Qubool Hai 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 12th February 2013 Written Update

Badi bee says rasia is plotting against dilshad and wants to remove her also from her path. Rasia says thats correct, she wants to finish off dilshad so she had sent the goon.Badi bee shocked to hear Rasia’s words when Rasia comes near her glaring and badi bee gets scared. Rasia speaks to her in singular calling her budia and challenges her to stop her but warns her that if she doesnt keep to herself then she too will face dire consequences. Badi bee is stunned.

Asad watches Rashid from the room while Zoya & Najma look on.Asad remembers hospital scenes and how doc had told dilshad got better becoz of Rashid.He tells Najma to take Rashid to dilshad’s room.Rashid looks at Asad but he turns away.

Dilshad tells Rashid that she is fine and if she had to die she would

have died long back, Rashid stops her and tells not to speak so.Rashid asks what she wanted to tell him last time.Dilshad shows him the doll which he picks up. Dilshad says he had given this to najma on her 1st bday.

Rashid gets flashback when he speaks to someone on phone who forces him to do some work. Rashid reaches the doll factory with najma.Its completely secluded and Rashid looks nervously while najma cries. Rashid silences her and gives her a doll which is lying on the floor. Rashid keeps looking at the board.

Cut to present Dilshad says there was some recording in this doll. Rashid questions her more and Dilshad tries to play the record but fails. Rashid presses her to remember when dilshad says she heard 2 people’s voice talking of doll factory.Rashid gets nervous, dilshad asks whats the matter and forces him to tell about it. Rashid refuses while dilshad keeps asking saying he is hiding some major secret from her which changed their life forever & he left her behind.

Rashid says the secret may harm her and he cant risk her life.

Humeira is cooking in the kitchen while Ayaan is guiding her, humeira asks him to help when ayaan says he will read out the recipe and she should follow it. Humeira asks him to open the cooker when he does the steam hits on his eyes. Humeira wipes his face with ehr dupatta when ayaan wipes his face nose with it. Humeira laughs at him saying he cant even open a cooker. Ayaan then starts to make daal using sugar instead of salt.

Rashid take leave from najma who comes to find Dilshad sleeping. She picks up the doll and finds the recorder chip fallen on the floor.She replaces it in the same doll and keeps it beside a sleeping Dilshad.

Rashid is leaving when zoya confronts him. She says he lied that he lost his love but truth is he left his love not lost it. She questions him as to why he did all this with Dilshad.He used her(Zoya) to come close to Dilshad without telling he has another family & if she knew this she would never have helped him becoz he has ruined Dilshad’s life. Rashid says there is another face to this coin and behind his lie was a motive. Zoya says he left his love for money but in the end he is poor becoz his own son doesnt speak to him. Rashid says he didnt leave dilshad for money, zoya asks then why. Rashid says some secrets can never be revealed. Zoya says no secret is bigger than leaving one’s wife & kids and tells him if he ever treated her as a friend he should tell her why he left dilshad. Rashid says he can never tell this becoz its a conspiracy which is torturing him from 17yrs and how cant unmask it.Rashid pleads her not to question him more and he can never try to harm anyone.Zoya is left wondering while Asad comes with a list but she is lost in thoughts.Asad gives her suspect list saying he cant suspect any of them. Zoya says the guy definitely must be from phoenix security and whoever hired him knows this company and asad might have missed someone from the list and somewhere something is missing.

Just then Rashid leaves in a car when the car door is opened by a guard wearing Phonix Security uniform(But asad & zoya doesnt notice this)

Precap : Badi bee gets hysteric and tells Rashid & everyone that Rasia told her that she was behind Dilshad getting shot.

Update Credit to: arti

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