there, and asks why she did so. he throws the wine bottle at her pic and breaks it. he eyes the pic with disgust and then breaks it on the floor, as it shatters. Afreen stands dressed in front of armaan, tensed and concerned. She holds him and makes him face her. he eyes her tearfully. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Afreen tries to get intimate and casual with him, as she says that life would open up for him, and he just needs to extend his hand once. He finally gives in, being out of his senses. Meanwhile, mahira’s hand starts having movement and she starts moving, in her semi-conscious state still.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Omg kb don’t know herself. She stay on this man’s house. What’s going on there???
    I realy miss azad and mahira

  2. Where is the plot leading to????seriously same crap about amnesia…same old evil rubbish on separating the lovers and wanting to seduce the male protagonist…n having illegitimate children etc etc……can you guys stop copying!!!!!!be innovative… Can’t you be done with the blackmagic crap its really getting annoying

  3. please anyone can tell me what is the repeat time of qubool hai?

    1. Deepa, They did n’t retelecast in tv. You must watch this episode http://www.zeetv.com

  4. Such a crap story! Disgusting ?
    Wow now kb doesn’t remember anything, cant recognize herself!! ?
    Better stop this serial.

  5. She’s only pretending to forget / hv amnesia. She said that she doesn’t know where to go when she was walking away from the bed. And that she needed time to reason with armaand. So she was going to use the man who helped her. It’s a ploy to buy time

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