Qubool Hai 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
Armaan walks tensedly in the garden, concerned for mahira, and wondering whats happening to her, and why is he so concerned whenever something happens to mahira. then he eyes a peer baba and he goes to him. The peer baba blesses armaan, saying that when things seem insufficient and helplessness kicks in, all should be left on the destiny decided by the almighty. he says that the lord shall make everything right for that girl, and make him realise the right path from the wrong. he says that her heart contains true love and now only that heart can save her, the one that was made for her, and was always hers, and shall remain hers too. begum and afreen hear this intently, from hiding.

Later, armaan wonders what was he trying to say, and explains

his dilemma to granny, who asks him not to worry, as all would be right. he says that he doesnt understand, and even though he wants her to leave, but not like this. she askshim to think calmly, as to what it meant, and as it is, she is a widow without anyone to think for her. he relaxes himself, thinks something and walks out. she is tensed for him, when suddenly afreen comes there, with tea, and serves it to her. granny is tensed. Afreen thinks that she knows everything about armaan but how to get it out of her, and then finds a pic of granny with him, and comments as to how beautiful it is, and when was it clicked. Granny smiles, and starts telling the story of the pic. She then comments on the locket that armaan is wearing. Granny gets tensed, and says that this was given by his own mother, who wasnt even ready to give birth to him. She says that its locked, and very specially, and she tried to crack it open, but it couldnt open. Afreen thinks that she knows where is the key, and definitely begum shall have kept it safely and that this key now shall open her destiny too, and she shall get it. afreen assures her that they shall open the lock. granny says that its good that it stays closed, as with much difficulty, he has been able to foreget his troubled past and moved on. She asks afreen if she didnt notice the bandage on his hand, as he removed the two extra fingers by an operation yesterday itself, and that no memory from the past remains, and its better that some stories remain incomplete, but afreen decides against it.

Downstairs, begum is tensed in front of latif and gazalla, that her crimes should be punished by her too, and why are her children being punished, first her son and now mahria. as they eye armaan coming towards them, begum intentionally eyes him, and then starts lamenting all the more, that had azad been here, he would have hugged mahira tightly and revived her back to life, such was the power of their love, that resided in their hearts. Armaan remembers that he has azad’s heart. gazalla says that saving a life is very important, and that a miracle might happen, if he with azad’s heart hugs mahira. begum pretends not to see him, and continues to say that he shall never do it at all, even though she is willing to beg on her knees and he shall not agree especially after what mahira did to him. He walks off withut saying anything. They wonder what shall happen now. Begum wipes her tears saying that they implanted the idea in him, and the motive shall develop soon. begum says that she has to go to city club for a meeting and shall come back soon. She asks them to keep ghuard around mahira’s room and warns them that afreen shouldnt get close to mahira.

Later, Afreen is about to enter into mahira’s room, when latif stands guard and says that she cant enter. afreen leaves angrily. latif thanks the potli that begum gave her to saveherself from afreen. just then, a voice calls her from outside, and latif comes out, to find a gorgeous lady, who is a fashion designer who has come her to meet khan begum. Latif says that she isnt home, and she can show them to him too instead as she finalises all the dresses. the lady asks her to then go through the designs and whichever she likes, she can have them absolutely free. latif gorges on the idea, and starts surfing through. The lady who is actually afreen thinks that she has latif hooked, and now she should get armaan to her, by finding the keys, before its too late. She stealthily goes in. after her human efforts dont work, she tries on her black magic, to help her search the key faster. as the magic works, things start going turbulent, and finally a painting falls down. she eyes it, and then picks it up. She smiles and then rips it off and reveals the key behind it. She is overjoyed. she clutches key victoriously and moves out.

Downstairs, while he is discussing business with his employee, he comments about mahira and her condition, and says that even though he doesnt believe, but there’s a story that if the water from a famous mazaar is given to the patient, then he/ she even revives from the dead, and asks her to try it once atleast. The employee leaves. he is concerned and set to thinking. he passes by Mahira’s room, and remembers granny’s words, as he eyes her, and thinks that even if right or wrong, but for humanitarian sake, he shall try everything possible to save mahira. He goes out. Afreen eyes him going. She stops him and asks if he is going somewhere. he tells that he is going to the mazaar for the holy water, for mahira. She says that before completing mahira’s life, he should complete his. He stands surprised and then turns around, with a questioning glance. She says that reflection of the past hasnt left him yet and believe it or not, he still searches for the mother who gave him birth and then left him to die. he says that its none of her business. As armaan gets to go, she holds him back, and places the key in his hand. He is boggled and asks whats it. she tells him showing him the locket, that this key is the gateway to his past, and asks him to open it. he is shocked and moved too.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed Location
meanwhile begum’s saviour guy, gets her number from the salon that he saved her from, and the address too, and thinks that definitely there’s some connection between them, and if what he thinks is true, then his happiness isnt far behind. he calls up begum and then tells her that he is from the courier service, and has a parcel for her, that only can be delivered to her. she gives him the address and asks him to come. Then she cancels the call. He says that he would love to meet her, if she is his Tara.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
Afreen tells him that he has to open the lock, as he has the full right to know about his mother. he is highly tensed and worried however as to what he might find inside. he finally takes the key and gets to opening it, as afreen eyes him evilly. he finally opens the locket and is shocked to see what he finds. he is shocked to know that khan begum is his mother. the screen freezes on him with the locket and begum’s face.

Precap: Armaan holds out the opened locket to her, and asks begum that she knew everything but still didnt tell him, this time too. begum hesitatingly asks for a chance to explain. she says that she was about to explain, and tell him everything but couldnt. he asks what was this helplessness, that made her reject him yet again, twice this time around. Later, in front of afreen, he collapses on the floor, totally traumatised and grieved by his mother’s indifference. She holds him close to her, and while he cries, she evilyl thinks that finally she got what she wanted to do all along. She thinks that the romantic feeling that could have saved mahira, shall only save her now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. All this black magic when will it stop

  3. no role of mahira ?wat d hell is dis guys ?im totally dissappointed by dis show …plzzzz keep on posting fan fiction

    1. Mahira ( Surbhi Jyoti ) had left India and she came here in Trinidad in the diwali naggar . She was in the zee tv family booth. So that is why they are only showing shots of her face over and over . Did you notice that when she is laying on bed . They are not showing her face ? Because they placed that other woman on the bed on behalf of her place for now. Because she is not in india to shoot new scenes… when she returns back there and settle down . She will be back in the show again 🙂


  5. Avinash why are you join this flop serial.you are my favorite, please entry in new serial

  6. Is qubool hai about black magic or just plain stupid

  7. I still miss Azad.. :'( does anyone else miss him too ?? When he and Mahira was together. It was so magical.. you can feel the love… Even Aahil and Sanam.. Those 2 couples were the best.. you could see the chemistry of true between them.. I seriously wish they had ended in season 2. Where Aahil and Sanam finally reunite and also Seher and Rehaan too. Then have a grand double wedding . Skip it a month showing them with their babies and happily ever after and end it there . That would have been the best ending ever 🙁 :'( I hate Gul Khan.

    Why does she always seperate the true lovers and murder them and then let the villains get married happily ever after and have loads of illegimate children from all the 50.something men they took… UTTER BULLSHIT !!!!!!

  8. Someday this serials female actors will become HIV positive with this storyline.

    1. Oh please… it is all staged.. they are not actuallly doing anything dirty in real life.. Its just a show. LOL

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