Qubool Hai 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
tanveer is berserk that she wants to go to rehaan, while the new bride drags her inside the car, astounding gazalla and razaak, who are shocked to see tanveer like this, and then knowing what she did. the new bride asks them to drive off soon, as the police might come. but tanveer keeeps screaming to go to rehaan. finally frustrated, the new bride stops the car. She asks tanveer to go back to her son and let rehaan’s sacrifice go in vain and let the two sisters win, and herself hang to death. tanveer is shocked. the new bride tells tanveer that she only pulled the trigger, but actually sanam and seher have killed him, as she forced her to kill rehaan, who may have died due to her, but not because of her. she says that she understands her pain, that

she is going through after the trauma of a mother killing her son.

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she instigates tanveer against the sisters, that this was all their plan, as rehaan was to go to the airport, then how he landed at the temple. tanveer is boggled. the new bride says that seher told him to go to the temple, when ahil was meeting suleiman in the temple. she says that this is a well planned conspiracy, and she fell into the trap. she says that she was innocent, yet got involved. she eyes tanveer weirdly, and tells her that due to her, she too killed suleiman, so that her past doesnt ruin her future. she asks if she wants to let rehaan’s sacrifice and her contribution go in vain, then so be it. She asks tanveer that she would have to decide if she has to grieve her son’s death or take the revenge. tanveer is determined as tanveer falls prey to her haze, and asks her to take her home. tanveer sits sunned inside the car, while the new bride smirks evilly.

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Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
haya comes to faiz and insists that she shall give him a dressing change, and faiz is tensed. She says that she would get the water ready for his bath. She goes inside, and sprays the shampoo on the floor, to make it slippery. she comes out, and helps him take off his shoes, saying that his water is ready. faiz leaves for the bathroom. She eyes him. He comes inside, naked feet, and slips as expected. He screams in pain, and yells for haya, and haya eyes him, from a distance, thinking that this pain is nothing compared to the way rahat was tortured, and that soon, he shall face the same pain too.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
haya gets faiz out, in the wheelchair, on the road, asking him to get some fresh air. She then makes an excuse of being thirsty and asks him to wait, while she gets water. She bends down to pick up the purse, and then unlatches the wheelchair’s brakes. As she leaves, the wheelchair itself starts moving, and he starts screaming for haya in horror, who catches him in pain, from a distance, in much satisfaction, as she remembers what he put rahat through. Faiz is in a world of terror, as he finds himself in the way of a car approaching, which is actually tanveer’s. The new bride throws out the pistol, carelessly from the car, which faiz notices, as he lies hurt and tensed on the road, after his wheelchair topples over. He takes the gun in his hand, with a hankey, and wonders whats it doing in the hands of ahil’s new wife, and thinks that something is definitely fishy. Before he can react and understands, she comes and pretends to be shocked, apologises profusely, but faiz seems to get to know whats going on and eyes her tensedly. faiz hides the gun behind him.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher is very tensed for rehaan, and keeps calling him, frustrated that he isnt picking up. sanam enters in a daze. seher eyes her and asks when did she come back. Sanam eyes her dressed as a bride, and starts crying. seher asks whats the matter, and if suleiman told ahil the truth. she insistently keeps asking. sanam is unable to answer the question. Seher says that rehaan isnt picking up her phone too, and sanam blurts out that rehaan wont pick the phone now. seher is boggled, and asks why did she talk like this, and why wont he pick the phone. Sanam stands speechless, and she asks sanam to tell why rehaan wont pick up the phone, as she is scared now, and asks her to speak out. Sanam finally distraughtedly tells seher what happened at the temple, and that rehaan is dead, due to tanveer, and she refuses to believe it. sanam says that rehaan saved ahil, but couldnt save himself. she apologises to seher that neither she nor ahil could save rehaan, and tanveer won, and that due to one sister, the other sister’s life got ruined. Seher asks how can she be so scared of tanveer. she says that they cant fight amongst themselves, due to tanveer, and they have to be strong. she says that when pain gets over the heart, bad emotions happen, but she shouldnt give it a thought. Seher behaves ignorant, and reminds her his promises, and is in her own dream world, of him having gone to Dubai, while sanam is distraught for her sister and her ignorance. As seher comes to terms with the reality, she collapses on the floor, shocked and astounded, as she remembers her moments with rehaan, and his love for her, as she remembers the omens signalling something is wrong. seher screams out rehaan’s name, in deep grief, as she lies apalled and distraught. sanam eyes her deeply grieving herself. The screen freezes on Seher’s face.

Precap: tanveer eyes rehaan’s pic, and untangles her hair and swears that till the time she doesnt take any revenge from the sisters, she wont tie her hair. At the grieving downstairs, sanam comes and sits beside, frustrating Tanveer. tanveer asks seher not to even dare touch her son, as she has not right. sanam is shocked at her shamelessness. ahil is stunned and surprised too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. fiaz track is’nt needed at al…
    it realy doesnt make much differnce in d shw…
    nw what he gona do wid d gun of tanveer?
    he 2 gona join tanver batch n gona torture haya !!

  2. this story is becoming ridiculous, everyone is out for revenge and the main story line is blurred by each character becoming selfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Your right Sophia, and tooo much evil. There was a time that i love Qubool hai, but changing the story in the last year it become from bad to worst.

  3. this serie is becoming tooooo long , too much torture ?????

  4. What d hell iz gng on in d serial…im watching d serial just bcz of rehaan..killing his character makes me hate dis show..i just hate it

  5. What does all d writers of zeetv serials think of??????that evil always gain on good…plzz show something positive…ur fully disappointing viewers

  6. Now sanam 2 will be in trouble and arrested because of faiz proof.now it is turn for seher to seek revenge for rehaan loss. For sure ,rehaan will be back after some episode. Rahat also will be back .sure tamveer to die in process of killing the sis. Let’ssee what happens.want rehaan to come back for seher.

  7. I agree with all the other replies this story has lost its substance it is going nowhere just repeating the same storyline over and over love hate revenge and this is not the message we he viewers are looking for and the same characters are getting away with their evil and criminal acts now imagine all of a sudden sanam the long toe nail bride she is also into the evil and criminal acts what next what I want to know is when tanveer will be brought down and thrown into prison with all her accomplices come on writers toooooooooo much suffering and selfish deeds going on for once give a happy ending to this story let rehann be unconscious and bring him back so that he could fulfil his promise to seher

  8. Take off ahil bring reehan as soon as possible n

    1. I am totally agree with u….they should take off ahil ASAP…and bring back Rehan

  9. Could a show be more pathetic than this seriously zee am anoyed

  10. Could a show be more pathetic than this seriously zee am anoyed with al of ur show

  11. Pls bring rehaan back ..

  12. Wow… So now they’re somehow connecting faiz with tanveer and the evil sanam too?? Is this even necessary?? -.-

  13. The promo of tanveer leaving her hair reminds me of mahabbarat draupadi’s oath, guys who agree. This shows the writers doesnt hv any ideas which they hv 2 copy from other good serials.

  14. rehaan……. plzz writer bring back my favorite character this serial its boring i jst het it,,,,plz writer b crius we r tired of this stupid drama,,,,

  15. I dont know what to say about this show it getting outdated boring n stupid i thought tanveer truth will come out but them have other plans since this show start it only about tanveer and her wicked n evil plans i am sick n tired of this the best thing for them to do is to end this crap

  16. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    Lets see tomr

  17. Please rehan come back don’t leave qubool hai.hope that rehan must be teaching tanveer by doing so and come back after her death.we want rehan at any cost otherwise we will stop watching qh.please make some changes in new story by getting rehan back

  18. I think is time to unite Ahil and Senam.Resuscitate Rehaan.Bring back Rahat and Haya.Remove
    Tanveer and her imps,Senam ,the new wife and Faiz.Build a new jail and lock Tanvee and all of her
    family in crime in there.Torture them slowly until they die..They deserve this treatment.I am not for violence but they have committed too many wrongs.The show will become interested again when they are out.Bring back the young ones with much love and romance.I am tired of the hate
    and lies and hypocrisy and violence.

  19. Evil win over good…positive characters loose over negative characters. .thats what this serial is PROMOTING.i stopped watching this serial ….just end this serial now. .

  20. How could a mother do dat to her own son n wat happen to arhat n haya

  21. Rehaaan! </3
    Just Hate This Serial!
    Stop Making It Worse People!

  22. @Cat am jus tired of dis series

  23. Waste of time!

  24. Very bad… What non sense is going on yaar… It’s making me hate this serial…..

  25. i have stopped watching this serial just reads it up now and again but my favourite person was rehaan cant believe he is gone please bring him back

  26. Why is it that all the people that seher love are always taken away from her and also why does evil always win In qubool hai. Tanveer always gets away she killed Mr Ibrahim and also the Khan family and now Rehab without getting punish this is madnessss plssss

  27. This soap make s no sense now plain boring needs to end

  28. I disagree with the earlier post , you must have forgotten, that it’s Ahil that who has lost all of his family members to Tanveer sickness. Rehaan his whole family member is his mother. Tanveer will disappear and turned later as her lost daughter that she gave away, Rehann will also returned as himself or maybe as the son of Rehann.
    Let Ahil put all the pieces of the family puzzle together with the help of his first wife Sanam. out of the all Ahil/Sanam family members that are buried RISE FROM THE DEAD :::: Rehann
    And last but not lease…. How can you kill someone who doesn’t want to killed.Faiz has some MENTAL PROBLEM and maybe when and his brother was growing up, Faiz wasn’t love enough, so now in his adult mode, he will take anything away from his brother. Peace Out

  29. I came to hate this serial yaar

  30. how cud rehan be killed…?????damit….i am seeing serial nly fr him & nw he is killed….now wt abt zeher…???????

  31. plssss bring back rehan……….plsss……..!!!!!

  32. From where did this tanveer’s new daughter come from

  33. Dear Kul khan please answer us what is the purpose of your both serials (Qubol Hai, Hamsafaars} has crime scenes and evil take over the show???. Please change the story we can able to enjoy the show.

  34. sure real fans of Rehaan will stop watching this qh.
    Meri jaan Rehaan mar chuki ha!! :'(

  35. Wth, there was no doctor came or they didn’t take Rehan to hospital. How can they all declare that Rehan as dead? I don’t believe it at all. Please writers please don’t kill Rehan and make it as a twist just to Tanvir realize her deeds are come back to take Seher with him to Dubai. Seher’s Bappa(God Ganesh) should protect Rehan. Please don’t let evil win over good. Plzzzzzzz

  36. this movie should come to an end . why all this killings, since frm Asad, Zoya and others and now rehan and all in the hands of one person and yet she isnt revealed, whats that

  37. Im already missing rehaan yaar…y?? Yyyyyy? Y all the cute guys are getting killed in this daily soap?feel so bad for seher… 🙁

  38. if ahil to kill by tanveer then show will end soon lol what’s going on here? writers lost his mind….

  39. Sanam 2 Additi gupta wow!! an amazing acting on negative correcter. I think this is the first time seeing you on negative correcter. Please come back on beautiful love story like kish Desh–. as a lead actress. We wish to see you come back with Harshad Chopra. you both are versatile actors. PLEASE KEEP DOING YOUR BEST ACTING!!! seems like your are doing your negative correcter better than Tanveer!!

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