Qubool Hai 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: In the jungles
Sanam and ahil are trapped amidst the jungle people. they try to clarify their stand, but the people pay no heed. Then they ask sanam and ahil to prove themselves to have their way out. Meanwhile, the tribal people tell ahil about a ritual, that he would have to walk on glass, to prove himself. Sanam is shocked and then says that thisd is impossible and irrational. Ahil finally gets down to doing it. Sanam tries to stop him, but when he doesnt listen, he just makes a mad dash for the glass shards. But makes one big leap, and falls right on the most elderly person, much to everyone’s horror, while ahil is embarassed. sanam lifts ahil up from the man, and he composes himself. The man orders for them to be hit. But they dont, as they find that the person’s

back problem was cured due to one kick. Sanam tries to clarify that its a co-incidence, but ahil clarifies that it specially was a life changing kick. They praise him galore, and he too revels in the fun. Sanam is frustrated. Sanam asks him to take this chance to leave, but he says that he wants to share his knowledge with them.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
while shaad is freshening up, the new bride catches him bare torsoed, and forgets about saif, and focusses on him lewdly. She tries to flirt around with him, in sanam’s absence, saying that its but natural she fends out for him. But he detaches himself, and puts on a shirt, and expresses his discomfort. the new bride is tensed, while he is worried and highly uncomfortable. the new bride dances in amusement and joy, while gazalla and latif too join in. gazalla and latif are boggled as to why she is so happy, when ahil is absconding and she isnt even bothered to find him. She gets tensed, and says that nothing has happened to ahil, and he wasnt found, which means he is alive, and since she informed the police as a concerned wife, they cant run away too. She says that he can just scurry around for sometime as soon he shall have to return home, and till he doesnt come back, she too shall play. When they are unable to answer, the new bride tells gazalla and latif that for a good marriage, the heart should beat again and again, and that happens when the person is in love again and again, and its not necessary that love should be with the same person. they are surprised and boggled too. She asks why is it acceptable for a man but not a woman, and they too have the right to enjoy. She shows a glass of tamperede juice that she plans to woo shaad with. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ahil and sanam get into the tribal attire, and dance along with them. after that, the person whose back ahil had cured accidentally, declares that he shall get his daughter, a fatso, married to ahil only. Ahil is distraught while sanam is frustrated. he is too shocked to react. Meanwhile, the new bride gets into a seductive photoshoot, displaying intimacy with shaad, who is bare torsoed, and in bed, under the covers, with gazalla and latif’s help, while shaad is inebriated with the drink.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. Roma

    They are just dragging…thats it…but am happy that atleast we can watch a few episodes where aahil and sanam are free from the witch,shaad and shashi…
    I think Jannat is very rude with aahil nowadays…what do u guys think?

  2. meeeeee

    today is friggin friday and we waited all week for something good to happen
    and you stupid ass writer come up with this shit..?????????

  3. see what I am always talking about these writers not solving one storyline before jumping to another what the freaking hell is going on we are waiting for sanam to regain her memory and she and ahil to unite and for that witch long toe nail sanam 2 to be taught a good lesson but no these writers decide to write their shit as usual now it is a forest scene like jodha Akbar with the same tribal witch thing tell me what is truly going on you writers definitely do not know what to write again so long you have crooked teeth sanam the witch doing shit and still doing shit now she is behind shad trying to jump his bones LOL what the hell

  4. writers please end this serial now if you do not know what to write again just end it with sanam and ahil living happily ever after because the storyline a way out of context and the serial has become boring and uninteresting to watch as I see you writers scraping for storyiines and just writing anything when you sleep walk

  5. momina

    where is seher?….kya shaad or seher ka couple nahi bn skta tha?….qabool hai start me bht nice tha but now full of shit

  6. shayon

    What’s wrong with the new bride character she wants every man there is such a s*** i guess these writers are high these storylines makes no sense whatsoever i just read updates

  7. saljaz

    wahi gisi piti kahani…we Kenyan viewers used to love this show during season one …now its thrash…afsos

  8. am really annoyed now like they have nothing of interest to write about now ? this episode with Ahil and Sanam is being Prolonged ,Am getting bored but I would still look at the serial cause I just love Ahil .

  9. Romi Subchintuk

    How true, It is so fustrating to see Sanam get her memory back, but, only for a few seconds. it’s like the writer is playing with the viewers emotions and now who the hell is the new clown with the white suite? Which sane human being will sit on an exclusive lounge suit in a grave yard!!!!!!!!

  10. fatahow

    i waited 4 sanam 2 gain her memory nd dis writers r rytng nonsense..oh cnt imagin how much i lvd dis serial be4 nd how it s nw bt i hav no adawys coz i jst lv Ahil en cnt stop watchng

  11. gree

    Che shame on u blo*dy lady. R u pregnant r not . Always flirting ha. Shame on u. Ahil,saif and now shaad. I ll b happy if shaad and dat witch ll cont der relationship. I need only ahil and sanam(SJ).

  12. What is the matter with these writers .Do they not have any thing better to write.This serial went from bad to worse .back to good then back to tatal nonsense.The writings run from killing to loosing memory to false marriage to witchcraft to killing to cheating and so on until this craziness now.What the hell are they thinking.

  13. This is bullshit crap tired of this the only dragging this show the shld end this show since the day tanveer dead

  14. selian

    i jst hate long toe nail sanam 2 bt let her nt 2 find ahil nd sanam nd flirt with shaad dat makes ahil nd sanam 2 spead some time 2gether. so writers make some memorable moments of them samg.

  15. Writers if you don’t have anything to write please don’t drag this shit more make her get her memory soon and then end up with some fun we want to see Aham not Ahil and sanam separate plz don’t make us stop watching it !! This is the first serial I’ve seen in my entire life but this is going all the **** of life time !! Now I’m gonna go back to family guy that was much better !!
    PS I know I’ll watch it luck lolz

  16. amul

    Soo boring episode ,kuch bhi chal raha hai. Not clearly solve the problem,try to twist but its soo boring.unites sanam&ahil and let them to finish difficulties together. ?

  17. Bob

    At this point this show would’ve been better if they all starting killing each other, and acting crazy. Then maybe it would be entertaining, or these dumb*** writers should write something better or end this stupid show.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.