Qubool Hai 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Armaan comes and gets casually romantic with her, and starts bantering as he cant allow her to fast asleep. they start talking about their intial impressions of each other, and how their love went through such tumultous turns, and how everything got ruined, and didnt go at all the way, they had planned. as they are clearing their misunderstandings, they come to realise the loopholes that amad had given to them, on the other’s pretext.
They both realise that amad did it against them all along. they are both shocked at each other’s ignorance, and how amad played them, and that his motives werent goo dright from the start. He is about to go to him, but she begs him not to go leaving her alone. but he says that they need to find

the truth, and then gets to giving her meds, as its time.

meanwhile amad is furious as to how his efforts to kill mahira’s child fails always, as that child has to die, since he stands in his plan of marrying mahira, since armaan would need him. he remembers about talking to the priest, as to how mahira can lawfully wed armaan again, only after she marries someone else, who she divorces, and then marries back armaan. he also asks what if the woman is pregnant with the first husband’s child. The priest says this arrangement isnt possible then. he says that he has to kill the child anyhow, and thinks of an evil solid plan, and decides that he shall ruin life and its motive for mahira. He starts imginative talking to the unborn child, that he wont let his parents unite, as he wont ever divorce her, when she marries him, as per the priest’s instructions. He takes out the revolver, and by mistakes, fires a blank shot, the sound of which reverberates in the mansion. he is frustrated.

In their room, armaan and mahira hear it too and get tensed. He rushes out to check whats the matter. latif and gazalla gorging on food, too are tensed and shocked to hear this. he turns to go, but she asks why is he leaving her, as she is scared. he says that he would be back in a second and rushes out to check whats the matter. mahira is tensed as she finds amad walking in, with the lie, that he has been sent by armaan to take care of her, and tampers with her meds, and asks them to take it. She is tensed, but says that she shall when armaan comes, but he insists, and she says that he should back off. he says that she has to eat it, and then forcibly tries to shove the medicine down her throat.

meanwhile, armaan passes by amad’s room, and finds the broken glass shard, and then rushes in, to find the revolver, and is tensed, and rushes out. He comes back and aims the revolver at him, while mahira rushes to his side. On being exposed, he comes to his true self, and pretends to be sympathetic and highly apologetic and profusely begs for forgiveness, from them, just to get them unawares and when they are, he grabs the revolver, and takes out mahira from the room, at gunpoint, while getting her to lock armaan inside. he is frustrated. He vehemently tries to break the door open, and is finally able to, and rushes out.

Scene 2:
Location: Sameer’s residence
While kainat is asleep, sameer wakes up, with a dizzy head and eyesight, and then notices the empty bottle of medicines, and remembers how she had drugged with the entite bottle last night. he then surfs through her stuff, and finds kainat’s passport, and is shocked. then he also remembers how she had accepted when he had faintly recognised her, in his drugged state. he places a knife against her throat, and she wakes up, but manages to double cross him, and then has the knfie herself, and dares him not to try anything, or she shall kill him, but she has otherwise planned a life for him, thats worse than death. He is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Armaan’s residence
meanwhile, amad has mahira locked in a cellar, wherein she continues to tell him to refrain from commiting a sin, but he goes on his evil rant as to how he is so barbarous that he would get the child’s own father to kill it. She is aghast and asks him not to do so. he sys that he shall shake her faith in the lord, while she says that its so high, that people like him, cant even dare to touch it. Meanwhile, latif and gazalla are unconscious, as they are drugged by amad only. Amad has mahira tied up, and continues to taunt her, while she asks him not to dare touch her. he says that he finally won. She says that armaan can never kill his own child. he places a bet. Armaan comes and she is overwhelmed, and then he asks what does he want, as his enemity is with him, and he should spare her. Amad complies, and asks him to answer who he wants and loves more, his wife, or his unborn child. they both are shocked. Armaan gives a final point that he can still make amends and he shall himself set him up. amad asks him not to lecture and decide. he then finally selects mahira. amad then asks him to kill his own child then, if he selects mahira. The screen freezes on the trio’s face.

Precap: Amad asks him to give the abortion pill to mahira, taunting that their child wont feel the regret that he was sacrificed for the love story of its parents. she begs him not to. armaan profusely apologises and gives her the medicine. she too takes it and then gulps down water, while amad watches evilly amused.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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