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Scene 1:
Location: Restaurant
Armaan has a business meeting with some clients, in which they decide on a deal that would benefit both of them favourably. His client says that for the deal to come through, he would have to pay 2crores to them by evening. he readily agrees, and asks them to move ahead. He then gets the waietr to draw the cheque. He complies and armaan hands him the business card, who checks it and comes back to tell him that this card isnt working. Armaan is boggled, but hands him another one, which to his surprise and shock is declined too. The clients are boggled. armaaan is shocked and embarassed, as all his cards get declined one by one. the clients offer to pay and then armaan sits flustered. They then ask him if he is serious about the deal and he complies. they leave.

he immediately calls a girl, and asks her to make him talk to ehsaan, and gets to know that he is on the flight to singapore, and his phone is unreachable. He is frustrated. He then calls the bank manager, and he gest the answer that as per the order of Service tax people, his accounts have been frozen. he is boggled, and demands for some money, but the manager denies that too. Armaan insists, and asks for a loan on account of his property, and he threatens that he is behaving like this with their most valued customer. But the manager is adamant on his rules.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
While begum is in the room, imi comes and finds the vessel in which granny is captive and is fascinated. He is about to touch it, when at the last minute, begum notices and in a bid to stop him, asks him to go statue and he complies immediately. Meanwhile, this noise wakes up granny inside, who screams at imi to help her out, as she is captive inside the jug. he is shocked but doesnt respond at all. She screams at begum as to what she has done with imi and if he is safe. she comes to the jug, and asks granny to stay shut, or else there shall be severe consequences. She hears farida’s voice, and hides it under the table. faridea comes expressing her concern at granny’s disappearance since morning, and hearing her voice, farida screams but its for no effect. she then asks imi, unfreeing him, and he isnt able to give a direct answer. granny is overwhelmed and shocked, and continues to rant, but in vain. farida exclaims that even her phone isnt going through. Begum says that she isnt irresponsible, as sif she has gone, she would call and tell. Then she turns around and does some black magic, that makes granny’s call appear on farida’s number, and in her morphed voice, begum gives the excuse as granny that she would be at a friend’s place, for some days, since they are insisting, and she couldnt say no. Granny is shocked to hear her own voice. Farida is relieved and then leaves. Due to turning blind by the use of magic, she gets imi to lead her to the room, playing the blind game. Once she is in the room, imi cajoles her to play, while she gets frustrated. she finds the same back witch waiting for her, in her room, and hastily sends him off to play. he leaves resignedly. she asks the witch if she is actually there or her eyes are also playing with her. The witch says that she shouldnt complain about her destiny, as sanam knows how to control her destiny, but begum retorts that she isnt sanam, but khan begum now, who pays a price of her eyesight everytime she uses magic. She says that she is here for this only, as she has found the solution to her problem, as after this shall become powerful and so powerful that she wont be defeated at all, but that comes at a huge sacrifice only. Begum is overwhelmed to know that she wouldnt have to be visually impaired now, every time she uses magic, and then asks what sacrifice she has to make, as she is willing to do anything. The witch comes and whispers something in her ears, and begum is shocked to hear, but complies nevertheless, but ensures that she wont be blind anymore. the witch complies. Then she vanishes off. begum smiles.

Scene 3:
Location: Witch’s hideout
Begum does some black magic ritual, swearing that for long she has tried everything to get back her powers, gave many sacrifices, even her own son, Azad, but destiny played crule with her, and she suffered many wounds, but this time around, she shall not let destiny play games with her, and cuts off her hair, and throws it into the fire. she says that after MURAAD-E-KAINAT, she shall be the master of her destiny.

Scene 4:
Location: Mahira’s residence
As mahira is working, in the room, armaan comes in hesitantly, and she welcomes him heartily, saying that he doesnt need invitation into his wife’s room. he comes and asks if she has the wifely trust that a wife should have on her husband. she says that she does, and this doesnt need any questions. he tries to confirm that she shall stand with him, through thick and thin. she vehemently agrees, and comments how sensible he is talking today and asks if he is okay. He hesitantly says that he needs her help. She is amusedly shocked, and jokes about it, saying that she was dying to hear this, and then asks what help he needs. She badgers him to speak up. he hesitantly says that he needs some money, and she immediately agrees and goes to get it. he says that its a large amount, and she wouldnt be having it at home, and would need to withdraw bank. She says that she wont embarass him by asking why he needs money from her. She says that she shall have to call the bank for this. he thanks her feeling so relieved, and she says that its her duty, that she help him, but she would also need something in return. he is boggled. She says that he believes only, that nothing is free. he resignedly asks what she wants. She says that she wants him and a honeymoon with him, hugging him, saying that she wants him in a filmy passion. he understands that she was behind this problem of the bank, so that he comes to her, and agree to her bet. he asks how can she do this. She thoroughly enjoys and says that she shall clarify his confusion. she gets back some papers and asks him to sign it. he is shocked as he reads it as it says that he is ready to go to honeymoon to kashmir with mahira. Angrily, he asks her to be amused at the right time, as he is sevrely tensed. She says that the time demands that he sign it, and leaves for the honeymoon, or else how would the money transfer. he asks if she doesnt think its fraud. She says that sheis doing this with her own husband, and she can do anything with him, and hugs him jokingly, and asks him not to think much. She presents him the paper and pen to sign. he eyes her angrily, and then resignedly puts down his signatures on the paper. She remembers how she had earlier talked to ehsaan, who had agreed to help her, to put his love life back on track, and make armaan a responsible person. She asks him not to worry, as they shall stay at a beautiful hotel, and extends her overexcitement. he swears and thinks that he shall defeat her terribly, and then hugs her, thanking her for planning this for them, and expresses his excitement too. she is boggled and tensed. She thinks that he shouldnt try and act smart, with the oversmart i.e. her, as she shall make him bite dust, since she wont fall prey to his motive. He meanwhile amusedly thinks that he is already lamenting at her condition due to this, as the paper that she got his signature on, she would herself tear it apart. She also understands that there is some planning involved with him. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Armaan sprains his ankle. he imediately is helped by her, who helps him get up the stairs. he comments that he got such a beautiful wife like her, who takes care of him so nicely. She says that she is indeed fortunate to land such a genuine guy like him. She asks him his favourite colour and he responds blue. He says that she shall get him a blue wheelchair immediately, and asks him to imagine, her wheeling him, in the beautiful valleys of kashmir.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Stupid show after azad death I was really angry with writers they are changing male leads why?????????????

  2. Where’s afreen??????

  3. Armaan is nothing like azad. He’s just a fraud. He first ask mahira to mrry him nd when she does then he is just tired of her. How can he do this? Nd m also dissatisfied with the writers as they are changing the male lead characters so fast. It makes mahira a characterless women. Nd armaan is not doing well in his roles like azad did. He has his heart but he’s nothing like him. I hate armaan. Please change this eveil into a romantic one. Please guys.

  4. Changing Male character like changing clothes******************************

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