Qubool Hai 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sanam runs behind Rehan’s car, but is unable to stop him and she ends up reaching Ahil’s house. The goons follow her. Sanam goes inside and closes the door. Sanam calls Ahil. He wonders who would call him from their home. Razia tells the goons to break the door. Ahil picks up, but by then the goons have entered and Sanam runs to hide. Ahil goes back to Nikaah. Razia asks Sanam to come out, but she doesn’t come out. Dilshad hears it. One of the goons take out a knife and says he won’t spare her. Razia sends the goons to search Sanam.

The goons spot Sanam and she runs away from there and comes to the storage room. Razia comes and tells Sanam that she can run as much as she wants. Her duplicate got saved and ran away, but her destiny won’t allow her to do that. Dilshad

hears it and is happy to know both Seher and Sanam are alive. Sanam runs out of the storage room. A goon follows her.

Seher goes to Haya and tells her that she’s happy for her and not everyone is lucky to marry the person they love. They hug. Haya says in her mind that Sanam (Seher) is right but how she can tell her that her love is one sided, other side it’s just lie and betrayal. Ahil and Seher take Rahat and Haya for their Nikaah. Haya looks angrily at Rahat thinking he’s betraying her. Faiz looks at Haya and wonders why she’s going for Nikaah instead refusing Rahat for their Nikaah. He goes to her and asks her whether she will still get married to Rahat after knowing the truth? Haya starts walking away. Seher comes to her and asks what Faiz was telling her. Haya thinks of not telling anything to Sanam (Seher).

Nikaah ceremony takes place. The priest asks Haya whether she accepts this Nikaah. Seher realizes that Haya can’t speak. She goes to her and tells her to tell her answer to her. The priest again asks Haya whether she accepts the Nikaah. After a long pause, she says “Qubool hai, qubool hai, qubool hai”. All get shocked hearing words from her mouth. Rahat gets emotional. The priest then asks him whether he accepts this Nikaah. He happily says “qubool hai, qubool hai, qubool hai”. All congratulate them. Faiz is angry and disappointed. The curtain is removed. Rahat and Haya walk towards each other. Rahat asks her why she didn’t tell him (that she can speak now). She replies that there are many things among them which they didn’t share. Rahat gets confused.

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The goon chases Sanam with a knife. Dilshad comes in between and the goon falls. Sanam looks at Dilshad. Dilshad tries to remove her burkha and show her face to Sanam, but Razia comes there before that. Sanam runs again. Razia sends a goon behind Sanam and takes Dilshad away after telling her she got too much power after seeing her granddaughter. Sanam hides in a closet. Razia is frustrated at her and tells her she will have to pay for this. After Razia goes away, Sanam comes out. A pendant gets stuck into her dress. She remembers how she was searching it before. She opens it and finds some twins photos inside.

Seher calls Razia and tells her that Nikaah is done and she no longer wants to do all this. She will come home and take her money, she doesn’t want to risk her life. Razia shouts at her to stay there and hold everyone there else it won’t be difficult for her to kill her. Razia hangs before Seher says anything more. Seher is angry. Razia says both grand daughters have made her life hell. They should be in Olympics, talk about running away all the time. The goons come and tell her they searched whole house, she might have run away from a window. Razia shouts at them and asks them to search outside then.

Sanam looks at the photos and says one photo is hers, but whose the other one? She looks just like her. Who can she be? She recalls her duplicate whom she saw. She asks what’s happening in her life, it has become like a puzzle and only one person can solve it. Razia is still shouting at Sanam to come out and Sanam is standing behind her. Sanam tells her that she’s ready to go with her, but she will have to answer one question first. Who is her duplicate whom Ahil thinks as Sanam. She tells Razia not to lie as she knows that Razia knows the truth. She then shows the pendant to her. There are two photos. One is hers, whose the other one? Screen freezes on Sanam and Razia’s faces.

Precap: Razia tells Sanam the person who has taken her place in Ahil’s life is no other than her twin sister, Seher. Sanam shows mixed emotions.
Ahil and his family is sitting in the car. Sanam smiles and calls Ahil’s name from distance.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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