Qubool Hai 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 12th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Humaira is tensed intuitively. She turns back to look at the closed door. She tries to search in the closet, but isnt able to see anything through the narrow slit. She asks the others if they to heard the voice, but they cant hear anything and take her from there, saying that she is just imagining things. As they begin to leave, badi bi manages to make a noise, and humaira tells them that she’s sure that the voice is coming from inside only. Nikhat is shocked and tells them that they cant open Razia’s cupboard and it must be a rat. But humaira is unconvinced. Finding it locked she tries to peek in, but cant see anything. They all

She puts her ear at the slit, and tells them that there’s a sound of someone breathing. They dont believe

her. When nikhat tries to see, razia walks in and is shocked to see this. she hollers at them and they stop, just before they can confirm. She reprimands them badly for such ill manners. Humaira tells them that there are some sounds from her almirah. But razia dismisses their notions saying that old wood must have creaked. She also reprimands nikhat for being the mature one and still not behaving like one. She asks them to step out, while she covers the almirah with her body so that they dont find out anything. Humaira is convinced that she is definitely hiding some thing.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad, when he returns home, thinks that zoya may not return, but she should be happy always, and peace be with her. He finds a beautifully dressed nazma and a maulwai, and the house dressed up for his marriage. He is shocked to hear this. tanveer, who is happy that finally they came around to what she wanted. she happily asks who, and is shocked when she finds zoya, coming down dressed as a bride, along with dilshad. Asad is overwhelemingly happy.(MITWA MOMENT) Zoya too happily looks at him. They both get emotional and teary eyed, while tanveer is boggled.

Zoya says that she wants to forget everything, and start afresh with him, and that this time noone would stand in their way of being together, eyeing tanveer. Asad is overwhelmed at this positive bend in hisw life, while tanveer is frustrated at her defeat. She looks with teary eyed at asad, and says that she’s giving him a chance as he wanted, to him, to herself and to their relation.Dilshad and nazma look on happily. She asks him what is he thinking. Dilshad too asks why is he quiet, as one who he wanted to see so desperately, is here now. She tells him how lucky he is to have his love back in his life, and nazma asks him to give her the gift of Zoya as her bhabhi. Dilshad asks what is he waiting for. Asad teary eyed, says yes, at having found the greatest happiness in his life.

Dilshad asks nazma to get asad ready for the marriage as she doesnt want to delay this relation for another minute, and asks for the Maulwai’s permission to wait some more. As Tanveer begins to go, Dilshad tells tanveer that now that she has stayed back, she should eat the feast of her son’s marriage and then leave. After dilshad leaves, zoya asks tanveer not to be scared as she isnt a ghost but is alive, and reminds her that she said she would come back to play her bet, and even the biggesst players fall flat in the face of great love. Zoya says that had she wanted she could have told everything to asad, but she didnt want to hurt him, and asks her to leave, before asad throws her out of the house. she motions him to get lost.

Tanveer asks asad whats the matter, as he seems angry at her. Asad says that its good that she came, as he wanted to talk to her, and that this must seem strange but he had thought that zoya was gone forever, but destiny gave him a second chance, and he doesnt want to lose her again. He says that whatever happened that night…but tanveer asks him to forget that night, as its not over friendship, and in ajmer, she has seen love in her friend’s eyes for zoya. She says that she just wants to see him happy, and she can manage alone. Tanveer intentionally plays her pregnant card, and tells asad that they both would manage to be alone, and thwors the purse intentionally, out of which falls out the small socks that she wnats to show that she’s prepared. Asad is boggled, while tanveer pretends to be horrified that the truth is out. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Asad comes to zoya, who’s behind the purdah, waiting for the marriage to start, and surprises dilshad and nazma, by taking her by her hand to another room. Zoya is surprised too. Razia says, while progressing towards her room, that the first chance she gets, she would get rid of badi bi. As she comes into the room, she is shocked to find the almirah gone from there, and wonders where it went.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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